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EastBoys – Daniel Donovan – Webcam

Daniel Donovan came for a visit and his task was simple: turn the camera on and entertain crowds! Well and that is what he did, stripped naked, showed great ass, jerked off, played with cock, worked out, oiled up his great body, flexed muscles. So what do you think, did he do well?

EastBoys – John Hunt – Exclusive Casting – Video

Now for the promised video with John Hunt, attractive athletic dude, who does not mind to show off! Video starts with John’s daily routine, and with little private moment in the washroom,when every horny dude must satisfy his needs. Just forget the camera and go for it, John!

EastBoys – Casting – Jeffrey Wheeler Sucks his own Cock

Our new casting discovery – Jefferey Wheeler – has unique ability which comes quite handy, he is athletic and flexible, and can suck his own dick. Next time we promise to make him try to suck his own asshole, that should prove more of a challenge! Anyway, enjoy the video!

EastBoys – Cute Joseph Schneider – Casting

Joseph Schneider is university student which recently crossed paths Luis Blava’s camera lens. Joseph is handsome, cute, and…horny. Joseph is groping his crotch and it does not take long before cock come out and Joseph starts stroking it, moaning loudly. Cumshot is nice conclusion at Luis Blava’s home.

EastBoys – Outtakes – Leo West

New video with Leo West may be just what doctor ordered to brighten up your day. Just watch that big cock come out and get hard, you need two hands to grab it properly. Mr. Hand Jobs does his best to control the beast and watch that splendid cumshot to explode! And you will see bunch of old splendid outtakes too!

EastBoys – Workout – Daniel Donovan

We have yet another video with Daniel Donovan, this time workout video outside, while weather is still good before winter comes. His muscles are growing nicely, and he is always happy to show off his bulging biceps and is proud of his body. Do not miss!

EastBoys – Casting – Nathan Lowe

Nathan Lowe is athletic guy which came over wanting to experience casting and show off his goods. After some quick workout in front of a unmanned camera Nathan decided to strip and play with his cock, why not? anything goes.And as sometimes happens also, there is nice cumshot as well!

EastBoys – Henry Fagan – Contortion – Handjob

If you think you have seen it all, check out this video. We have a handjob with a Henry Fagan whose body is flexible like a snake offering unique angles to see his cock and asshole, just see for yourself! No wonder his friends call him snake man!

EastBoys – Bastian Karim Casting – Handjob

Bastian Karim is one handsome hunk, with muscular body, massive legs which could crush you like a peanut. Mr. Hand Jobs will oil up Bastian, feel his muscles, before fun moves down to cock and asshole. Well, what happens next is up to you to find out!