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If “dark and brooding” is your favorite look, you’ll love Damian. Damian caught my eye playing soccer in a park in the San Telmo neighborhood one afternoon, shirts against skins. Guess which team Damian was on? There was no missing his amazing physique and marble-smooth skin. My friend and I were parked on a bench eating gelato and watching the game. The guys were playing with fake goals set up and when the ball went out of bounds at one point, we had to abandon the gelato and duck as it flew past us, narrowly missing our heads! But bad...

Marcel Gassion

Jean-Daniel and Marcel Gassion

A few weeks ago we teased you with a few still pictures from this scene, but today you get the real thing. Marcel Gassion bottoms for Jean-Daniel in this pairing of the most beautiful bodies at BelAmi. As befits the title of reigning King of Bottoms, Marcel always seems to relish the chance of adding another name to his tally of conquests. Both guys like their sex anywhere from mild to wild, but for today’s performance they have chosen sexy and sensual…. lovemaking at it’s very best.

Levi Jackson

Levi Jackson Fucks Tanner Valentino

Levi Jackson decided to shave off his facial hair before he came back to us, and we like the change…it lets us appreciate his sexy dimples and strong jawline just a little bit more! And we’ve paired this sweet stud with the charming Tanner Valentino, who has been passing his free time cooking food and enjoying life, but now that he’s back to work he’s more than ready to bust a nut! After a few kisses, Levi and Tanner strip off their clothes and Levi sucks Tanner’s cock, sliding his own dick forward so that he and Tanner can 69...


Isaiah & Kristopher RAW

Isaiah is still up for Topping and even sucking dick, but not ready to bottom. Thankfully Kristopher likes to do anything and everything. He has a touch of bi to him. Moooostly straight, but he really thought Isaiah was a hot dude. And frankly, I think Isaiah thought Kristopher was a nice looking guy too. He really liked Kristopher’s ass because he had smooth cheeks. It always surprises me when two guys suddenly have instant energy, and these two go at like they are hungry for each other. Isaiah has the perfect size dick for hitting all the right places....

Raw Boys Give A Live Show

Raw Boys Give A Live Show

In a time where anyone can become a celebrity thanks to the Internet young bareback lockers Cody and Nico know what it takes to get that audience. With their cam fired up the boys get their dicks out for some delicious mutual sucking, but soon it’s time to give the fans what they really came for! With up close filming Nico eases his dick into his lover and takes him all over the bed until the boy can’t stop his cum from pumping out, finishing up with Nico spunking over his hole and fucking his load into him! We do...

Not In My Garden

Not In My Garden

We found Jordan Fox out in the garden with newbie Mickey Taylor. Mickey is young, skinny, loves his tattoos and loves cock. Especially big fat cocks like Jordan’s and Jordan loves shoving that big fat cock into open holes. Mickey takes off his pants and now we get a good look at this boy in his birthday suit… nice! Jordan sits back in the lawn chair and Mickey mounts his cock. I’m not sure that chair is going to survive this dynamic duo’s punishment. Jordan hops up and Mickey hops in the chair on his knees as Jordan fucks from...

Boris and Julian

Boris and Julian

After a night of partying Boris Encinas and Julian Mattei hook up for some hot sex. We find them kissing on the sofa, rubbing each other’s chest and cocks; quickly ditching their pants. Once their clothes were laying on the floor Boris goes straight for Julian’s cock which he swallows in its entirety. As he’s sucking Julian’s dick, Julian reaches around and strokes Boris’ fully engorged cock; obviously turned on with the thick cock he has in his hands and mouth. Wanting to get some of that cock action himself, Julian has Boris stand up on the back of the...

Boy Twinks

Boy Twinks – Jo Diamond & Lukas Jensen

Lukas is minding his own business snoozing in bed for this new 4K video, when gorgeous inked top Jo arrives and instantly starts enjoying his tanned smooth ass. With some hole play the uncut top wakes him up and gets his long boner licked and sucked expertly by his young friend, which of course leads to some great anal as Jo slides his cock into that spit-lubed ass!

Josh Hancock

Josh Hancock – Solo

Josh is a delicious little strawberry blonde twink with all the pouty charm of Macaulay Culkin and a thick uncut cock that will keep you up all night! He spreads out on the couch in his London flat and works on his thick uncut cock – stroking out a sticky mess as the afternoon traffic buzzes and hums outside his window. A world unaware of this beautiful young man as he gets lost in the innocent acts of self-pleasure. He’s dressed in a bright blue t-shirt and jeans as the video opens and after fiddling with the camera for a...

Kayden Gray

Kayden Gray & Johannes Lars

Who would have guessed that teaming up Kayden and Johannes would lead to such a steamy hardcore encounter? Okay, we knew it would! These two were hot for each other before they even got in front of the cameras. Within short time they’re kissing and groping, sucking those big dicks and drinking the precum issuing from each other. If you think that’s hot then wait until you see Johannes taking the almost 9 inches of uncut cock Kayden has to offer! The athletic bottom gets it deep after some amazing rimming, fucked in some excellent positions and finally taking a...