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FraternityX - Beat That Ass

FraternityX – Beat That Ass

This dude was talking shit about my girl. So we threw his ass down. Pulled his pants off. My Beat That Ass buddy spit on his hole and shoved his dick. Pretty sure this guy like it. Cause his eyes went to the back of his head. What a fucking homo!!

FraternityX - PAY UP

FraternityX – PAY UP

This dude came into our frat house thinking he could drink our beer and smoke our buds. Fuck him PAY UP! Bitches like that have to pay a cover fee. Or we’re taking it out on their ass. Like an ATM.

FraternityX - Hit It

FraternityX – Hit It

We were chilling. Watching the fight. Getting ripped. I passed the bong to this dumb Hit It ass pledge. He fucking dropped it dude. Party foul! Never drop a bong man!

Debt Dandy 238 - Athletic straight hunk stretches studs ass

Debt Dandy 238

This boy Debt Dandy 238 was a mystery. He didn’t want to talk about his job or his past. He even refused to tell me where he was from. Maybe he really didn’t know. I liked it because it spiced things up a little. The guy needed 24 000 to pay his debts, mostly installments for his expensive car. He lost his job and made a few debts since then. After a month of unemployment everything started to crumble. I really wanted to help him with his financial situation. That’s why I offered him a painful but quick solution. Instead...

Czech Hunter 348 - Beautiful young teens sucking & fucking

Czech Hunter 348

I never fuck a same boy twice unless he brings a friend along. Watching at two friends having sex Czech Hunter 348 turns me on insanely. That’s why I agreed to meet my old friend from the train. He promised to bring his hot friend. We met at St. Matthew’s Fair in Prague. I wanted to try some of the rides and have a chat with the guys. But the boy came there alone! He told me that his friend got scared and was not coming. I almost called everything off but then I gave him another chance to make...

Stretched - Ben Masters & Nathan Styles

Stretched – Ben Masters & Nathan Styles

Join Ben Masters at the tail end of his morning yoga ritual as he works that gracefully muscled body by the pool in the morning sun. After a sexy series of stretching in sun salutations, he sees hunky beefcake Nathan Styles eyeing him on the Helix mansion balcony. Nathan Styles motions for the muscle twink to join him upstairs. Ben realizes he’s stretched his entire body…. except for his exceptional ass! Wanting to keep well rounded, Masters makes his way up the majestic staircase and collides with some hot and heavy cock chemistry as Nathan envelopes his entire body! He...

YoungPerps - Case No 1802018-26

YoungPerps – Case No 1802018-26

While shopping for a gift for his girlfriend, a sexy young guy Case No 1802018-26 got so turned on by seeing the women’s panties that he had to pull himself aside to jerk off. Seeing the dressing room as the only place to do it, he slipped in hoping to rub one out in private. Unfortunately for him, a hot, masculine guy going into a fitting room with a pair of panties got the attention of the entire store, including the Loss Prevention Officer. Seeing that the guy was clearly pleasuring himself, he knew he’d be facing serious indecency charges...

PapiCock - Cody Kyler with Mr Saukei and TKO

PapiCock – Cody Kyler with Mr Saukei and TKO

Cody Kyler and Mr Saukei hanging out and it’s Cody’s birthday and Saukei knows just what he needs. He licks that ass up and down but before the real action starts he surprises Cody with bringin TKO into the mix. TKO’s all thug and knows how to dick a bottom down. Cody is on the bed suckin Saukei’s dick while TKO eats that ass and gets it ready for Saukei to fuck. TKO and Saukei just take turns absolutely slaying that ass and Cody’s lovin every minute of it. Non stop action and big nuts follow!

Mix It Up Boy - Cayden Cooper and Ken Mariano

Mix It Up Boy – Cayden Cooper and Ken Mariano

Cayden Cooper and Ken Mariano just kinda bumpin into each other and quickly exchangin digits. Cayden definitely down like that, so he rings up Ken later and drops by his joint to get his ass rammed by some gorgeous big phat black dick. Cayden is lovin that pipe, making love to it like there ain’t no other. Ken can keep on giving, that long thick meat relentlessly pounding away at Cayden and culminating in a fat nut to Cayden’s face!

Mix It Up Boy - Cody Kyler and Lex

Mix It Up Boy – Cody Kyler and Lex

Cody hanging out, goin for a swim in the pool all naked when Lex, the hot as hell overall repair man steps in to fix some hammock or whatever… But the Miami heat is just too damn much for Lex, and Cody invites him for a little swim which quickly turns into Lex gettin his dick sucked! After a good ass eatin session Lex starts poundin away at that culo, shit Cody is loving it he’s gettin his nut fucked right outta him blasting himself all over his face!