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Debt Dandy 239

This was probably the shyest Debt Dandy 239 boy I have ever met during my career. He was extremely nervous because of the camera, so nervous that he barely talked. Too bad his shyness didn’t prevent him to take some bad loans in the past and now he needed to take care of them. I quickly figured out that he wouldn’t be able to repay our loan. It would be a waste of money to lend him anything. I could use my cash in a funnier way. I decided to give it a try and asked the shy boy about...

Czech Hunter 349 - Skinny top fucking a thick ass bottom

Czech Hunter 349

One of my friends Czech Hunter 349 invited me for a game of bowling. I almost turned her down but then she mentioned that two of her friends were to join us. That sounded pretty interesting. Those two boys were quite good looking. One of them was kind of a douchebag so I decided to go after the sweet and innocent one. We all had a great time playing bowling. I stopped counting drinks after some time and just enjoyed myself. But all that time I had my eyes on Petr. He was a college student so I expected him...

Fuck Buddies - Charley Cole & Lucas Phelps

Fuck Buddies – Charley Cole & Lucas Phelps

Catching up with fellow paperboy and mate Jay, played by the gorgeous young Charley Cole, star of the show Alfie, played by Lucas Phelps discusses the hot older man who’s new on his paper route. Getting Charley hard at the description, Alfie doesn’t know what to do, but with Charley around, he’s always got an idea up his sleeve, or down his pants! Suggesting Lucas should get some practice in for sucking dick, his own huge dick is rock solid and too much temptation for the handsome fresh faced young Lucas. Soon wrapping his red lips around the thick straight...

Dirty Scout 127 - Skinny White Boy Got A Big Ass Dick!!!

Dirty Scout 127

I really like boys Dirty Scout 127 from small towns. They look so innocent compared to city boys. This one was such a sweat heart. I could tell he was from a good family. He had good schools and I liked how ambitious he was. His French was so good that he wanted to become a translator. Unfortunately, all I could give him was a job at a French company. He was still excited about it and gladly accepted the job. His excitement faded away once he realized he wasn’t able to afford our fee. So… we had to improvise....

Mix It Up Boy - Gavin Xavier and Kellar Nite

Mix It Up Boy – Gavin Xavier and Kellar Nite

Gavin Xavier had heard from a friend about how Bomb Kellar’s head was and he wanted to find out for himself. So one night Gavin decided to give Kellar a call and see just what he was about. Of course once Kellar received the call he was more than eager to come and show Gavin just what he was able to do. Lets see if Kellar lived up to his reputation!

FraternityX - Tattooed Ass

FraternityX – Tattooed Ass

Yo wud up? Got a hot video this week!.. Me and my bros were hanging out in my room. Chilling out and smokin up. This new pledge Kris said he wanted to show us some Tattooed Ass on his ass. I think he just wanted to get fucked. When my dick went all the way into him his eyes went to the back of his head. So gay.

FraternityX - Beat That Ass

FraternityX – Beat That Ass

This dude was talking shit about my girl. So we threw his ass down. Pulled his pants off. My Beat That Ass buddy spit on his hole and shoved his dick. Pretty sure this guy like it. Cause his eyes went to the back of his head. What a fucking homo!!

FraternityX - PAY UP

FraternityX – PAY UP

This dude came into our frat house thinking he could drink our beer and smoke our buds. Fuck him PAY UP! Bitches like that have to pay a cover fee. Or we’re taking it out on their ass. Like an ATM.

FraternityX - Hit It

FraternityX – Hit It

We were chilling. Watching the fight. Getting ripped. I passed the bong to this dumb Hit It ass pledge. He fucking dropped it dude. Party foul! Never drop a bong man!

Debt Dandy 238 - Athletic straight hunk stretches studs ass

Debt Dandy 238

This boy Debt Dandy 238 was a mystery. He didn’t want to talk about his job or his past. He even refused to tell me where he was from. Maybe he really didn’t know. I liked it because it spiced things up a little. The guy needed 24 000 to pay his debts, mostly installments for his expensive car. He lost his job and made a few debts since then. After a month of unemployment everything started to crumble. I really wanted to help him with his financial situation. That’s why I offered him a painful but quick solution. Instead...