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BrokeStraightBoys – Cody Smith And Malakai White Doggy Style On The Floor

Cody Smith and Malakai White have both gotten pretty comfortable in the house and much more comfortable in their role on camera. Now they’re about to get comfortable with each other as Malakai strips down and lets Cody suck his big dick. Running his lips and tongue all over that cock, Cody makes Malakai White moan for more before spreading Malakai’s ass to taste that next. Cody’s tongue rims Malakai’s hole while his hands gently rub those thick thighs before standing up to let Malakai go down on him. Tipping his head back, Malakai opens his throat and lets Cody...

BoyFun – Dildo Dip – Casper Ivarsson

Casper Ivarsson is a lean and fit young man and it’s easy to see why he’s so popular, not only with our viewers but also with all the guys he meets. If it weren’t apparent already, this boy knows how to enjoy some great BoyFun, even when that fun is solo. You’ll be wishing you were there to share the experience with him when he starts to writhe on the bed while groping the shape of his growing uncut cock in his shorts, but hold on and slow down, because there’s a lot more to come when he reveals that...

William Higgins – Austin Kok – MASSAGE

Austin Kok with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Austin Kok, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me....

William Higgins – Jeremy Robbins – EROTIC SOLO

Jeremy Robbins is aged 20 and lives in Prague. He is a student who enjoys sports, swimming and soccer. He is such a good looking guy and looks great as he sits on the side of the bed for his interview. During the interview he adds sex to his list of hobbies, telling us about his experience. Then he lays on the bed, checking his phone before beginning to grope himself in his jeans. With his tee shirt up a little his hairy belly is exposed as he rubs his jeans. Then Jeremy Robbins opes his jeans and releases his...

Young Perps – Case No. #1908068-76 – Argos and Wesley Woods

When a Loss Prevention Officer (Argos) gets Case No. #1908068-76 caught perving on a guy in the dressing room by his co-worker (Wesley Woods), he will do anything to keep his coworker’s mouth shut. He starts by deepthroating his fellow officer’s dick before letting him bareback his hole!

Corbin Fisher – ACM2501 – Elian Rides Jase

Oh, to be Jase! He makes his debut at CF, and soon gets to take a turn in some hardcore action with Max and now Elian! He’s living out the fantasy I’m sure most all of us have had! It’s not just Jase who’s getting to live out the fantasy, though! Elian loves passionate, intense sex and loves having a big, stiff dick pounding his hole. He knew he was in store for precisely that when we paired him up with Jase, and so he’s also thrilled about this session! Elian wanted to treat Jase right. Judging by the look...

Active Duty – John Hawkins and Princeton Price

John Hawkins is a beast of a man and he manhandles Princeton Price like a feather. Once John’s cock is hard Princeton wraps his eager mouth around it and begins to worship John’s big cock like no other. He tries to take every inch down his throat the best he can but John is just too big and meaty. Princeton assumes the position and bends his sweet little ass over the bed and John slowly pushes his thick meaty cock into him making him squirm away but John Hawkins grabs him by the hips and pulls him in more and...

EastBoys – Matt and Simon

We have one of the cutest videos from the past remastered just for you, with Matt and Simon. Matt has been working out and he is proud of his muscular body, happy to show it off to Simon. But Simon is also interested in other things, like sucking Matt’s cock. Visit by Simon quickly turns into full blown orgy with cum flowing everywhere!

EastBoys – Handjob – Andrew Green

Andrew Green wanted to experience handjob, and that is what he got! Comfortably lying on our sofa Andrew lets Mr. Hand Jobs stroke his cock, oil it, let it grow, and stroke it again, until hard as a rock, letting it slap loudly against Andrew’s body. Last minutes of action are intense and should not be missed!

EastBoys – Casting – Alceo Panicucci

New Ki*d down the block Alceo Panicucci is very young slim dude with smooth sexy body and surprisingly nice biceps. Alceo spends most of his camera time flexing and lifting dumbell, but he does play with his cock occasionally. And there will be more to come!