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A passionate and intense intercourse between two gorgeous twinks

A passionate and intense intercourse between two gorgeous twinks

Abel Lacourt and Gabriel Lambert enjoy the sunny weather to go picnic in the countryside. The sun is burning and the passionate two twinks soon take off their t-shirts. Abel and Gabriel kiss and lie down in the grass. Their hands slip under their shorts and Gabriel seems already excited. Abel starts wanking Gabriel’s big cock, then the two boys take off their shorts and find themselves naked in the nature. Although the fear of being seen excites them, the heat is untenable and prompts them to return sooner than expected to consume the fruit of their desire in a...

Offering a Night of Ecstasy - Abel Lacourt & Matteo Lavigne

Offering a Night of Ecstasy – Abel Lacourt & Matteo Lavigne

During a romantic trip to Paris, Matteo Lavigne and Abel Lacourt share a hotel room getting ready to go out, but Matteo cannot decide on his choice of underwear. The twink tries a boxer short and another asking Abel’s advice, but his roommate seems more interested in the content of the underwear than its exterior look. Abel then seized the molded package of Matteo and draws him closer to kiss him passionately. Slowly, sensually, the two 18 year old boys kiss and caress while undressing gradually. Matteo touches his tongue along Abel’s hairless body before heading down to his crotch...

French Twinks - Paul Delay Ecstasy

French Twinks – Paul Delay Ecstasy

While Paul Delay, Enzo and Gabriel were fired from the classroom by Mr. Cortes, Paul get out running in the corridors. The student then hits Mr. Marguet who was coming out from the teachers’ room with a glass of water in hand. Mr. Marguet is soaked and Paul is confused and apologizes. The twink blames himself for his clumsiness and thinks he lost his chance of seducing his beautiful biology professor; but sometimes luck does things well. On entering in Mr. Marguet’s class to apologize again, Paul discovers him half naked, trying to dry his shirt. When Paul Delay says...

Amateur Film Makers - Benedikt & Drake

Amateur Film Makers – Benedikt & Drake

Two horny sexy dudes and a camcorder, recipe for some hot videos. Luis Blava captured interaction between our old friends, Benedikt and Drake, trying to produce nice hot movie by themselves. Nearly 1/2 hour of extremely hot action including bareback fuck, ass licking and lots of cum!

Military Classified - Baron 4

Military Classified – Baron 4

Today is an interesting shoot with Baron. You all remember Baron… Tattooed, shaved head white straight boy who is as far kinky as he is thuggish. Today I’ve asked him to just take a step out of his comfort zone and treat my ass like a “craigslist hookup” and fuck my ass.. what he ended up doing really surprised me as Baron did the dirty and sucked my dick from behind as he ate my ass… all this before he bent me over and fucked me… lordy, lordy I hope there’s tape! THERE IS!

High Tide - Jamie Ray & Devin Lewis

High Tide – Jamie Ray & Devin Lewis

San Diego is famous for it’s beautiful bay, add an adorable twink Tide like Devin Lewis sitting sitting alone on the sandy shore and that bay turns absolutely breathtaking! Naturally a cutie pie such as Lewis will never be alone for long. In saunters sexy blond Jamie Ray who eye fucks Lewis so hard no words are even needed to get the brunette boy-babe back to his place. Dick hungry Devin devours Ray’s rager with a little help from Jamie who jams his pie hole deep down onto his pretty piece. The boys swap and Jamie’s thirsty throat wraps itself...

Bareback Me Daddy - Joris and Allen

Bareback Me Daddy – Joris and Allen

Daddy Joris has his boy naked and face down for a sensual oil massage. Allen’s sexy little butt is too tempting to ignore, and soon daddy is finger massaging the boy’s hole. Allen reaches over to play with his daddy’s dick and soon has it in his mouth. Then Joris flips the boy over to give him some head, before sliding his big raw cock in and barebacking the young man. Allen takes his daddy in several positions, before spilling his cum all over the massage table, while Joris fucks him from behind. Then, with Allen flat on his back,...

Corbin Fisher - Barron & Ellis Get Down

Corbin Fisher – Barron & Ellis Get Down

Would it be spoiling this episode if I told you that Ellis ends up on the floor, covered in jizz after his own screaming orgasm, topped off by Barron’s hot load? These two studs really know how to show off, and this was the perfect way for their scene to culminate, after Barron made full use of Ellis’s hot mouth and tight, muscular ass.

Grateful Twink Gets A Gaping Arse Load Of Hot Sticky Spunk

Grateful Twink Gets A Gaping Arse Load Of Hot Sticky Spunk

It’s not everyone who gets the opportunity to personally thank a member of the emergency services who has helped them in a crisis situation – but that’s just what happens here when Gaping Titus Snow is able to demonstrate his gratitude to handsome fireman, Orri Gaul, for helping rescue his dog. No need for flowers or chocolates, though. Instead, Snow has his own very special reward in mind for the thick-lipped beauty; and needless to report he doesn’t waste much time in making his intentions clear. Not that you’d ever expect reticence from a fellow of Snow’s Gaping reputation, of course;...

GuysInSweatpants - Judas pounds Austin

GuysInSweatpants – Judas pounds Austin

It’s been quite some time since Austin has only wanted to get fucked by one of my models instead of sliding his big dick in them too. But when he saw Judas’ chiseled bod and eagerness to fuck him, he was all about it. After some fun out in the woods with the other guys, they hit the sheets. Judas has an oral fixation, and Austin’s huge dick wasn’t complaining as he worshipped every inch of it. Licking. Sucking. Smelling. If you love kissing, you’ll already love this because their passion and kissing is almost as hot as the fucking....