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Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw - Clay & Robby Aspen

Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw – Clay & Robby Aspen

Robby Aspen was really enthusiastic about getting to the porn biz that after I advised him to come in, he had been phoning or texting me each 15 minutes – to days. Because I like these young and excited, I really was excited, also, needless to say. I can tell I was going to have a great deal of fun when he eventually came in for audition and a set. It was apparent from speaking to him that he was a total freak in the sheets. He told me story after story that he had been with. I knew this...

LollipopTwinks - Aaron Aurora & Lloyd Adams

LollipopTwinks – Aaron Aurora & Lloyd Adams

Lloyd Adams needs to get off so badly, but his efforts just aren’t paying off, that is until a gorgeous young delivery boy arrives with everything a horny young guy could need! The box of porn is just the start, soon they’re swapping their cocks and their tight young butt holes too as they fuck their way to satisfaction!

Raw Rollers - Joey Mills & Cole Claire

Raw Rollers – Joey Mills & Cole Claire

Joey Mills and Cole Claire spend the day Rollers blading and skate boarding together, sharing stories as they enjoy the romantic scenery. They also enjoy a crazy hot kiss on a pier that ends with mischievous Mills pushing Cole in the bay! Afterwards Joey offers the soaking wet sexpot a towel in his car and a dryer at his place and we quickly catch on to Mills master plan. Cole catches on too, but plays along since he’s anxious to get at that anaconda Joey is famous for. He’s finally warm, dry and looking dangerously delicious in a towel that...

Catfish Twinked - Christian Bay & Travis Berkley

Catfish Twinked – Christian Bay & Travis Berkley

Christian Bay has been talking online with a bona fide stud, who professes that Christian is the apple of his eye, but when he enlists an investigative team to track the IP address, Christian learns that his dream stud is not who he thought it was. Travis Berkley is surprised, to say the least, when Christian and the Fake Bait team arrive at his house, and he quickly regrets reaching out to Christian, even if his crush is real. Christian is disappointed to find out the true identity of his crush, but he’s more perplexed why Travis, a good looking...

Dubsex - Matthew Keading & Ashton Rush

Dubsex – Matthew Keading & Ashton Rush

Matthew Keading is a huge fan of Dubsex music. It’s fast, pumping rhythms make him wanna move and gyrate. His friend Ashton Rush isn’t very familiar with dubstep, but is willing to listen to anything suggested by Matthew. You see Dubsex, although the two have been pals for a while, Ashton has developed quite a crush on Matthew.As they hang out in Ashton’s room, listening to dubstep, they dance around, jumping on the bed and bouncing off the walls. Finally they settle down and Matthew asks Ashton to sit near him and have a listen to a new song he...

Fucking 101 - Rod Daily & Matthew Keading

Fucking 101 – Rod Daily & Matthew Keading

Rod Daily and his assistant Matthew Keading have assembled to help instruct the masses with a visual guide to proper sexual technique. Going step by step, they guide you through the basics of kissing, fondling, getting a dick to go from limp to hard, oral sex, 69, as well as rimming and several different fun positions for you and your partner to try. Matthew displays particular acumen in giving blow jobs, and he almost ruins the whole lesson by making Rod cum too fast. But calmer heads momentarily prevail, which allows Rod to keep his nut for the messy reveal...

Bareback Me Daddy - Joris and Latin boy Fernand

Bareback Me Daddy – Joris and Latin boy Fernand

On the way home from classes, Latin boy Fernand stops by his favorite daddy’s house for some dad and son bareback sex. Joris is already sporting a big boner when he approaches the young man and soon Fernand has that fat cock in his mouth. A mature friend of Joris happens to be visiting and decides to get his cock in the boy’s mouth, as well. After a long double oral session, the skinny and smooth boy bends over and Joris fucks him from behind. This turns into a threesome spit roasting, with both daddies getting a piece of that...

Next Door Twink - Closet Case

Next Door Twink – Closet Case

Samuel O’Toole thought his new roommate, Hayden Michaels seemed like a pretty Closet Case cool guy. Quiet, neat, the perfect dude with whom to live. Hayden definitely didn’t seem like a creep or anything like that. But as Samuel makes plans with his friend on the phone, Hayden watches. As Sammy undresses for a shower, Hayden is hiding in the room, touching himself. When he goes into the bathroom, Hayden emerges to rub his face and bare dick with Sammy’s underwear. Returning to the closet before Samuel can catch him, Hayden waits and watches. Sammy’s younger Closet Case friend, Matthew...

Hard & Savage - Matthew Keading & Blake Savage

Hard & Savage – Matthew Keading & Blake Savage

With details a little hazy from all the Blake Savage partying from the night before, Matthew Keading wakes to find things a little out of the ordinary. For one thing, he’s passed out next to Blake Savage and a whole bunch of spilled pills. Immediately assuming the worst, Matthew jumps into action to save his friend, performing mouth to mouth to try and resuscitate him. It turns out Blake is just over sleeping and somewhere in the previous night he must have spilled my asthma meds. Embarrassed, Matthew nonetheless breathes a sigh of relief. Blake Savage teases him and tells...

Wet & Wild - Devin Lewis & Jimmy Andrews

Wet & Wild – Devin Lewis & Jimmy Andrews

Young and tender, tasty delights Devin Lewis and Jimmy Andrews are sexing up an already hot jacuzzi and turning it into a boiling blowjob batch of chicken soup! After the outdoor dick fest, our chicken tenders turn up the heat even more and get super pervy in the privacy of their hotel room. After Lewis licks some more dick he climbs on Andrews dirty blond boy boner for a bareback butt blast. The boys suck face while Jimmy Andrews jams his jock up inside Lewis’s love canal and spanks Devin’s dick for him as he does. This kid can multitask!...