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Justin Owen

Suds & Buds – Troy Accola and Justin Owen

We join Justin Owen mid shower, soapy, soaking wet and stroking his thick & throbbing water-log after a vigorous workout. Before he can achieve a much needed nut, he is joined, much to his delight, by another extremely sexy & very dirty dude. Troy Accola is a tall & tattooed teenage twink and it doesn’t take but a few seconds before the fit & foamy friends move well beyond washing each other’s backs. Kisses and a little reach around play gives enough of a craving to send young Accola to his knees. There, with a combination suckle & pump action,...

Three Amigos

Three Amigos Hit On A Double Dicked

They claim to be just good friends – pals who spend pass the time together in downtown Prague – but you know damn well that a trio that consists of Jeffery Lloyd, Kris Blent and Milan Sharp is always gonna be up to no good. Something that becomes apparent pretty much right from the off, as Blent exposes his arse whilst they walk down the street. But it’s what happens once the three lads are safely ensconced in their apartment that will almost certainly be of the greatest interest to our horny fans; although director John Smith adopts an arguably...

Big Dick Binge

Big Dick Binge (aka Monster Cock)

Eli was on another porn binge while I was busy taking loads from every big dick that walked through the front door. He got jealous when this sexy 10 inch cock stud came out of Caseys bedroom and started pounding my ass on the staircase. The guy eventually made his way downstairs and fucked my roomie but not before dropping a couple loads in my cum dump.

Danny Cannon

Brandon Evans Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

Brandon Evans and Danny Cannon are a sexy pair, and as they lose their clothes and lock lips, making out and kissing gently, things get even sexier. Danny drops to his knees in front of Brandon and takes that sweet cock in his mouth, sucking and deepthroating that dick as Brandon’s member grows harder on Danny’s tongue. Brandon’s horny as fuck now and he throws Danny onto the bed and rips his clothes off, spitting on that tight ass and sliding his finger inside of it, teasing Danny’s entrance before he slides his cock inside. Brandon fucks Danny hard with...