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Strip Game and hard fucking between three cute twinks

Strip Game and hard fucking between three cute twinks

After spending the evening in a night club, Strip Game Matteo Lavigne, Abel Lacourt and Ryan Marchal have an after party at home and go into a party game of “Strip Dice”. The goal of the game is simple, the one who makes the smallest number must take off an item of clothing. Ryan is already half naked, but luck turns and it’s the turn of Matteo and then Abel to take off their t-shirts. The dice continues to roll between two drinks and the three boys will not be long to find themselves naked. What could three naughty twinks do...

A Dreamy Awakening - Celian Meyer & Gabriel Lambert

A Dreamy Awakening – Celian Meyer & Gabriel Lambert

Celian Meyer, an 18 year Awakening old French boy, had the chance to take a nap with the handsome Gabriel Lambert. While the two twinks doze half-naked under the duvet Celian wakes up slowly with a big desire for sex. He takes advantage of the sleep of Gabriel to start caressing shyly the beautiful bump in his boxer. The situation is exciting and Celian is more and more enterprising. He now slips his hand into Gabriel’s underwear Awakening and the two young cocks harden quickly. Celian browses his soft tongue on Gabriel’s beardless body and finish on his crotch to take...

College Boy Physicals - James Fuklin

College Boy Physicals – James Fuklin

I was so excited to leave my shitty one horse town and come to a big city to go to school. I suffered with depression so I always used jogging and running to deal with that stress. It was a blessing when I found James Fuklin out the college had a track team…so I signed up for it. Unlike my small town..the college needed a physical in order to join the team so I went to the clinic to get a physical. I was so nervous.. I always went with my mom to the doctor but I mustered the courage...

Austin Lock & Cole Patrick - Young Cole Really Needs MEAT

Austin Lock & Cole Patrick – Young Cole Really Needs MEAT

Slim boy Cole Patrick really needs meat, so when he finds out the pizza cute twink Austin has delivered is vegan, he’s not too impressed. Thankfully, this experienced delivery boy knows how to fix this problem. His big throbbing salami is soon in his customer’s mouth, greedily slurped and sucked until both are naked and feasting on their meaty poles in a 69. It’s delicious, but things only get better when Cole Patrick crams his big bare dick into Austin and fucks him! That ass feels too good and he can’t hold back for long before pulling out and splashing...

Hot Summers Day - Ashton Summers & Leo Frost

Hot Summers Day – Ashton Summers & Leo Frost

It doesn’t get much hotter than Ashton Summers! We’ve gifted him (and you) with one of the freshest new faces on the Helix roster, Leo Frost. Little Leo is a tight blond boy with a NOT so little cock! The scene starts perfectly pervy. We get to peep through the curtains at these two sexy bastards like a peeping tom gettin’ all the goods! Soon enough we’re let inside and get so close you can smell the sweet musk of hot young guy sex. Leo lays into Ashton’s legendary appendage, worshipping the perfect piece with a gagging good gobble. Leo...

Can Nico Michaelson Take All That Raw Dick

Can Nico Michaelson Take All That Raw Dick

We all love seeing the action from the boys point of view, and you’re gonna love getting in on the action as Tyler and Nico Michaelson film themselves and share an amazing bareback fuck! Nico struggles with sucking on those 8 inches of delicious fuckmeat, but when his ass is up for that raw length he shows that he can certainly take it deep! With his juice fucked out of him while riding that length he gets a splashing of spunk all over his freshly fucked hole – and we get a close up view of the wet and messy...

Raw and Tight - Landon Vega & Leo Frost

Raw and Tight – Landon Vega & Leo Frost

Adorable, tight Twink Leo Frost is cute cock stretching candy and hung heartthrob Landon Vega has his eyes fixed ready to pounce! He sneaks up behind the tasty morsel and gets to licking Leo’s neck, this must be his sweet spot because it immediately revved this raunchy scene up into high gear! Clothes fly off at light speed because lust has possessed pretty boy Frost who lays a mean licking down on Landon’s oversized lollipop. Vega gets into our cutie pie’s pants and puts his pretty piece through the paces before tossing the kid’s legs in the air and tossing...

HarlemHookups - Fucking Around The Christmas Tree

HarlemHookups – Fucking Around The Christmas Tree

I like Christmas Tree to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was quite easy actually. I found the best looking boy around and...

Gay Massage Table - Vadim Lust and Alan Benfelen

Gay Massage Table – Vadim Lust and Alan Benfelen

Alan lay nude on the massage table while Vadim Lust sat astride him and worked massage gel into his muscular shoulders, and back. The smooth, pale skin on both their bodies glistened in the warm sunlight. Alan’s thickly corded and tatted arms relaxed under Vadim’s expert touch, but soon he was ready for a frontal rubdown. Alan turned over on the massage table, anticipating Vadim’s slender fingers working his chest and more. His skin was slick with gel, and he was getting hard under Vadim’s crotch. Just when he thought he couldn’t stand the tension any longer, Vadim finally began...

PhoeniXXX - A Shower Of Cum In A 6 Boy Orgy

PhoeniXXX – A Shower Of Cum In A 6 Boy Orgy

When you get 6 horny Boy together in one room and let them just go at each other this is the kind of mind-blowing party you get! Every cock in the room is deliciously hard, with some real jaw-breakers ready to be sucked and pleasured! Inches of hard young man meat are soon sliding into tight holes as the boys team up, swap their boners and fuck their way to a jizz-drenching bukkake finish that leaves on lucky member of the gang totally dripping in semen!