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BlakeMason – BM1282 – Alex Faux And Koby Lewis

This has to be one of the most sensually erotic pairings we’ve seen for a while! Young Alex Faux is smitten with hunky Koby, and how couldn’t he be? The kissing is greedy and long, but soon the boy is heading down to get to work on the hard cock peeking out of Koby’s underwear. With some deep sucking and some aggressive face fucking Koby takes control of the hot little gymnast, fingering his hole and positioning the boy for a pounding fuck – just the way the boy likes it! Check it out as Alex Faux is bent around...

Bareback Me Daddy – Andres and Pierce

Relaxing with a magazine, young Latino Pierce is soon joined by daddy Andres and he knows what the mature man wants. He pulls out the man’s stiff cock and starts sucking on it. Clothes strip off and Andres gives the boy a rim job, before taking that ass from behind. The two bareback fuck all over the small bed, until Pierce cums while riding his daddy’s raw cock. Then Andres kneels over the young man and shoots his warm load onto his smooth belly.

Bareback Me Daddy – Mitch and Ringo

Doctor daddy Mitch is checking one his young patient, when the sight of his slim and smooth body is too much to resist. It isn’t long before he has Ringo’s underwear off and playing with his little ass. Ringo responds be groping at the Doc’s cock. A blow job gets Mitch boned up and ready to fuck, so Ringo hops on for a raw ride. The barebacking continues until the good doctor is ready to feed his patient a mouth full of warm cum. Finally, Ringo strokes out a load that covers his tummy.

BoyFun – Donut Hole – Antony Carter and Max Trey

Neither Antony Carter nor his unexpected guest Max Trey really needs any excuse to get naked and share some hard young cock, but the presentation of some tasty donuts on the counter is as good an instigator as any for the lads to get their boners out and share some rampant BoyFun. With a taste of the sugary treat on his tongue Max is quickly searching for something more filling, which he soon finds when he tugs down Antony’s pants and his big pale boner pops up. A little playful food fun, with a donut around Antony’s cock, only encourages...

Czech Hunter 427

I got a call from one of the boys my Czech Hunter 427 friend boned recently. It was a pretty good fuck from what I heard so I gave the boy a chance… but he had to bring a friend along. He did as I asked and I must say that his friend was pretty good looking.

8Teenboy – Touching Twinks – Trevor Harris & Miles Pike

Young, hung and horny, Miles Pike and Trevor Harris heat up the screen, AND one another in a torrid teen make out session while grappling for groin! The boys BOTH have huge cocks and stuff their faces full of meat at this all you can eat boner buffet. After choking down Pike’s uncut piece, Harris sits back like a big dicked boss and let’s the boy return the favor while he checks the dude’s oil. With his hot little hole primed and ready for action, Miles Pike squats right down on the dude’s “D!” The pretty pair quickly get a...

Boygusher – Jason and Mick

I Got Lucky On A Local Chat Room And Jason And Mick Came By The Apartment To Show Me What They Can Do In The Flesh. I Was Thrilled They Agreed To Come To The Apartment And Work Those Sexy Bodies For Me And My Camera. This Is What Unfolded While I Watched.

SketchySex – Cum Dump Crib

I spent the day bent over the kitchen table. Taking loads one after another. Random dudes coming in and out. Dumping their hot loads into both holes. Cum was dripping down my leg and chin. Couldn’t get enough inside of me.

ZackRandall – Lucas Gets A Bigger Piece – Zack Randall and Lucas Daniels

What started out as a nice little photo shoot for sexy straight boy Lucas Daniels becomes a whole lot more when he decides to go with the flow and gobble that big famous piece of fuckmeat for Zack! Like a lot of guys, Lucas got his first taste of cock and decided he really liked it, so he hasn’t looked back since. He’s never sucked one as good as Zack’s though. His own cock is rigid throughout as soon as he gets that cock between his lips, perhaps remembering his first taste and rediscovering his newfound cocklust! The guys share...

MEN – Dickstraction Part 2 – Jax and Argos

Argos can’t take his eyes off of his hot step-dad Jax. He’s decided that enough is enough and he’s going to do whatever it takes to seduce him. The fit dark haired cutie shows off his rock hard body and perfect ass, but nothing is getting Jax’s attention. However, when Argos sustains a light cranial trauma from an ill-placed rake, Jax’s paternal instincts kick in and Argos has the perfect opportunity to make his interest known. Argos sucks the fit daddy’s cock long and deep, working it hard with his hands and mouth. Jax can’t hide his excitement pounding the...