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BoyFun – Phallic Fountain Mountin – Andrew Green and Lucas Drake

Lucas Drake with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Lucas Drake, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me....

French Twinks – Twinks Game – Ethan Duval & Arthur Dulac

Arthur Dulac and Ethan get to know each other through a naughty game of dice, the one who makes the smallest number has to take off an item of clothing. If Arthur is initially a little shy, he will quickly get caught up in the game and exchanges of glances between the two boys say a lot about their intentions. The two twinks are now in underwear and it’s the ultimate roll of dice before getting naked. Ethan is delighted to lose the game and Arthur seems fascinated by this beautiful hairless body. Ethan takes Arthur’s hand and puts it...

Muscle Daddy Rough Fucks a British Twink on Holiday in Axel Hotel Ibiza

I cannot believe I just saw what I saw. I thought I was literally gonna have a heart attack. Zilv Gudel there must be something in the food or the water in Ibiza. But whatever it is can you please keep “eating” and “drinking” it. This was so unexpected and so welcome at the same time. And you did it more than once. This literally just blew my mind. And Rourke couldn’t wait so he hopped on your cock for a little while. I just love it. Now back to replay and repeat. Yeeeees!

Cute Boy Bareback Rides his Fit Daddy on Vacation

It is always a challenge to watch a vid with a mirror on it, ’cause I don’t know where to look at x’D U both look so sexy in all angles! Big fan of Zilv kissing Rourke’s beautiful face while is pounding him from behind. Btw, I don’t know but Zilv, your c*ck looked bigger than usual in the last moments of the vid, my God! That’s what I call a massive weapon ^/////^ Love u, boys! Thank u for sharing!

Cute Young Twink gets Throat Fucked & Bare back Pounded with Facial

Hot, hot, hot, hot, HOT… absolutely love this. Love watching you experiment on camera. The trust Rourke shows Zilv Gudel, even when a little nervous. A trust Zilv proves is well given when he test Rourke’s limits, but respect the signals and boundaries.. Love hearing your sexy talk, moans and breathless moments. The love that always shine through. I just love watching YOU. Reasons you’ve been, and are, the top gay-porn couple since you first joined PH. Thank you for yet another amazing video.

French Twinks – Ethan Seduces the Barman – Ethan Duval & Bastien Leray

Ethan Duval rencontre Bastien Leray dans le bar où il travaille. Pendant que le minet sirote un cocktail, il jette des regards pleins de charme sur Bastien. Les deux garçons se regardent, sourient, puis Bastien prend la main d’Ethan et l’embrasse. En rentrant chez eux, Ethan Duval et Bastien se jettent l’un sur l’autre et se déshabillent dans le lit. La grosse bite de Bastien est dure et Ethan commence à le sucer. Le jeune minet ouvre la bouche pour essayer d’avaler ce grand garçon sans s’étouffer. Bastien soupire de plaisir et commence à taquiner le cul d’Ethan qui commence...

BoyFun – Glass Lickers – Gregor Gilead & Jake Olsen

Like most young guys Gregor Gilead always gets hard in the shower, his youthful cock has a mind of its own and whenever he has the opportunity to stroke it it’s rigid in a matter of seconds. He’s not the only one, when his BoyFun buddy Jake Olsen arrives the sexy twink is soon getting stiff in his shorts while he enjoys the show. With some teasing through the glass the boys work each other up, finally meeting with a sexy kiss before Jake leads his friend into the next room where the two can really have a good play....

Jail Lust – Twinky spy gets anal punishment from horny gay cop

You don’t mess with these men, you simply don’t. The boys are in trouble, and there’s nobody to help them out. Everybody seeks to get a piece of their backdoor! Watch hapless twinks fucked raw and hard all over the prisons of the country. Older inmates, cops, it can be anybody. Sex craze is all over the place! Get in for thrilling, blood-boiling stories of young VS old lust battles!

BoyFun – American Boy’s Euro Toy – Gabe Isaac & Richard Hicks

Richard Hicks arrives in town looking for some fun, and he doesn’t have to look too far at all before spying young teen twink Gabe Isaac hanging out with a friend. All it takes is a little eye contact and Gabe is following the arrival to have some BoyFun. It’s a perfect partnership, Richard loves tight boys with big uncut cocks, and although he doesn’t know it when they start making out Gabe has one of the biggest boners in town! As clothes come off and hands grope for stiff young inches the two fall onto the couch, Gabe quickly...

Southern Strokes – Bareback Baking – Jerome James & Vitali Kutcher

Jerome James is in the zone as he bakes some sticky goodness. When buddy Vitali Kutcher joins him in the kitchen, they turn to sticky goodness of a different sort. Like making out, swapping spit and sucking cock. And just like a recipe is successful when you have all the proper ingredients, so too is the raw fucking these twinks get into! Bareback baking has never looked or tasted so delish, especially when it comes to cum glazing and stuffing something tight and moist full of cream!