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Latin Twinks Boyz - Dante

Latin Twinks Boyz – Dante

When our photographer first spotted Dante walking along the beach he couldn’t take his eyes off his sexy six pack abs… Or his cute face… Or his firm round ass… or the bulge in shorts. He must have been too obvious because Dante blurted out, “Are you going to just stare at me? Might as well take a picture.” Of course that’s exactly what he had in mind. We found out that was a strict top when he first started fucking around with guys but a lot of guys couldn’t handle is thick boomerang shaped uncut cock so he learned...

Blonde Twinks - Double Facial Cumshot Sanchez Paolo & Mark Ramos

Blonde Twinks – Double Facial Cumshot Sanchez Paolo & Mark Ramos

Those of you who would Blonde Twinks like to see double cum in the face – your wait is over, thanks to Luis’ Blava and his camera. Two horny twinks, one hot and the other super hot, go at it at full throttle. First kissing, then sucking on each other’s cocks. then licking ass and then fucking each other hard. Watch for that spectacular cum in the face!

Baile de Carnaval 2017 - Part 2

Baile de Carnaval 2017 – Part 2

The continuation Baile de Carnaval of the warmer scene, where twelve boys were placed in an enclosure with music and a lot of drink, the idea was to sharpen the libido of each one and to be spontaneous as much as possible. The result could not be another, a lot of sex and the excitement happened quickly to our surprise because we just had the pleasure of filming.

Dirty Daddy - Josh Hunter & Hans Berlin

Dirty Daddy – Josh Hunter & Hans Berlin

Hans Berlin is watching his cleaning boy scrub down his bathroom while he slowly strokes his cock in his robe. Hans is calling the shots from the bedroom making sure this young buck cleans his bathroom properly. Hans makes his way into the bathroom and pours his coffee all over Josh’s back. Hans demands that he takes all of his clothes off so they can wash them. Once his shirt comes off Hans decides to rip all of Josh’s clothes off. Josh gets on his knees and services Hans with his young eager mouth. Josh loves sucking on Hans hard...

Incident 95 - Raw Double Dipping Ashton and Atticus

Incident 95 – Raw Double Dipping Ashton and Atticus

The one thing House Manager’s hate the most is the Incident 95 general state of uncleanliness that is displayed by the residents. It’s as if these guys grew up in a pig pen. Or maybe all the substances took a toll on their sense of smell – let me tell you some guys have belongings that reek! Typically this problem is resolved in the first week, but at other times the guys slide back into their old habits. The two untidy assholes sharing this room had let it get completely out of control – there were clothes strewn across the...

MormonBoyz - Elder Farnsworth Ordination

MormonBoyz – Elder Farnsworth Ordination

Elder Farnsworth could hardly contain his excitement as he prepared to receive the higher priesthood. His uncle, President Ballard, had shown him so much strength and guidance–and not just throughout his induction process. Ever since his uncle told him about the secret society and the role he could play within it, Elder Farnsworth had been looking forward to the day when he would be ordained, becoming a full member of the Order. It had been hard for him to curb his sexual appetites as a missionary. Fortunately, by making his way toward ordination to receive the higher priesthood, he’d managed to...

Broke Straight Boys - Cage Kafig Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass

Broke Straight Boys – Cage Kafig Pounds Chris Taylor’s Ass

Cage Kafig has been on a bit of a hiatus, but this tattooed country boy has returned to the studio and we’re glad to welcome him back. Chris Taylor is sitting next to him today and although these guys didn’t get a chance to really meet yet, they’ll get to know each other pretty quick in the studio! Cage gets at Chris’s cock, sucking on that meat while Chris sits back and enjoys the feeling of Cage’s wet mouth on his member. Of course, Chris returns the favor, teasing Cage’s sweet cock with his tongue as he licks his shaft...

BlacksOnBoys - Ray Diesel urban legend Mitch Vaughn

BlacksOnBoys – Ray Diesel urban legend Mitch Vaughn

Some call it urban legend, but if you’ve ever worked in an emergency room, you know it to be true: when an object gets pushed up into the rectum, sometimes it doesn’t come out. Take Mitch Vaughn, for example. The poor guy was partying hard on a Friday night, and Saturday morning he’s at his physician’s office with the embarrassing confession. “It’s so far up there, doc, you’re gonna need to put on a glove and pull it out!” The doctor, of course, does lots more to help Mitch with his problem, and in the end comes the biggest confession...

William Higgins - Jan Bavor and Boda Gold

William Higgins – Jan Bavor and Boda Gold

Boda Gold and Jan Bavor are sitting on the sofa chatting. Boda compliments Jan on his body. Jan flexes for him and Boda reaches over to touch the biceps. Then Jan stands up to do some more posing. Boda stands as well and offers to oil Jan’s body. He oils the body and then offers to massage Jan. Taking more oil Boda rubs it into Jan’s thick thighs. His hand rubs the cock too and soon it is rock hard in his hand. Never one to give up a chance Boda starts to suck on that rock hard cock. He...

Dream On - Robbie Rojo and Sergio Serrano

Dream On – Robbie Rojo and Sergio Serrano

In Dream On everything is possible the mind frees their deepness fantasies and desires, some of them you can feel it so realistic, even some times you can not notice the different between what is real from what is not.