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BrokeStraightBoys - Glacias Fucks Ricardo

BrokeStraightBoys – Glacias Fucks Ricardo

Boy Ricardo and Glacias, did these two straight studs have the surprise of their lives when they caught up with each other in the studios of Broke Straight Boys. These two handsome young men actually knew each other and looked awkward when we asked them to sit together. But after we talked about the money theyfll receive, the uneasiness they felt soon vanished and we saw two hot and horny men who canft get enough of each other. Ricardo was the one who first broke the ice as he started going down on Glacias huge cock. They switched position and...

RawCastings - Colt Phobos

RawCastings – Colt Phobos

Colt Phobos is on the couch today because he is “ready to shoot some porn!” He is also unemployed and broke, which is a common occurrence on this casting couch. As the director gets intrusive in his questioning, he finds that Colt Phobos is a real-live sex addict. He has been with girls, couples, guys, you name it. He has also done almost everything, he says. Colt Phobos believes that when it comes to guys, his best skill is giving head, but when it comes to what he enjoys most with guys, he thinks getting fucked doggie style is his...

Bus Stop Bang - Luke Allen and Aiden Garcia

Bus Stop Bang – Luke Allen and Aiden Garcia

It’s a hot sweaty day on the streets of San Diego. Aiden Garcia is getting impatient waiting at the bus stop when along comes luscious Luke Allen and some heavy flirting goes down. Tired of waiting for the bus to give him a ride, Aiden decides he’d rather take Luke up to his place and give HIM a ride. Both guys are super slender, tattooed and tightly toned. Taking control Garcia grabs Allen’s ass and pushes him down on the bed. He wraps his huge hands around the kids cock to deliver a mouth watering blowjob! Luke lovingly returns the gesture...

Active Duty - Matthew Reeves and Scott

Active Duty – Matthew Reeves and Scott

Golly, these are a couple of COOL cats! I just love this duo and I think the whole squad will too. We have ‘fresh steez’ Matthew Reeves paired up with ‘smokin’ hot’ Scott. It doesn’t take too long before Scott subtly suggests Matthew lean on over and have a taste. Matthew enthusiastically dives right in, taking Scott’s happy cock into his warm mouth. Scott wasn’t about to let Matthew have ALL the fun. After a little while, the guys reposition so Scott can service Matthew for a while. Scott sure knows how to work a hard cock. It’s easy to...

JocksStudios - Tony Douglas and Jay Kohl

JocksStudios – Tony Douglas and Jay Kohl

Jay Kohl is one busy dude grilling hot dogs on the back porch when his buddy Tony Douglas comes out to join him. Starving for some grub, Tony checks out his hunky buddy and then the sizzling slabs of barbecued meat. Without skipping a beat, he quickly makes it clear which wiener he’d prefer. He falls to his knees facing Jay’s crotch and crams his mouth full of cock. His lips slide easily over the tip and then down the lengthy shaft of Jay’s tasty meat pole, letting his tongue massage the fleshy sex muscle with hungry slurps. Both men...

Broke Straight Boys - Kaden Porter And Zach Covington

Broke Straight Boys – Kaden Porter And Zach Covington

Kaden Porter isn’t-one for small-talk and Zach Covington discovers that out fairly fast when Kaden really wants to leap right in. After some producing out, the kids shed their garments and Zach falls on Kaden, drawing that penis till he’s got Kaden difficult and sexy after which he lies back again to obtain some dental next! As he operates Zach&rsquo Kaden deepthroats Zach s prick;s penis together with his moist mouth. Kaden gets another round of cock sucking from Zach before Zach lies on his belly while offering his ass as much as Kaden who gradually slides his associate into...

Magic Mouth - Calvin Banks and Joey Mills

Magic Mouth – Calvin Banks and Joey Mills

If you haven’t been following the Helix boys on social media, you’re definitely missing out! Huge hung top Calvin Banks has been eyeing jailbait Joey Mills tweets hardcore. When they finally meet big man Banks is smart enough to make the most out of the opportunity. Armed with his smart phone and a big dick, Banks breaks out Joey’s super hot video thats exploded online. Then he poses a question….. “Joey, do you think you can deep throat my dick as good as in your video here?” Calvin wants to know if Joey is willing to put his mouth where...

College Dudes - Ian Marks and Mike Maverick

College Dudes – Ian Marks and Mike Maverick

Ian Marks and Mike Maverick are taking their time with each other, kissing gently and slowly undressing as they get to know each other’s bodies, Ian placing kisses along Mike’s chest and abs. Ian kisses his way down to Mike’s cock, taking it in his mouth and sucking it as Mike grows harder in his mouth. Mike goes down on Ian next as Ian lies back and enjoys feeling Mike’s lips around his shaft and Mike’s tongue on his balls while Ian plays with Mike’s ass, fingering his hole. They 69, each guy with a cock in his mouth until...

Emo Boy Skye Loves That big Cock

Emo Boy Skye Loves That big Cock

It was obvious to us that we had to pick a very talented bottom to take the big hard cock of bisexual lad Leo, and Skye was the right one. The chav top wastes little time swapping his big dick with the young man, sharing those lengths in some tasty licking and sucking, but there’s no denying it’s the feel of that big dick easing in and out of his tight hole that really gets Skye ready to bust his load out!

Eager to Please - Aiden Garcia and Noah White

Eager to Please – Aiden Garcia and Noah White

That first time you hang out with a guy is always special. Meeting for the first time with butterflies in their stomach, Noah White and Aiden Garcia get to know each other. Talking about sex with a side of HEAVY flirting is all the guys need to get comfortable and soon their clothes come flying off. Beautiful blonde bottom Noah is more than excited that Aiden is a top, and a mischievous smile comes across Noah’s lips when Aiden lets him know he’s a people pleaser and will go the extra mile for his partners. Noah takes full advantage of...