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Peeking Pleasure - Chase Young & Jacob Dixon

Peeking Pleasure – Chase Young & Jacob Dixon

Watch Peeking Pleasure as local hottie Chase Young gets fucked by Jacob Dixon’s 9 inch dick. These guys start off by satisfying their mouths with the taste of cock and waste no time pleasing each other as much as heavenly possible. Jacob gets off by pounding the cum out of Chase’s 7.5 inch cock.

Get A Room - Jacob Dixon & Sage Porter

Get A Room – Jacob Dixon & Sage Porter

With all the models shacked up at the Helix Mansion there’s bound to be some mild disturbances from the boys’ casual encounters and spontaneous hookups. So it’s no surprise that when Sage Porter spies Jacob Dixon and Kody Knight sunning themselves naked by the pool that he ambushes the big dick teen studs hoping to find someone to fill his horny little hole. Jacob’s cock is there for the taking and Sage doesn’t hesitate to get his friend hard for a good fucking. All the slurping and sucking wakes Kody who tells them to get a room so the two...

Secret Spot - Jacob Dixon & Collin Payne

Secret Spot – Jacob Dixon & Collin Payne

Big dick stud Jacob Dixon likes to test the boundaries of all the new Helix Boys by taking them to his Secret Spot. Unfortunately for Collin Payne, he’s going to have to trust Jacob as he follows him behind the tennis courts to a barely secluded back-alley Lover’s Lane. Collin wonders how he’s going to take all 9″ of his friend’s bareback cock without anyone noticing but no one ever said being the new boy was easy.

Birthday in Bed - Jacob Dixon & Davey Brooks

Birthday in Bed – Jacob Dixon & Davey Brooks

Some people want an iPad. Some want a big party. For his birthday, all Davey Brooks wants is Jacob’s long hard dick inside him. Who could blame him? Jacob proves to be quite the giver, bestowing Davey’s hungry hole with all 9” of his special Birthday gift, along with a cake and candles to sweeten the deal. The two insatiable twinks celebrate all morning long, sucking and fucking until they both explode cum like fireworks fit for the occasion. Best. Birthday. Ever.

Street Hookup - Jacob Dixon & Zach Taylor

Street Hookup – Jacob Dixon & Zach Taylor

Have you ever felt an instant Street Hookup attraction to a stranger? You’re walking down the street when your eyes lock. You picture his naked body under the clothes. You wonder what his dick looks like. You imagine how it would feel to have him behind you; his long, hard cock rubbing against your ass crack, begging to slide in. What if you decided not to ignore this powerful desire and just took him home? What if it turned out to be the most incredible deep-dicking you’ve ever had? Introducing Helix newcomer Zach Taylor in his encounter with sexy stud...

Can I Try - Cooper Steel & Jacob Dixon

Can I Try – Cooper Steel & Jacob Dixon

There’s no better feeling in the world than getting a brand new toy. Except maybe when you get to stick your cock in that brand new toy. Jacob is on the couch deep dicking his new Fleshjack when roommate Cooper Steel comes home. Toys are always more fun when shared with a friend, so Jacob invites Cooper help break it in. The boys take turns pummeling the poor Fleshjack with their big dicks, getting rock hard and ready to fuck. That’s when it’s time to ditch the toy, because nothing’s as good as the real thing.

Game Point - Jacob Dixon & Zac Stevens

Game Point – Jacob Dixon & Zac Stevens

Let’s be honest; Jacob and Zac won’t be going pro any time soon. But an afternoon spent Game Point knocking balls around the tennis court is a great excuse to get all sweaty and dirty, and in need of a shower. With warm water dripping down between their supple bodies, Jacob and Zac’s ball-handling skills prove far better. After they exchange soaking wet tongue kisses and blow jobs, Daniel is on the bed presenting his meaty, muscular bubble butt for Jacob to skewer bareback with his nine-incher. Then Jacob serves a serious deep-dicking that has these twinks breaking a sweat...

Pianist Gets Pounded - Josh Bensan & Jacob Dixon

Pianist Gets Pounded – Josh Bensan & Jacob Dixon

Sitting at the piano writing love Pianist songs has Josh feeling a bit emo, and not in the mood to go out and party tonight as planned. A hot, intimate lovemaking session with his boyfriend Jacob seems like a much better way to spend the evening. And frankly, once you’ve seen Jacob’s amazingly long cock, it’s a wonder these two ever leave the house at all. From his emotions to his ass, all the innermost parts of Josh are being thoroughly explored today as Jacob administers one of his trademark deep-dickings. When Josh’s tight hole can take no more pounding...

Gorgeous bareback boys swap cocks - Kenton Tore & Dennis Nicolero

Gorgeous bareback boys swap cocks – Kenton Tore & Dennis Nicolero

Sexy Dennis Nicolero is a bit of a bad boy, he’s always enticing his friends into sharing their dicks with him. Then again, he doesn’t need to try too hard to get gorgeous blond stud Kenton Tore out of his pants in this intimate and intensely erotic encounter. The bareback boys are making out on the bed and things start to heat up quickly, with Kenton soon down to his bulging underwear as his handsome friend teases the shape of his growing dick. Once released it’s quickly in Dennis’ mouth, the inked boy greedily showing his appreciation. With the taste...

Harlem Hookups - BWD Are Best

Harlem Hookups – BWD Are Best

BWD with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy BWD, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was...