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Raw Strokes - Marcos Piovesan and Michel Plantiny

Raw Strokes – Marcos Piovesan and Michel Plantiny

My favorite black / interracial bareback studio is RawStrokes. Too bad they don’t have a decent website. But you can watch their productions on the Video On Demand site I created together with AEBN, the leading adult VOD provider. Here I have a clip from their production Bareback Intruders! Marcos Piovesan bottoms again and tries to take all of Michel Plantiny huge dick. Our sexy stud Knockout bares Michel Plantiny ass with his thick weapon.

Jacob Peterson and Jonah Fontana

Desert Getaway – Jacob Peterson and Jonah Fontana

Locked out of their Desert Getaway rental house, handsome Jacob Peterson and sexy Jonah Fontana have an hour to kill while they wait for their friends to return. Their attraction for each other is clear and with time on their hands, they don’t waste a minute. With the beautiful desert landscape as their backdrop. Jacob Peterson and Jonah Fontana press their lips together in a passionate kiss and fall back onto the outdoor lounge chair. Jonah peels off Jacob’s shirt, revealing ripped, washboard abs, and then undoes Jacob’s fly. Jacob’s thick, uncut cock springs to attention, and Jonah wraps his...

ChaosMen - Lorenzo and Santino

ChaosMen – Lorenzo and Santino

Santino has been getting more into his shoots. I think you can tell by his first videos that he was down for the sex, just not quite ‘present’. I remember Glenn’s first couple shoots where he just seemed bewildered. Santino is growing as performer much like Glenn did. Lorenzo has not done a massage video, and I figured this would put Santino in a natural mindset to getting played with. I think Santino is actually quite passive and the thought of doing this scene had him intrigued. He stood their stroking his cock our initial photos, and then again before...

Men of Madrid - Viktor Rom and Ramwey Reis

Men of Madrid – Viktor Rom and Ramwey Reis

Men of Madrid – an urban metropolis humming with activity. Viktor Rom loiters on the sidewalk, cruising the passers-by, when he sees Ramwey Reis approaching. Without breaking his stride, Ramwey turns his head ever so slightly to the right. Boom: eye contact. After a few more steps, Ramwey gives a look back over his shoulder. There’s Viktor, following a few paces behind. Ducking into a doorway, Ramwey spins around and shoves his tongue down Viktor’s throat. They retreat to a private rooftop with a sweeping view of the Madrid skyline. Ramwey slobbers on Viktor’s fat cock and strokes his own...

Ultra Sex - Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose

Ultra Sex – Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose

Slim and slender ultra sex, ginger hunk Seamus O’ Reilly comes to visit his muscled doctor, Hugh Hunter, for a routine physical. Things quickly escalate when Seamus is instructed strip down to his boxers exposing his raging hard-on. Dr. Hugh takes notice at Seamus’ hefty bulge, and removes Seamus’ underwear. Needing to fully examine every inch of Seamus’ cock and hole intimately, Dr. Hugh strips down and fingers and licks Seamus’ ass as he strokes his own hard, thick meat. This is a full on tongue exploration of Seamus’ ass. After Dr. Hugh is satisfied with his patient’s sexual health,...

Josh Milk & Sam Barclay

Josh Milk & Sam Barclay

When the sleazy pick up ends in a Penthouse above Manchester the guys head out onto the balcony where our lads, Sam Barclay and Josh Milk lock lips, We luv Northern guys, and Sam is more than eager to take a hot length.  Especially when it comes in the shape of Josh Milk, the blue eyed, very kissable Spaniard – ( is that one of the tastiest foreskins on the site? ) Sam seems to agree – he’s on his knees in worship of that beautiful uncut cock. He slurps on that juicy, stiff dick, but you know where he...

Light me up - Klein Kerr and Sunny Colucci

Light me up – Klein Kerr and Sunny Colucci

When a pair of colleagues like the gorgeous Sunny Colucci and the handsome Klein Kerr goes to work together, it is very likely that wherever they are their job will end with a great fuck. It’s just what happened today that the two mates have been sent by their boss to an office building here in Barcelona to fix a couple of burned out lights. Klein climbs on the stair to reach the ceiling lights and Sunny helps him with the tools. From below the basque mate Sunny Colucci can only appreciate the beauty of his buddy and when he congrats...

How Much You Want - Mark Long and Colton Phobos

How Much You Want – Mark Long and Colton Phobos

For realtor Mark Long, if it wasn’t for hard luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. Fallen on tough times, he’s taken to crashing at the listing he’s supposed to be selling. All was going well until the day of the open house, when fellow agent Colton Phobos discovers Mark asleep in the master bedroom. Colton tells Mark he’s got an offer and that Mark is about to be ass out. Mark Long tells him about his financial woes and asks Colton if there’s any way to work out a split of the commission. Colton sees Mark’s giant cock,...

Bareback - Dusty Woods and Max Fuller

Bareback – Dusty Woods and Max Fuller

Dusty Woods invites Max Fuller to take a seat on his rock hard cock. The big hot muscle butt takes a “spit-only” ride as he drags his hole up and down Dusty’s fat fuck-meat. The top man keeps drilling the frat boy until he begs to be bred.

Garett Alba and Kenny Jacobs

Garett Alba and Kenny Jacobs

Garett Alba met young Kenny Jacobs at a surf competition they were working and they hit it off immediately. Kenny invited Garett back to his place so they could get to know each other a little better. We fade in on our two young studs locked in a kiss and embrace on the bed. As they passionately kiss the boys slowly undress each other revealing two studs that are very turned on for each other. Both of their cocks are standing at attention and Garett immediately swallows every inch of Kenny’s cock, thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. Garett Alba rolls...