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Staxus – Raw Passion – Scene 1 – Jacob Dolce & Tyler Ross

Jacob Dolce is laying on the bed looking at sensual photos with Tyler Ross whilst he’s next to him asleep. When Tyler wakes up, both twinks touch and kiss each other. Tyler is who makes the first move and goes down to suck Jacob’s cock. The attraction is obvious and soon Tyler is preparing Jacob’s ass with some rimming. The boys fuck hard, just how they like to do it, and after some hot positions these friends with benefits reach the orgasm between moans. And it couldn’t miss a facial cumshot!

BareTwinks – Playful Pals Turn To Cock – Jason Shepard & Dylan Hart

When you get a couple of horny boys like Dylan and Jason Shepard hanging out alone with nothing but their tight little underwear on it’s inevitable that cocks will start to throb. The boys are having a pillow fight, but their antics soon become more interesting when lips meet and cocks are revealed! Dylan’s big dick slips between his friend’s lips and Jason Shepard gets to work sucking that pole, but it’s only the start of what these boys will get up to! The lad wastes no time, straddling his buddy and easing his naked hole down on that wet...

SouthernStrokes – Unforgettable – Chris Summers & Jackson Wright

After experiencing a threesome together, Chris Summers and Jackson Wright are ready to commit because they want more than just frivolous sex. The two are so excited to be on the same page they start making out. Soon, Chris drops to his knees and devours Jackson’s large cock. Jackson returns the oral favor but soon ends up with his ass in Chris’s face. The brunette licks and laps at the beautiful, pink starburst as if he were famished. Hell, who wouldn’t? Jackson’s got the kind of hole that was meant to be devoured like a tender cut of beef! Chris...

Staxus – Twink adventures Scene 3 – Beno Eker & Rob Bisset

Rob Bisset tells us that he is excited to meet his best friend Beno Eker. So, when he arrives at Beno’s house, the twinks doesn’t waste time in taking their clothes off and kissing on the sofa. Soon Rob Bisset is making him moan whilst he wraps Beno’s cock with his experimented mouth. When Beno can’t resist more the temptation, he bends Rob over and prepares his ass with some rimming before to slowly fucking him. Rob’s moans just tell us he’s enchanted with his friend’s moves and soon he is ridding his friend’s cock. Rob gives him some blowjobs...

DoggyBoys – First teen cum load of the day – Ivo Kraus

Slim twink Ivo Kraus is the kind of boy who likes to have some solo fun at least once a day, and his morning shower offers the perfect opportunity to relieve himself of that fist teen cum load of the day. As soon as he slides his underwear down his slim thighs his impressive cock is rising up, eager to get started. It might be a common routine for boys like him all around the world, but he’s special, he like to take his time and truly enjoy his dick. Stepping under the shower his thick and long dick is...

Boygusher – Jason and Mick

I Got Lucky On A Local Chat Room And Jason And Mick Came By The Apartment To Show Me What They Can Do In The Flesh. I Was Thrilled They Agreed To Come To The Apartment And Work Those Sexy Bodies For Me And My Camera. This Is What Unfolded While I Watched.

SpankThis – Max Carter & Lucas Burke – Bad Boyfriend

Carter comes back home after a long day at work to seek out boy-friend Lucas Burke sleeping away the day, AND he has was around Grindr?!?! To say he isn’t. Lucas is bent by him also educates the twink a lesson. Carter spanks Burke’s crimson; s sleek alabaster ass till finally eventually it, bringing his had down tougher and tougher with every wallop, also filling the room with a sweet symphony of spank appears.

BareTwinks 221 – Zack Loves It Big & Uncut – Scott Alexander & Zack Love

Sweet young Zack Love is woken from his snoozing by the arrival of his horny friend Scott, and within moments their dicks are out for some sucking! Zack loves that hard uncut twink cock his friend has to share, but he needs more than a taste. With that naked length sliding into him, Zack is in heaven, being fucked all over the bed in so many positions! The riding is what really has him splashing his seed out over Scott’s abs, and his top buddy isn’t far behind, jerking out his own mess over Zack’s butt!

HelixStudios – Helix – Calvin Banks and Jacob Hansen

Clean cut, preppy and pretty, Jacob Hansen is the polar opposite of outspoken, wild haired rock and roller, Calvin Banks. But, their chemistry is off the charts! They flirt heavily during the questions, which include everything from what their first day doing porn was like, to the kinkiest thing they’ve ever tried, and if they like to be spanked. The final questions lead into the requests, which both include passionate kisses, and lead the orgasmic opposites to the bedroom. Calvin continues to dominate. He grabs Jacob’s junky trunk and delivers a few spankings as the sexy young studs suck face....

Staxus – Raw Passion – Scene 3 – Rick Palmer & Tyler Ross

Tyler Ross and Rick Palmer have a great attraction and they can’t resist it when they eat a shared banana. They bring the action to a bed where after some kisses and touches, these new friends take turns to blow each other cocks. We can see that these two both enjoy the preliminaries. Soon they are rimming each other in the 69 position before to Rick rides Tyler’s cock. These two intense twinks fuck just the way they like it, hard! And after unusual hot positions all over the bed, this scene can only end with a facial.