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Acrobatics on the Billiard Table - Baptiste Garcia and Robin Castel

Acrobatics on the Billiard Table – Baptiste Garcia and Robin Castel

While Baptiste Garcia is bored, alone, lying on the pool table, when a strange idea hits his mind and he puts a pool cue in his ass… just to pass the time! Robin Castel suddenly arrives in the room and surprises the twink his jock-strap while dildoing and moaning. Of course, Robin does miss the opportunity to offer assistance to Baptist to entertain and the two boys start kissing and sucking. Baptiste delights with Robin’s big cock, and while he’s getting sucked in deep throat, Robin begins to play with the tight ass of Baptiste molded in his jock-strap. After...

Broke Straight Boys - Chaz Berling Jerks Off

Broke Straight Boys – Chaz Berling Jerks Off

Chaz Berling is ready to show what he’s got in his BSB debut on this sexy solo scene, stripping down and putting his muscles to work as he flexes and shows off that hot body. As we let him get started, he stays standing and lubes up his big dick, slowly stroking his shaft as he runs his hand across his chest and abs, grabbing his own ass as he jerks his fat cock. He climbs on the bed, kneeling, and grabs his dick from behind, working it as he thrusts his hips forward gently and gives the camera a...

Bulldog Pit - Clayton Kole and Kristian Kerner

Bulldog Pit – Clayton Kole and Kristian Kerner

Massive cocked cover boy Clayton Kole catches the eye of sexy scally Kristian Kerner in the filthy loos of a sex club and immediately the cock hungry chav is rubbing his own length lovingly through his jeans as he drops to his knees to service his enormous meatstick. Soon though Clayton gets the dark-haired, tattooed hottie into a leather studded sex sling, first for a deep tongue fucking and then flips him over and works his juicy shaft up inside Kristian’s puckered asshole before pounding him rotten!! Kristian begs to be fucked harder and harder which obviously takes Clayton over...

Austin Everett

Touch & Play – Arad and Austin Everett

For massage students Arad and Austin Everett, a little extra practice could go a long way. Both guys are struggling to pass, so this practice session really is a good opportunity for both guys to brush up on their customer satisfaction skills. Agreeing to trade off, Austin undresses and assumes the position first as Arad begins to rub him down. Arad’s natural talent is evident immediately, and Austin Everett wonders how Arad could possibly need the extra reps. To his credit, Arad has an ulterior motive for taking part in the exercise, and with Austin’s tiny bubble butt perched high...

Dick Dorm - Roulette

Dick Dorm – Roulette

Dick Dorm – What’s better than a Vegas themed party? A Vegas themed gangbang of course, and these guys sure know how to play. When their mate loses the game, they start taking turns fucking his tight round ass bareback. He takes one big cock after another like a champ until they cum all over his ass and face.

Dirty PoolBoy - Jake Davis and Dante Martin

Dirty PoolBoy – Jake Davis and Dante Martin

Under the hot sun, poolboy Jake Davis does his job as homeowner Dante Martin relieves him with a pitcher of lemonade. Jake has done work for Dante and his husband for a while, and Dante asks Jake about his girlfriend. Jake tells him that his girl is really boring in the bedroom, and it’s obvious to Dante that Jake is seeking something more, sexually. Jake tells him that his main problem is that he hates the apps and online solutions, and is just looking for a fuck buddy that he already knows. Smiling, Dante places his hand on Jake’s knee,...

Handy Handyman - Markie More and Wesley Woods

Handy Handyman – Markie More and Wesley Woods

Wesley Woods is looking to shake everything up. With he and his lover recently separated, Wesley is thinking about doing some redecorating to kind of freshen up the lingering memories. Wesley and his previous boyfriend have used a handyman, Markie More, for quite some time, but honestly Wesley’s ex was more involved with over-seeing him, and if Wesley is being honest with himself, Markie isn’t that good of a handyman. Wesley Woods conveys as much to Markie who sees his cushy gig about to be terminated, so he resorts to some fast talking and Wesley decides he’ll give him one...

Load That Ass - Brandon Moore and Lance Taylor

Load That Ass – Brandon Moore and Lance Taylor

With a team of movers helping to load up his father’s trailer, it’s a veritable feast of eye candy for Brandon Moore, but it’s the new guy, Lance Taylor, that catches his eye. So when Lance’s boss assigns him to load out back for a few hours alone, Brandon seizes upon the opportunity to isolate and seduce him. It won’t take much, since there were definite fireworks inside when Lance and Brandon first made eye contact, and now that he’s all alone with Brandon Moore, Lance’s only concern is whether or not they’ll get caught. Brandon assures him the others...

Work Place Revenge - Johnny Torque and Ivan James

Work Place Revenge – Johnny Torque and Ivan James

Johnny Torque is just trying to get through his work day, but it seems like one thing after another is preventing him from doing so. First it’s his ex-girlfriend on the line, harrassing him and accusing him of cheating. Then there’s his co-worker Ivan James making passes at him while they’re on the job. Johnny’s head is spinning with bullshit, so when his ex calls back a second time to bother him some more, Johnny decides he might as well give in, so he heads into the house to find Ivan in order to give him what he’s after. Ivan...

You're Gonna Pay - Tom Faulk and River Elliott

You’re Gonna Pay – Tom Faulk and River Elliott

River Elliott thought he and Tom Faulk had a deal, but things aren’t quite working out. Here to collect his money while Tom tries to back out, River’s determined to make good on the debt one way or another. So when Tom tells River to go fuck himself, River laughs. ‘Funny you would put it like that,’ he says, shoving Tom down onto his couch as he pulls his cock out. Tom seems confused about all of it until River slaps him across the face a few times with his dick, and then Tom starts to understand. Before he can...