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Sausage Party – Sausage Cream – Gay Wire

We’re back with a bunch of sexy studs, and a bunch of ready Sausage Cream and willing dudes that NEED some man meat! This house is packed with hot sausage, blowjobs, ass eating and everything else you could want to see in a room full of hot guys!! Enjoy!

Sausage Party – Not Just BlowJobs – Gay Wire

The sausage party crew make another appearance at a big gay BlowJobs houseparty. This one got really out of control. Ive never seen so much whip cream. And for the first time I believe in sausage party history one of the dancers takes a guy into a private area to fuck!

Sausage Party – Crazy In The Club – Gay Wire

What’s up all you crazy ass lovers! We’re up in a Club this week with another great Sausage Party! We had some of our hottest dancers strutting their stuff, shaking their dicks and our crowd was loving every second of it! These boys pounced on the cock like there was no one watching! By the end of the night there was an all out orgy on stage! Damn it was beautiful!

SpankThis – Taquito Thief – Max Carter & Dustin Cook

Blond adonis Max Carter has a horny hunger Taquito Thief and has taken his time putting together the perfect lunch of tasty taquitos when the doorbell rings. It seems to be a pranker pulling a ring and run; so, he goes back inside only to find neighborhood naughty boy Dustin Cook chowing down on HIS mighty meal! To say Max is mad would be an understatement! Carter puts that anger to ass and takes his hunger pangs out on Cook’s caboose. Master Max has taken a liking to the firm fanny and helps young Dustin out of his pants for...

Family Dick – Kissing Cousins – Chapter 2 – Stuffing His Boy Undies

It’s perfectly Kissing Cousins natural for guys to compare their cocks with those of their peers. The concept of “grower, not shower,” isn’t always the most comforting. Luckily for this boy, his uncle is there to remind him just how sexy and special he is. Finding the boy stuffing his underwear before school, the older man takes it upon himself to give the boy the attention he so desperately craves. His loving uncle drops to his knees and sucks down on his nephew’s hard knob, giving him all the padding in his briefs he could want!

Becoming Friends Over Love Of Cock – Benjamin Dunn & Steve Weaver

They could have bonded over a good book, but these guys bond over delicious dick! Studious boy Benjamin Dunn is enjoying a little reading before heading to bed, but the arrival of handsome traveler Steve soon changes that! It’s late and everyone else is either asleep or sharing their dicks, so why shouldn’t they? Their long and hard uncut European boy boners are soon out for mutual sucking, swapping their tools and savoring their precum as their cocks ooze and leak, and with a little ball sucking and rimming Benjamin soon has his friend splashing semen from his shaft! He’s...

BoyNapped – Alexander Syden Becomes A Bottom Slave Kenzie Madison

Cute little Alexander Syden was found by the crew outside his performing arts college – he’d missed his bus and was keen to accept a lift. Little did he know he was going to get down and dirty with hot new crew member Kenzie Madison, who inflicts punishment upon the shy boy and has him begging for mercy long before the experience is over.

SpankThis – Poolside Spank – Max Carter & Milo Harper

Milo Harper sneaks up on blond adonis Max Carter sunning himself by the Poolside Spank. The naughty millennial captures the prank on snap chat but nearly wet Carter’s phone in the process. Carter decides to teach the lad a lesson by taking him over his knee. Master Max lets the spanking unfold and dishes out the derriere damage swiftly and in various sexy stages of undress till the tasty twink is completely naked and cherry cheeked. Harper gets his hiney handed to him with his hog hanging out while Max makes the bad boy apologize. The lusty lad definitely learns...

Corbin Fisher – ACM1350 – Blowing Reagan with Tom

Reagan won us all over the instant he arrived at CF ACM1350. You’ll notice in just the first few minutes of his introductory video he’s friendly, laid-back, and has quite the endearing smile. He’s a charmer! Reagan is a musician and an athlete – he plays guitar and writes music, and has also played basketball since he was a kid. That athletic prowess shows in his tight and trim build. Reagan’s an openminded, easygoing guy and that led to his being willing to let Tom suck him off in his first video with us. You can see Reagan was a...