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Raw Talent - Kyle Ross and Ryan Bailey

Raw Talent – Kyle Ross and Ryan Bailey

Inside Helix Studios we find fresh young meat Kyle Ross and Ryan Bailey spying on super sexy Sean Ford’s steamy, nude photo shoot! His shoot is so hot it sends the boys hormones into overdrive and a hot make-out session quickly turns into the boys stripping one another down. Kyle is beautiful. He looks like he just stepped out of a California postcard, a sexy surfer type right down to his use of the word “dude.” Ryan Bailey is truly something special. This kid would fit right into a Calvin Klein photo shoot. Perfect face, full lips, strong jaw; but...

FraternityX - Toke and Fuck

FraternityX – Toke and Fuck

Three of my buddies toke and I got as stupid as we could in one of the bedrooms. I was wearing loose-fitting shorts and everyone could see me tenting my cock was in need of some attention. I’m MJ, btw with the blond mohawk and a pretty big dick. Brenden gave me a super toke and a sexy kiss. ‘Now what are you going to do for me?’ he asked. So we swapped blowjobs and Krys joined for a three-way suck. Brenden wanted to get fucked and it took some pushing to get inside his tight hole. He was really...

FraternityX - Ass Slammers

FraternityX – Ass Slammers

We’re all boozing up ass slammers and washing up for the party and frat brother tries to sneak into the shower before it’s his turn acting like nobody would notice. Guess he needed to be taught a lesson. We let him have his shower… only rule was he had to get slammed by all our dicks while he did it. Fuckin’ slut took all three of us while we continued our pre-drink and passed some green around to help loosen up. Tyler sure was loose by the time we were done pounding his hole in every damn direction.

Arousing Memories - Derrick Dime and Michael Del Ray

Arousing Memories – Derrick Dime and Michael Del Ray

As he lay in bed tossing and turning, Derrick Dime can’t seem to shake the memories of his past, and as he twirls the wedding ring on his finger, he can’t help but think he’s made a mistake. The next day, he decides to act on it, as repairman Michael Del Ray finishes up at the property Derrick is restoring. Bonding over some post-work beers, the two guys get to talking about their significant others, and Michael lets slip that he feels like he may as well switch teams. Hearing this, Derrick perks up, and slides a hand down Michael’s...

My Friend Dad - Sergio Real

My Friend Dad – Sergio Real

Sergio Real is relaxing at home when one of his son’s friends comes over looking for him. Sergio tells him he’s not home, so the young twink decides to “Wait around until he comes back”. It doesn’t take long for him to notice the impressive bulge in Sergio’s underwear, nor for his stares to be noticed. “Like what you see?” asks Sergio. In no time, the twink has a mouth full of his friend’s dad’s cock, and it won’t be long until it’s invading his ass! Both man and boy end up very glad that Sergio’s son wasn’t home…

Bryce Evans Pounds Camille Kenzo

Bryce Evans Pounds Camille Kenzo

Our collaboration with French Twinks continues this week as we pair our first exclusive model Bryce Evans with their exclusive Camille Kenzo. Watch as our muscle studs relentlessly pounds young Camille! You’ll be jealous of both of them!

Sean Cody - Landon and Porter Bareback

Sean Cody – Landon and Porter Bareback

“Do you know what this guy is packing, Porter?” We asked him as he looked at Landon and smiled. “Yeah! A lot…a lot of fun!” It was a really hot day, so they decided to cool off a bit in the pool after a quick workout in the scorching sun. They were very touchy-feely and unreserved with each other – you could tell they just wanted to get to the fucking. Porter wanted Landon’s big dick in his ass and Landon wanted nothing more than to give him what he wanted…and he gave it to him good, blowing a load...

Broke Straight Boys - Antonio Ferrari and Zach Covington

Broke Straight Boys – Antonio Ferrari and Zach Covington

Antonio Ferrari may be straight, but if he was attracted to guys, Zach Covington hits a lot of the must-haves on his list of turn-ons, and that chemistry makes this scene super hot! The two undress each other as they get started, making out and grabbing for those big dicks as they kiss and press their sexy, toned bodies together. Zach goes down on Antonio and gets a taste of that sweet cock, cupping his balls and massaging that dick with his soft lips as Antonio watches him from above. When Antonio’s prick is hard from all that sucking, Zach...

Twinks & Recreation - Evan Parker and Tyler Hill & Logan Cross

Twinks & Recreation – Evan Parker and Tyler Hill & Logan Cross

Its a sunny summer day in the park and Logan Cross, Tyler Hill and Evan Parker take advantage with a fun game of frisbee! The boys eventually work up a sweat, glistening in the sun they rub sunscreen on each others hard, young bodies. Evan Parker steals looks at the other boys asses flexing under their shorts. We quickly cut to a stylish living room where we find Logan on his knees practically drooling as he works the couples cocks with his skilled hands. Once those two cocks are released from their ever tightening shorts he gives the pair a yummy...

Marcus Rivers and Derrick Dickem & Jeremy Cox

Marcus Rivers and Derrick Dickem & Jeremy Cox

Marcus Rivers is so handsome and sexy it’s hard to believe that he ever has to make do with his own hand, but that seems to be the case at the start of his video as he begins a horny cock stroke. Thankfully he’s not alone for long, one call to his buddies Derrick Dickem and Jeremy Cox and they’re soon over to feed and fuck him! They share his hungry mouth between them as Jeremy Cox stretches his ass with some fingering, getting his hand all the way in there! The two are soon sharing his hole though, taking...