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BoyCrush 794 – Interviewing Sexy Zack – Dakota White & Zack Love

Sexy new twink boy Zack seems like an innocent type, but he’s a bit of a rebel. He’s determined to make his parents worry, flying off on his own to start his new career as soon as possible. He’s quite experienced already, having seduced several boys (including a straight boy!) and now he’s here to get fucked and shoot some cum for his first appearance!

BareTwinks 193 – Seducing The Horny Tutor – Andy Kay & Zack Love

Zack really has a crush on his sexy tutor Andy Kay, but as it turns out seducing him isn’t at all hard to do! A little nudity out by the pool and those hard dicks are soon being sucked and stroked, but on returning to the couch things really heat up! That hot young ass is desperate for Andy’s raw meat, and boy does Zack get it. He’s fucked into next week by the dominant boy, rammed hard and made to cum in the studs mouth before he jerks out his own load for Zack and him to share.

BareTwinks 223 – Sweet Boys With Sweet Treats – Colby Klein & Zack Love

Zack and Colby Klein look like they’ve spent all their allowance on candy! The boys are enjoying a sugar rush, but it seems to make them incredibly horny! Sucking each others dicks the boys get throbbing and dribbling precum, with Colby taking the top position and cramming his naked dick into his friends smooth and snug ass. Fucked all over the bed, doggy style, missionary and riding it too, Zack unloads his balls and then gets a taste of his friends juicy goo!

BareTwinks 203 – A Halloween Night Treat – Andy Kay & Dakota White & Zack Love

It’s Halloween night and the boys are out in the streets gathering candy, but Dakota and Andy want more than a sweet treat! They come across a cute little twink and back home Zack is fed hard twink cock, fingered and fucked bareback! Andy goes first while Dakota feeds their slave his dick, but soon he’s wanting some of that hot hole too. Far from being reluctant, young Zack is having an amazing time taking both those stiff dicks, ending up with cum all over his ass, a deep seeding, and a massive double facial too!

BareTwinks 196 – Fucking That Jockstrapped Bottom – Jason Valencia & Zack Love

Jason Valencia loves the sight of a boys ass framed by a jockstrap, and Zack has it ready and waiting for his top to use. Jason’s big cock is soon out ready for Zack to worship, which he does with obvious skill before giving his ass up for Jason to lick. Zack’s perfect peachy ass needs that shaft inside it though, and when he slides down to take that meat he shows yet more skill as a hungry bottom. On his front and on his back the boy takes that length like a champ, only ready to cum when he’s...

BoyFun – Smokes and Strokes – Alec Loob & Jordan Jones

Handsome lad Alec Loob never has to try too hard to meet new friends. He’s out enjoying the spring weather by the river when sexy Jordan Jones strolls past looking deliciously tempting and enjoying a cigarette. Nothing needs to be said, their discreet gazes do all the talking and as their lips meet in a hungry kiss the offer of BoyFun is made. Alec Loob doesn’t hesitate when the tall lad invites him back to his nearby apartment, the duo collapsing on the couch and continuing their passionate smooching, only this time with more urgency as their hands grope for...

BareTwinks – A Shared Jack Off Becomes A Lot More – Dakota White & Zack Love

You know how it goes, horny boys are always jacking off together. When Dakota White suggests it his friend Zack is immediately interested in more. Hard cocks are soon being sucked and gobbled frantically, but Zack’s smooth tight ass is about to take that big raw cock deep! Fucked all over the bed, horny Zack takes a ride and splashes out his load for Dakota to taste, then gets his lovers cummy cock in his hole too!

Spritzz – Twink breeding session – Cedric & Evan

Cedric and Evan are quickly abandoning the notion of working through a collection of top twenty movies when the offer of dick is made, the boys are soon making out and revealing their uncut teen dicks. Cute boy Cedric is quickly in control, feeding his hungry friend his hard boner, drooling precum into his mouth, playing with the boy’s tight little hole and aiming his naked bareback Latino boy cock at his friend’s snug little pucker. He eases inside, fucking his friend from behind with long strokes while Evan savors the sensation and wanks himself off, enjoying the feel of...

BoyFun – Thick Dickness – Antony Carter and Kaleb Cross

Hung young Kaleb Ross is enjoying a little snooze on the couch when Antony Carter rudely wakes him. Most boys might feel slightly irritated that such an lovely midday nap has been cut short, but Kaleb is a friendly chap who appreciates some good company, especially when it comes with the promise of some BoyFun with a buddy. Antony is a talented seducer, all he needs to do is take a seat and work on his friend’s feet for a few moments before working his way up to the young man’s growing erection in his pants and the mood is...

8Teenboy – Hung Hookup – Kurt Niles & Chase Williams

Super sized schlong slingers, Kurt Niles and Chase Williams team up in this dream of a scene and push the peter meter over the edge! We join the dicknamic duo already hot and heavy, kissing passionately. Chase Williams ups the ante, peels off his shirt, then works his way down Kurt’s tight body to that big slab of beef bulging beneath the porn prince’s pants. He teases the boy’s bone with some over the undies action before sliding the schlong snuggie off, and dining on ALL that dick. Chase downs every incredible inch of of the throat choker to the...