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Buddy Rub - Arad and Jake Davis

Buddy Rub – Arad and Jake Davis

Luckily for Jake Davis ailing back, new gym buddy Arad specializes in therapeutic massage. What Jake doesn’t know is that Arad is also fluid in sensual massage as well, so Jake is taken aback when Arad transitions from one to the other. To Arad’s credit, he didn’t come over to take advantage of Jake, but once he sees Jake’s beautiful, bubble butt, Arad just can’t help himself. He stares at Jake’s ass as Jake lay on his stomach, eyes closed, and Arad decides to just go for it, licking up from Jake’s balls all the way up his crack. Jake...

Blowing Sebastien - Manuel Deboxer and Sebastien

Blowing Sebastien – Manuel Deboxer and Sebastien

Straight stud Sebastien gets worshipped & sucked by pornstar Manuel Deboxer. Sebastien first appeared on Maskurbate more than a year ago. His natural build was very much appreciated. As I offered Manuel to replace me in a muscle worship session, he asked if Sebastien would agree to make a comeback. Fortunately for us, Sebastien agreed and looked very pleased to be serviced by one of the hottest guy in porn…

Relieving Workplace Tension - Matt Hart and Asher Devin

Relieving Workplace Tension – Matt Hart and Asher Devin

Its break time and Matt Hart is telling Asher about his sex woes. He can’t seem to get laid because of his big dick but Asher has been having the same problem. Two big dick guys with nobody to fuck them but Matt is moving on to a new job in hopes of finding someone to take his big cock. Matt Hart hints at Asher that he should put down his snack and stuff his face instead with his hard cock with Asher doesn’t have a problem with and he knows he can take that big cock also. Asher deep throats...

Guybone - Maulder Roman Tops Greyson Kent Raw

Guybone – Maulder Roman Tops Greyson Kent Raw

Passion, passion, passion! Maulder Roman and Greyson Kent had electric sparks from the start, sucking face and swapping spit like they’d been pent up for years. Their eager hands roamed each other’s bodies. Their hips swayed, their groins rubbing through shorts. There was so much sexual tension ready to explode between these two, they ended up with an extra 20 minutes of footage! That’s not only more fuck for your buck, that’s double the length of a standard action scene AND only the second time we’ve gone that long on GuyBone! Damn hot! What a way to kick off our...

Barefoot Flipfuck - Tyler Hill and Joey Mills

Barefoot Flipfuck – Tyler Hill and Joey Mills

Its a day at the beach and today finds these two fine ass fuckers frolicking by the shore. Jailbait Joey Mills gives tight bodies Tyler a mind blowing blowjob! Tyler is surprised at the find in young Joey’s pants! You wouldn’t think a kid with such a compact frame would be packing such a gigantic package! Tyler treats it like a treasure, deep throating the giant using his tongue tricks. Tyler also gets a treat as Joey tongue fucks his tiny tight pucker, teasing it till Tyler needs that gigantic thing inside him. joey get a good grip and grinds...

Elder Lindsay - The Sacrament

Elder Lindsay – The Sacrament

Elder Lindsay pants as sweat runs down his back and between his ass cheeks. He can’t tell whether the moisture is coming from him or Bishop Angus, as he powerfully rides his ass. Earlier in the day, Elder Lindsay arrived at the Temple eagerly anticipating the crowning step of this journey, his Ordination. He knew that today he would receive the mantel of Bishop Angus’ authority when the bishop breeds him. The bishop will push his cum deep inside him, imbuing him with the power of the higher priesthood. The young boy was so excited by what was to come,...

The Thirst Is Real - Tegan Zayne and Rikk York

The Thirst Is Real – Tegan Zayne and Rikk York

Passionate kissing has furry Tegan Zayne and tatted bad boy Rikk York ready to fuck! Tegan gets down and dirty with a blowjob for Rikk’s big, veiny cock. Spit flies as Tegan takes in Rikk’s member all the way to the back of his throat. Tegan lays back and holds his legs in the air to let Rikk pile-drive his hairy hole with his tongue. He moves from Tegan’s hole to his cock, then sucks on Tegan’s heavy balls. To open up Tegan’s hole, Rikk spreads his cheeks, then goes in for a prostate massage with his tongue. More spit...

BarebackLatinoz - Valeriano and Julio

BarebackLatinoz – Valeriano and Julio

Stripped to their underwear, Julio and Valeriano horse around a bit, and it’s clear this top is wanting some of that Latin ass. Valeriano pulls the shorts off his bottom and rims that hungry hole, getting Julio ready for the bareback fucking that will follow. Of course, Julio properly services the monster his top is packing; making sure it’s up for the task. Valeriano shows his appreciation, by barebacking his Latin bottom silly and pumping his well fucked ass full of cum.

Staxus - Ric Jones and Julien Breeze

Staxus – Ric Jones and Julien Breeze

They were two of the most familiar twinks on the circuit in the mid-2000s – appearing in a whole retinue of productions for both STAXUS and other Czech studios – and this terrific set-piece between the Roman-nosed Ric Jones and the iconic Julien Breeze underlines the on-screen sexual confidence that made them so popular. Indeed, is there any gay guy alive who wouldn’t give their hind teeth to enjoy a little time with either of these fellows? Put them together in a college locker-room and you have a veritable classic; beginning with Breeze falling to his knees and giving Jones’s...