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Lollipop Twinks - Philip Kraus and Denis Raw

Lollipop Twinks – Philip Kraus and Denis Raw

Philip Kraus joins his friend Denis out in the sun and it doesn’t take long before his mouth is on that long and throbbing uncut cock. Philip loves to suck a nice dick, and his friend Denis has one of the best in the neighborhood. Denis isn’t reluctant at all to share his meat, of course, this tanned and handsome boy knows how to get him cumming. After sucking that dick Philip hops on and slides his gorgeous smooth ass down on his buddy to take him for a ride, finishing with both boys erupting their cream and satisfying their...

8Teenboy - Jamie Ray Solo Session

8Teenboy – Jamie Ray Solo Session

All American blond, blue and sweet as apple pie Indiana guy Jamie Ray is young and shy but anxious get an education here at Helix. Jailbait Jamie (still in braces and ever so adorable) takes direction from Max Carter well as he’s ordered to loose his pants so we can see what the kid is workin’ with. Max pulls down Ray’s colorful boyish briefs and lets out a well earned “damn,” as his big boner bounces out. Carter caresses the kid’s cock before ordering Jamie Ray to turn around. Max makes sure to spread the twink for a thorough inspection,...

Guys In SweatPants - Kaden first time in front of the camera

Zane Douglas Gets His Ass Filled With Kenny Big Dick

As Zane Douglas and Kenny Cox make out, Zane loses his clothes piece by piece and by the time that toned and sexy stud is naked, Kenny is on his knees giving him head!  Zane loves Kenny’s warm mouth around his cock as Kenny sucks that sweet dick, taking it deep down his throat as Zane moans for more and then bends down to get a taste of Kenny’s meat next. When both guys’ big dicks are standing at attention, Kenny bends Zane over on the bed and slides his hard prick into Zane’s tight hole, getting in deep and...

Guys In SweatPants - Kaden first time in front of the camera

Guys In SweatPants – Kaden first time in front of the camera

This is Kaden’s first time in front of the camera, and how lucky is he that he gets to take Clark’s huge cock during it? Kaden’s a normal Texas boy, but with exhibitionist side to him. He had always wanted to do porn, and after putting on some weight in the gym (which we talk about in the video) this was his perfect time. He’s a little timid at first, but after asking Clark if he can kiss him, there was no holding either of them back. Clark loves sex, and the chemistry between these two makes this sex that...

A passionate and intense intercourse between two gorgeous twinks

A passionate and intense intercourse between two gorgeous twinks

Abel Lacourt and Gabriel Lambert enjoy the sunny weather to go picnic in the countryside. The sun is burning and the two gorgeous twinks soon take off their t-shirts. Abel and Gabriel kiss and lie down in the grass. Their hands slip under their shorts and Gabriel seems already excited. Abel starts wanking Gabriel’s big cock, then the two boys take off their shorts and find themselves naked in the nature. Although the fear of being seen excites them, the heat is untenable and prompts them to return sooner than expected to consume the fruit of their desire in a...

Bareback Cum Pigs - Brian Bonds And Dusty Williams

Bareback Cum Pigs – Brian Bonds And Dusty Williams

Those of you enjoy a good butt munching session are going to get off with bearded, hairy otter Dusty Williams making a meal out of Brian Bonds’ hungry fuck hole. Clad in a sexy jockstrap that frames his ass beautifully, Brian pulls apart his own cheeks, demanding Dusty get “deep in there.” Dusty gives Brian exactly what he wants. Plenty of tongue and then some balls deep bareback fucking action. But then Brian turns the tables on Dusty, rimming his trim little ass like a hungry man who hasn’t eaten a good cut of beef in ages! Brian’s analingus skils...

Adrian Monroe Puts a Dildo Up His ASS And Jerks OFF

Adrian Monroe had some off time between shoots and had been horny all morning. When he asked me if he could borrow the mini camera and butt plug… there was no way I was about to stop him. About 10 minutes later, he returned both to me and WA LA! Way to bust a load Adrian!

Adorable Greco Rai Makes A Home Video

Sweet and adorable little Greco Rai is such a playful twink, he just loves to perform and be the center of attention. He’s treating his fans to a very sexy solo play session in this home made video, playing for the cameras and enjoying himself as he explores anal toys and fucks himself in that tight little hole. We would all love to be there to give him the real thing, and believe me he could take on several of you at once! Enjoy his performance.

Hard Bang for a Blond – Jeremy Price & Xavier Ryan

Hard Bang Xavier Ryan and Jeremy Price radiate some serious heat the moment they appear on screen in a super hot, ass grabby lip lock! Xavier is like a caged wolf, spanking the boy’s butt as he prepares to pounce on Price. He rails the kid’s face with his rock hard rod before stripping the blond down with one swift pull on his pants, anxious to get a taste. The Hard Bang boys swap shaft while Xavier spices it up with some dirty talk before moving on to Price’s hot pink pucker for a meal. After being eaten, Jeremy’s ass...