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Guys In Sweatpants – Forest barebacks Brandon Evans

Brandon and Forest are two of our newer studs, and quite possibly a couple of our best versatile ones yet. We’ve seen Brandon top and then get creampied, but now it’s Forest’s turn to breed a nice hole. After some working out at the park, they worked each other out back in the bedroom. Forest said he couldn’t stop staring at Brandon’s ass, and couldn’t stop eating it once he got his pants off. Forest was infatuated with his ass, fingering it to get it nice and ready for his throbbing cock. Watching all of their muscles tense as Forest...

JasonSparksLive – Sevian Wright & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Beaumont

Men of action rather than words – Sevian Wright and Brogan get right to feeling each other out with their hands and tongues. Their attention turns to hard dick – and Brogan gets to his knees and worships Sevian’s. Sevian Wright takes charge and sucks Brogan’s cock – then rims his mountainous muscled ass. Sevian’s cock wants in and he bare fucks those fine mounds with such ferocity that Brogan cums all over his own abs.

BelAmiOnline – Antony Lorca & Jeff Mirren

Proverbs tells us to beware of the man Antony Lorca bearing gifts and invoking flattering words, but I don’t think that Jeff has anything to worry about when the gift bearer is Antony Lorca, and the gift is an especially large and hard cock. One of few BelAmi models who is cut, Antony certainly puts his dick to good use first in Jeff’s eager mouth and then his hungry hole. The chemistry between these 2 good friends here is great and the sex something we all can aspire to.

Bel Ami (Kinky Angels) Peter Annaud & Bastian Dufy

Summer is the time to Peter Annaud cherish the sunshine, enjoy the beach, seek the perfect tan and for big-dicked boys to fuck watermelons. Or that’s what our directors seem to think. It began when Marty was inspired to have Trevor yates try it. And you all saw the scene with Jack and Adam earlier this year. Now Marty is doing it again this year in Mykonos. I hope you can set aside this bit of redundancy as the scene really stands up as a strong scene. The flip to this flop (or flop to this flip?) was filmed two...

BelAmiOnline – Alan Mosca & Ariel Vanean

It is time for the sexual introduction of another freshman to the members of our BelAmi family. Alan Mosca has already made his debut over on Freshmen, and we have seen his casting here, but today we have him in this excellent scene with Ariel Vanean. Today Alan has a problem, he wants to have a body like Ariel’s, but because of a bad knee, can’t go jogging. Of course it Ariel does not miss a beat in suggesting that a good fuck will burn a lot more calories than a run anyhow….

AlphaMaleFuckers – Nick Andrews & Nick Tiano

It all starts as Nick Andrews is showing off his oral gifts much to the delight of Nick Tiano and his throbbing cock. His lips tease Nick’s aching balls as the slightest graze of his tongue is enough to make him shiver and quake. It’s not long before Nick Tiano is reciprocating. He is nestled firmly in between Nick’s long legs and strong thighs. Foreskin lovers take note as your own dick will be bobbing back and forth watching Nick savor every inch of that loose hanging foreskin, all juicy and glistening from precum. Nick Tiano, in turn, is rimmed,...

RealityDudes – Strip Club – Daniel

Dark and handsome Daniel can hardly wait to show you what he’s working with. He slowly teases you, revealing his tight and toned body as he drops each piece of clothing. The tall stud whips out his big dick and jerks off until he creams all over himself.

AllAustralianBoys – Seth 5

Seth is a real All Australian Boy – Surfer and Lifeguard from Newcastle. Growing up on the beach surfing with his mates since he was a gromit. It was a natural progression to work there, as a Lifeguard. We met Seth on the beach and asked if he wanted to model and he was soon on a plane to the Gold Coast to do a shoot with us. Seth not only is gifted with All Aussie good looks but a lay back unassuming good attitude Don’t miss this hot Lifeguard/Surfer with an every-ready hard cock, which gets expertly sucked till...

Straight College Men – Tyler Synon – Watcher

Tyler Synon with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Tyler Synon, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me....

BelAmiOnline – Please fuck me – Marc Ruffalo & Marcel Gassion

The title of this scene, “Please fuck me” might be considered misleading as Marcel never utters those words. However, he does say that with his eyes, with his body language, with the palpable eagerness he shows in getting fucked whenever a big dick is present. Today that big dick belongs to Marc Ruffalo. Marcel is a perfectionist- especially when it comes to bottoming. He likes everything perfect for his lucky top and sometimes takes too long getting ready. By the time Marcel comes out of the bathroom Marc has fallen asleep. Undaunted by this minor inconvenience, Marcel decides to wake...