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NextDoorMale – Donnie Byski

Donnie Byski is a confident man and when he is on a Holiday break he does not waste any time pulling his cock out to play with. The same as many other College children Donnie likes to stay in and jerk his shaved big dick as much as he could. His skin is smooth with a ink and he has a punk skater feel to him he stays neutral and rocks his very own style. He’s not one for showing off or with a large ego but here at NDS we advised him to reveal off it and boy did...

Sean Cody – 2544 – Will

Brown-haired, tall, and toned Will lives in the Northeast, and he’s a pretty busy 22-year-old juggling school, work, and his beloved dog. “I’m single right now, but important relationship qualities for me would be someone trustworthy, leads an active lifestyle like me, and someone with a nice ass. A decent dick is good, but I’m an ass man,” says Will. “I would definitely consider myself as versatile. I’m down for whatever. If the guy has a nice ass then I’m all for messing around with that, but if he has a nice dick then I’m down to bottom.”

EnglishLads – Otto Davies and Dominic Moore

Dominic Moore always seems to know how to relax a straight guy – and he works his magic again today. Otto is a tall athletic lad, amazing abs and big uncut cock, Dom gets undressed while Otto does and soon has his hands all over Otto – including his bulge. The two lads get hard, and they’re playful together – even pressing their hard uncut cocks up against each other, showing off their asses and then laying back ready to shoot – eyes on each others dicks as they do so!

EastBoys – Mario Jones – Casting

We have new casting video with seriously ripped and athletic dude, Mario Jones. Those who enjoy guys with very low BF, ripped flat abs (who doesn’t?) should enjoy Mario athletic smooth body. Mario will flex muscles and will not hesitate to strip to full nude to show what most of us are waiting for, and Mr. Hand Jobs is there to offer helping hand.

SouthernStrokes – Zack Love – Self Love

Masturbation… the craft of Self Love. It’s the first sex we have, the one we resort to when there’s nobody around to satisfy our requirement to get off. For some, it’s an issue of thumping their dick out, spitting into the hands of their hands, and moving to town with extreme stroking until they float. Other folks want stimulus whether it’s pictures or live-action pornography on their computers and telephones. And there are those who require nothing but their creativity, such as Zack Love. Dressed in his hoodie and cute undies, the twink gets dropped in a night club dream,...

ActiveDuty – Dayne Wood

Dirk makes Dayne Wood comfortable with a very nice introduction as he begins to open up to us. Once Dirk can see Dayne is feeling in the zone he lets him loose and so Dayne Wood takes his clothes off revealing his big uncut cock. Dayne slowly begins to stroke his dick and it becomes harder and harder as you can see the blood rush in through the veins. Dayne has a very nice veiny cock as it throbs and his balls are huge and will only get bigger as they begin to fill up. Dayne puts his head in...

SpunkU – Kayo’s First Time

Vince is the perfect guy for virgin small-town boy Kayo, who has not been with a man yet or come out as gay. He’s shy and a bit amazed when he’s allowed to pull down Vince’s gym shorts and hold his dick. Once Kayo takes Vince’s beautiful uncut cock into his mouth, any hesitation disappears and Kayo seems GLAD to be gay! Everything’s new to our virgin boy, but he is eager to try it all. He nibbles on Vince’s nips, even manages to get halfway down the big shaft without gagging. Vince guides his mouth down further than Kayo...

WilliamHiggins – Vadim Covrescu – EROTIC SOLO

Vadim Covrescu with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Vadim Covrescu, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me....

GayHoopla – Three Piece Suit Travis Youth Jerks Off

Who shows up into a solo jerk off take wearing a 3 piece suit? Exactly why Mr. 007 himself of course… Travis Youth is here to rescue us all! This ultra ripped Super stud is nothing short of perfection. Piercing blue eyes and a smile that’ll prevent you in your paths… we are as awe struck as you. Can we say he is packaging also? 9 inches to be exact. This suit wearing pretty boy has officially made it all. Come get to understand this outgoing muscle jock. Side note: he is a cupboard Freak!

ZackRandall – Aitan Jswild – Foot Loving Cum Squirter

He is new to pornography but Aitan Jswild adores showing off and knowing men are enjoying their very own cocks seeing him. The 32-year-old is merely beginning, but he’s definitely excited. He is so on becoming his shaved cock out and playing with his meatand of course JS can’t refuse the chance to acquire in with his feet and provide our new friend a treat. Aitan Jswild really adores the shape, smell and style of a male’s feet, they definitely help him eliminate when he’s finally shoots he sprays how cum all over his naked human body! I believe we’re...