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Offering A Night Of Ecstasy - Abel Lacourt and Matteo Lavigne

Offering A Night Of Ecstasy – Abel Lacourt and Matteo Lavigne

During a romantic trip to Paris, Matteo Lavigne and Abel Lacourt share a hotel room getting ready to go out, but Matteo cannot decide on his choice of underwear. The twink tries a boxer short and another asking Abel’s advice, but his roommate seems more interested in the content of the underwear than its exterior look. Abel then seized the molded package of Matteo and draws him closer to kiss him passionately. Slowly, sensually, the two 18 year old boys kiss and caress while undressing gradually. Matteo touches his tongue along Abel’s hairless body before heading down to his crotch...

Euro Soccer Final 2016 - Abel Lacourt and Robin Castel

Euro Soccer Final 2016 – Abel Lacourt and Robin Castel

Dressed in the colors of their favorite team Robin Castel and Abel Lacourt support the French team during the final of the Soccer Euros 2016. If Robin is passionate supporter, Abel seems to watch the game without interest and have other ideas in mind. While Robin is focused on the game, Abel starts to tease him and tried to distract him by beginning a striptease. Abel is waddling his little ass with body paint on, in the colors of France in front of Robin Castel who tries at first to push him away, but the twink returned to the attack and,...

The Sprayed Sprinkler - Matteo Lavigne and Chris Loan

The Sprayed Sprinkler – Matteo Lavigne and Chris Loan

On a beautiful sunny afternoon Abel Lacourt, Paul Delay, Matteo Lavigne and Nolan Lacroix are naked in the garden and play a nudist volleyball game. The four twinks jump at the net, and run and smash until Matteo hits the ball off and sends it into the swimming pool Chris Loan was relaxing peacefully. Chris is splashed with cold water and Matteo will have to pay for disturbing the tranquility of the beautiful hunk! When the twink approaches to retrieve the ball, Chris firmly grabs him and pushes his head toward his cock. Matteo is sucking the big cock of...

Ball Play - Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason

Ball Play – Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason

Ultra attractive athletes Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason are working up a sweat on the soccer field bangin’ their balls around. In a bit of a different way, they continue that theme once inside! Starting with a tickle fight/wrestling match, their muscles ripple and flex as the guys suck salty sweat from each other’s ripe off the field bodies. The sweet smell of young man sweat nearly cums off the screen as Blake gobbles Corbin’s ball bat sized boner. He also makes sure to give good attention to his bat’s balls. Being good teammates, the guys take turns tasting each...

Cocky Boys - Topher Dimaggio Fucks Liam Riley

Cocky Boys – Topher Dimaggio Fucks Liam Riley

Topher Dimaggio and Liam Riley are chilling and talking about how they first met. These two have a bit of a history but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re totally into each other in every possible way. Liam digs Topher’s masculine body and Topher likes how soft Liam is. Especially his asshole! They start making out on the day bed when Topher Dimaggio makes the first move. He pulls Liam’s shorts off and sucks his cock before moving on to his perfect little asshole. Topher goes to town rimming his buddy as Liam enjoys every minute of the attention....

HelixStudios - Oliver Nash Solo

HelixStudios – Oliver Nash Solo

Beautiful bottom Oliver Nash ignites the screen in a smoldering hot “semi solo” jack off session. Semi solo since he needs his hungry hole filled and we here at Helix are always happy to please. Our newest super star bottom brings the heat here doing himself dirty in this epic stroke session. Always there to lend a helping hand/finger/toy we let Nash go off on himself as we push, thrust and stroke him to the limit. Basking in his big bottom spread eagle glory, Nash makes a nasty nut fest that will make your mouth water.

HelixStudios - Lifeguards Behind the Scenes

HelixStudios – Lifeguards Behind the Scenes

Our Lifeguards series is a block buster of a nut buster! Go behind the scenes of this hugely popular series and see all the HARD work the boys did just for you. Watch the boys frolic the beautiful beaches with bronzed buns as they share the good times that went into this huge hit along with some fun bloopers and clowning around. We’re sharing a butt load of extra footage and a shower scene with a bundle of boys and their bountiful boners bouncing in the breeze. Get wet once again with California‘s hottest lusty lifeguards.

SketchySex - Random Loads

SketchySex – Random Loads

Me and my roommates are sex addicts Random Loads. Addicted to big cocks. Our cum dumps are hungry 24/7. So keep your judgements to yourself. We met while working in the porn biz here in Cali. That’s when our addiction got really bad. Now we spend all day cruising the internet looking for another big dick. None of us have jobs anymore. But were not stupid. We used our porn business connections to create this website. We regularly post videos of our hookups on the site, so we can make a few bucks. So if you like the vids, try...

Corbin Fisher - Zack Rides Easton

Corbin Fisher – Zack Rides Easton

Both of these guys Zack and Easton have already shown themselves to be incredibly enthusiastic and thoroughly in to some hot guy/guy sex. While Zack knew all about how much he wanted to get it on with some hot CF studs upon arriving here, for Easton that’s been something he’s discovered in his time since first appearing on CF. Regardless of how they got to this point, though, they’re here now and it’s hot as hell seeing them together! When Easton rims Zack, it looks like he wants to bury his whole face in Zack’s hole! And if that isn’t...

Fucked by Vampires for Halloween - Alexis Tivoli & Loic Miller

Fucked by Vampires for Halloween – Alexis Tivoli & Loic Miller

On this day of Halloween the innocent Loic Miller toured the houses to collect candy. The boy does’nt doubt that ringing on Kevin Ventura’s doorbell will give a totally different turn to his night. Loic is welcomed by this strange character who offers him candy & urges make him drink a very odd taste potion… which is none other than human blood! Moments after drinking Loïc fainted. Kevin bursts out in a diabolical laugh and in seconds he turns into blood and sex thirsty vampire. From a magical gesture he pushes Loïc onto the furniture and stripped him before attacking...