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Gorgeous teen boy Bohumil Slavik is still somewhat curious about things, but we think his fascination is going to be satisfied soon, and we can’t wait to see that. He’s prepared to give another show that is awesome to us in this solo, eager to get out his uncut cock after a long day in class for a wank. If you watched his first movie you know he likes to take his time and really explore himself, and we’re certainly not complaining while we see him slowly stripping nude, feeling every part of his tight young body and showing off...

Brother Crush – The Paper Route

Simon’s older step brother wants him to start his Paper Route late so they can fool around in the morning. The kid is persuaded with some cock rubbing before his big buddy barebacks him and feeds him a load of steaming cum.

TeachTwinks – Brez Wild & Callum Jones – Bottom Brez Used To be Straight

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HomoEmo – Dustin Cooper & Patrick Kennedy – Twinky Boys Share A Tasty Treat

Dustin Cooper has something special for his friend Patrick, but this is simply not the kind of thing he should enjoy on his own. The tasty treat is a perfect way to have the fun started with a little licking their focus is turning to something meatier. With also the salty deliciousness of the dripping cocks along with sweetness to their tongues the two boys are taking everything of the way, together with his prick easing inside that rump and giving his boyfriend a wonderful ride onto his own buttocks! Riding his lover prick receives outside his Latino twink gushing...

8Teenboy – Hot Tub Hotties – Julian Bell & Riley Finch

It seems Reilly Finch’s Hot Tub Hotties reputation precedes him as Julian Bell heads to the hot tub knowing he’ll get some action! Riley introduces himself and Julian let’s him know he’s already got his number and, soon enough he gets that dick too. But first, the hot tub twinks play tonsil hockey in a sultry night time bubble snuggle. Julian jumps up on the hot tub ledge which allows his blond boy boner to be in prime blow job location for lick happy Riley. The tiny twink dines on that dick like thanksgiving dinner with a little help from...

Br❤ther Crush – Messy Bedroom

This kid’s stepbrother is always bossing him around. He hates it, but at the same time he gets butterflies and loves the attention. When his brother forces him to clean up his messy bedroom, the boy wants to scream. It’s not fair! But as he picks up his dirty clothes, the smell of his balls on his used underwear immediately turn the little guy on. And the older boy can tell. He stops him and spontaneously sticks a finger in the boy’s mouth, then he lowers his shorts and pulls out his big, hard cock. The bedroom just got cleaned,...

FamilyDick – Growing Pains – Chapter 2-Do You Measure Up with Felix Maze

Felix’s getting to that point in adolescence when he feels a little rebellious against his stepdad and stepbrother. So, when Mr. Woods makes his boys stand against the wall to mark their height with a pencil, the kid’s not too happy about it. But dad doesn’t stop there – he tells his young boys to take their pants off and compare cocks, even rubbing their smooth asses and big balls until they are all super hard. Felix gets on his knees to orally service his old man’s cock while stroking Wesley’s shaft until he’s horny and desperate to get pounded....

NextDoorTwink – Kurt Wild Fucked by Cliff Jensen in Pleasure Is Afoot

Cliff Jensen & Kurt Wild know how to combat boredom. Sitting around one lazy afternoon, and with nothing else really happening, they decide to compare their private endowments. After working themselves up individually, they finally succumb to that age old addage, that “two heads ARE better than one”, and so inevitably, Kurt & Cliff proceed to join forces in their quest for cum. But more than just fucking & sucking, what Kurt is really wanting is a nice foot fuck, and Cliff is more than happy to oblige his wishes. After some hot dick-tac-toe, Cliff proceeds to have his way...

Helix Studios – Cum With Me – Jessie Montgomery & Troy Ryan

What is there to do after a sweaty baseball Cum With Me game but cool down with the hot blond on the team who’s been eyeing you since the beginning of the season? The boys put away the bats to test their physical limits with a different kind of hard wood. Troy takes Jessie home to blaze through the bases to a home run pounding with his thick 8 inches filling Jessie’s hole as he fucks him so hard that Jessie can’t help but moan and groan his way to orgasm.