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Bareback Me Daddy - Joris and Ringo

Bareback Me Daddy – Joris and Ringo

Ringo, a cute young Latino, is at the home of daddy Joris for a hot dad and son bareback fuck session. When daddy walks in the room sporting a boner, Ringo quickly takes it in his mouth. By the time the boy is naked and hard, a mature friend enters to join the fun. Soon Ringo is getting rimmed and spit roasted by the two daddies, before each takes a turn barebacking the boy in several positions. Then Ringo ass-to-mouth sucks the two mature men and ends up wearing both of their cum gushers on his cute face and smooth...

My Dads A Pervert - Dad Fucks Son College Roommate

My Dads A Pervert – Dad Fucks Son College Roommate

Dad’s can have a hard time seeing their little College boys grow up and head off into the world. Especially when those College boys have proven to be world class cocksuckers. This handsome daddy first learned of his son’s special talent when he caught him being the hot mouth on the other end of a gloryhole. Now, they’re closer than ever! Keeping their secret hasn’t been easy though. Now that he’s starting college, their alone time is much less frequent. When dad goes to visit him, he’s introduced to the son’s dorm roommate. (And it looks like he’s buddied up...

Teaching The Twink Boy Some Things - Austin Lock & Kurt Niles

Teaching The Twink Boy Some Things – Austin Lock & Kurt Niles

Smooth and hung little Austin Lock is curious about things. He’s looking to get off and when he finds a condom he’s soon getting his big dick out and having some fun with it. It’s a good thing Kurt catches him at the perfect moment, he’s more than willing to help his young buddy and show him a thing or two, but the boy won’t need a condom for it! Watch as the adorable boys swap their cocks, with Kurt’s thick and throbbing length soon easing into Austin’s amazing little slippery hole, fucking the boy deep until he’s pumping his cream...

Phoenixxx - Hard Working Office Boys

Phoenixxx – Hard Working Office Boys

Connor Levi is Office Boys one of the best leasing agents in the city, and it’s easy to see why! He’s showing around a prospective new tenant and soon gets that vibe that a little sweetening of the deal will get the young professional signing on the dotted line. All it takes is a whole lot of hard uncut British cock to play with, and his tight hole being offered for the hung young man to slide into. Fucked over the desk and splashed with fresh ball juice we’re sure the deal was eventually closed, but who cares if it...

Twink Boys Making Each Other Cum - Jason Andrews & Sandy Jenkins

Twink Boys Making Each Other Cum – Jason Andrews & Sandy Jenkins

Sandy Jenkins and Jason Andrews are a perfect team together in this video, there’s no denying that. From the moment we started rolling they were eager and horny, making out and exploring, groping each other and getting naked. With dicks out and being wanked and sucked the boys got each other drooling precum, then it was time to fuck and finish off with a mutual jerk off to get those juices splashing!

Frisky Forest Friends - Alan Davis & Devin Lewis

Frisky Forest Friends – Alan Davis & Devin Lewis

Frolicking through the Frisky forrest hand in hand, Alan Davis and Devin Lewis cum upon a shaded area. Being the young impulsive boys that they are, they take the hidden, outdoor opportunity for a little make out- grab ass session! Realizing it’s DEFINITELY about to get hot and heavy, the boys bring it inside and REALLY get into one another. Alan is on on his hands and knees in no time worshipping Devin’s enormous appendage. Davis devours the kid’s dong; then, keeping his pants around his ankles Alan lifts Lewis’ legs, creating a diamond shape and plunges face first into...

Breeding His Little Pucker - Cameron Hilander & Chris Summers

Breeding His Little Pucker – Cameron Hilander & Chris Summers

Cameron is so cute, he’s just the kind of boy Chris loves to fuck Breeding. The hung young star is soon sucking on the handsome boy’s throbbing cock, but his own long and meaty tool is soon out for the same kind of special attention. These boys are so passionate and so into it you can see just how genuine their encounter is, but that only becomes more obvious when Chris Breeding eases his naked shaft between those smooth little twink boy cheeks and proceeds to pound his buddy all over the bed. There are some great positions, with Chris...

Bel Ami - Kevin and Marcel

Bel Ami – Kevin and Marcel

Although you have seen Marcel only as a bottom so far, he is currently ‘in training’ to be a top, and to his surprise everyone thinks he will also make an outstanding top. Both of these guys are naturally sensual lovers, so in their first scene together you can expect this to come through, with lots of kissing, caressing and tenderness.

Str8hell - Karel Polak Spanking

Str8hell – Karel Polak Spanking

Karel Polak is shackled and gagged as he lays, face down, on the bed. This hot straight guy is pulling against his cuffs as his tormentor arrives. The tormentor quickly rips open Karel’s underwear exposing his hot ass. Karel moans as he feels the whip on his back. He feels the heavy hand as it spanks on his sexy ass. Then both hands spank on that hot ass. His cheeks are pulled apart to show his tight hole too. The hole is spat on too and then a finger is shoved in, making Karel really squirm. He keeps moaning as...

Sexy Selfie Boys Get Sensual - Elijah Young & Chris Summers

Sexy Selfie Boys Get Sensual – Elijah Young & Chris Summers

Oh to be a teenage Selfie Boys horndog again! We join gorgeous young stars Chris and Elijah in the bedroom hanging out and taking selfies, but soon enough those lips are meeting and the boys start heating up. Cocks are soon slipping between lips as the hungry young guys lick and suck each other, but it’s the butt fucking as hung Elijah slides in deep and raw that ultimately has them erupting twinky cum loads!