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Latin Leche – Numero 26

I found this Numero 26 hot guy passed out in a public bathroom and I could resist the urge to touch him. I gently tried to shake him but he was out cold.When I started to undo the guy’s pants, that’s when he jumped to his feet and started shouting at me. But I stayed cool. It only took me a minute to calm the stranger down, then I talked him into showing me his dick if I promised not film his face. Men were coming and going from the other stalls, and I talked one of them into joining...

Latin Leche – Numero 28

This week’s extra hot Latin Leche Numero 28 brings you outdoor sex with a very cute, very young guy. He was on his way to fuck his girlfriend, but our cameraman had something else in mind. Watch as this nasty stud jerks off, works his tongue, and tease our cameraman with his ass before he gets a money shot on his pretty face. I bet his longterm girlfriend has never made him squirt him like this before!

LatinLeche – Numero 27

I spotted this sexy student Numero 27 on the street right after class. I love college kids – they’re so eager to learn and experiment. Turns out this guy was very bi-curious. We really hit it off when we talked about sexting, and this stud agreed to go back to my place. Naturally, I wanted to get a look at his cock, and I wasn’t disappointed – he pulled out his fat tool, and for a little cash he let me stroke it. The cash kept coming, and the LatinLeche stud said yes to everything. I gave my sexy scholar...

LatinLeche – Numero 24

When I spotted this Numero 24 sexy jock in my building’s garage, I ran over to get him on camera. Turns out that this straight stud lives on the same floor as me, and after I offered him a handful of bills, the boy invited me in and agreed to jerk off while I filmed. This straight Latino hunk had never been fucked by a guy before, but his tight hole opened right up when my money came out of my wallet. Watch as this young muscle stud strokes his cock, rides my uncut dick, then gets pounded doggy-style. I...

LatinLeche – Numero 23

Our cameraman is out on the prowl when he stumbles upon Numero 23 a lost Venezuelan stud. It’s another hot day in Buenos Aires, and this horny stud is ready to fool around in a cool, shaded place. This bearded boy has never tried anal or had sex in public, but when our cameraman whips out the money, this horny boy is ready to hop on his big dick for more cash. This sexy Venezuelan jerks off, sucks dick, and gets fucked bareback for the first time until our cameraman blows his load all over this boy’s fuzzy face.

LatinLeche – Numero 12

Work can be hard to get sometimes, and for the Numero 12 men of these shoots, they know these directors pay well! Returning to make more cash, this sexy straight guy goes with this camera man out into the city to find some fresh meat for him to suck on. This is no problem, as he says, “Buenos Aires is so horny!” They go into a bathroom and find two sexy pissers looking to get their dicks sucked. How lucky for them to find this guy standing with his cock out!

LatinLeche – Numero 11

The camera man went out again looking for fun, only Numero 11 to come across a familiar face! The two talked and the guy said he’d gotten a taste for cock and wanted more. How great! The director got the idea to hit on one of his hot neighbors, thinking the sexy guy would be into getting his dick sucked. And to sweeten the deal, they came up with a plan to pay him for getting his dick sucked. With that off, how could he refuse?

LatinLeche – Numero 10

This video came as a surprise! The camera Numero 10 man went to look at an apartment and found a sexy young guy cleaning it up. He was being paid to make the place look nice. Unfortunately, the place was a total dump. But the boy was real handsome! The cameraman asked him what he made in a day. He offered him that much to jerk off for just 10 minutes. Imagine, a whole day’s pay for 10 minutes of jerking off! The young straight boy couldn’t say no to that. After a couple of minutes, the camera man even...

LatinLeche – Numero 9

I love masculine Numero 9 straight boys. They’re so sexy and drive me crazy. The director of this video found such a hot stud walking down the street and got him to stop and answer his questions. He seemed not interested at first, but once the guy pulled out his cash, it was hard for him to resist such money. He couldn’t wait to learn more about his body and cock, giving him even more to come back with him to his studio. And it was worth every penny! This guy has a perfect body and one of the biggest...

LatinLeche – Numero 16

It is very lucky this camera man had his camera Numero 16 on him when he was having breakfast. He started talking with another guest at the hotel and convinced him to be a part of his documentary. He wasn’t sure at first but the promise of quick, easy money was too good for this traveller to turn down. He even saw a sexy man cleaning the pool at the hotel and thought he should go up and talk to him. The man was shy at first, not wanting to do more than just keep cleaning. The two strangers were...