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Are We Gay - Johnny Riley & Scott Demarco

Are We Gay? – Johnny Riley & Scott Demarco

For school friends Scott Demarco and Johnny Riley, prom is coming up and neither of them have a date. Scott has someone in mind but hasn’t asked her yet, whereas Johnny doesn’t have anyone in mind to ask. As they part ways, Scott Demarco tells Johnny to think it over. Johnny watches Scott as he takes his detour, but realizes that isn’t the way to Scott’s house, so he follows a little behind, and when he catches up to Scott, he’s taken cover behind a building, leaning up against it as he jacks himself off in the broad daylight. Watching...

Alex Mason Takes Huge White Trash Cock

Alex Mason Takes Huge White Trash Cock

Brett Bradley brings his huge white trash cock over to Alex Mason  place and in no time at all Alex Mason is taking all that big raw cock in his hole and begging for more. Brett pounds a huge load out of Alex and then cums up his hole and fucks it in real deep.

Cruising Grounds - Jacob Taylor and Tommy Regan

Cruising Grounds – Jacob Taylor and Tommy Regan

Get a dose of hardcore action in these  Cruising Grounds. What might look like just an empty warehouse to anyone else, is Cruising Grounds to these horny fuckers, where a quick glance can lead to intense, anonymous, ass-pounding action! Award-Winning Director Tony Dimarco lets eight mischievous studs loose in this sexual playground, and lets the steamy action unfold. Bearded hunk Chris Bines gets his ass eaten out and then pounded by JJ Knight and his massive, cum-spurting python of a cock. See for yourself what happens in the dark corners and back rooms when you come.

Dirty Tony - Spencer Stuffs Mark Hole

Dirty Tony – Spencer Stuffs Mark Hole

It was a nice hot summer day, with Mark a little nervous about the giant muscle-bound stud sitting next to him on the couch. Spencer is a huge slab of man meat, 235 pounds of wall-to-wall muscle. Mark’s got that nice surfer body from always being out at the beaches. But he looked pretty small next to Spencer’s huge frame. The duo chat it up, Mark learning Spencer can get a little kinky if the mood is right (dildos, fisting and a few other surprises.) As nervous as he was, Mark is never one to waste time and starts pulling...

GayPawn - Sucking Dick And Getting Fucked

GayPawn – Sucking Dick And Getting Fucked

This dude GayPawn walks in trying to sell us a bugle for $500 claiming that it’s from the 1800’s. He must really think I’m a fucking idiot. I’m in the pawn shot business for a reason. I know my shit. He’s trying to play us. Well guess what. The jokes on you bud. I know he needs money to pay rent. He’s going to have to suck my dick behind the counter while other customers shop. Then my buddy is going to finish him off back in the bathroom. Maybe we’ll pay him, maybe we won’t. 

The Thirst Is Real - Brogan Reed and Sebastian Kross

The Thirst Is Real – Brogan Reed and Sebastian Kross

Tattooed stud Sebastian Kross is making out with beardy, pierced Brogan Reed. Their cocks are hard and ready to get some action. Brogan sinks to his knees and slurps down Sebastian’s massive tool. Washboard abs flexing, Sebastian relishes the blow job. Brogan works the whole shaft, moving from teasing the tip with his tongue to deep throating the entire shaft. It’s an impressive feat, but Brogan manages to swallow Sebastian’s whole manhood. Sebastian Kross moves to appreciate Brogan’s perfect bubble butt by giving him a rim job. Brogan’s huge balls hang low as Sebastian probes Brogans hole with his tongue....

Tim Tales - Diego and Wagner Fuck Nick North

Tim Tales – Diego and Wagner Fuck Nick North

Diego and Wagner have always been very muscular, but in the last months they have reached their strongest condition ever. Big arms, strong chest, the Wagners have become Uber-Hunks. Who wouldn´t want to cuddle with them? In this episode they take their turns on Nick North´s sexy muscle ass. Nick was a gymnast and he is very flexible. See him enjoying the two brazilian muscle gods in real sporty positions.

Alex Mecum & Johnny V

Alex Mecum & Johnny V

Alex Mecum hairy pecs ripple as he fucks Johnny V on the couch. American Muscle Hunks embraces the raw essence of male beauty and sexuality. Eroticism is intimate and should be personal. You are able to enjoy a unique erotic viewing experience by creating a connection with each HUNK. You will see hard, sweaty muscle sex that gives you live, front row interaction. All of our HUNKS are aspiring actors, bodybuilders, and muscle enthusiasts – and they enjoy showing you every inch of their rock hard, chiseled bodies.

Breakers - Alex Baresi & Arpad Miklos and Eduardo

Breakers – Alex Baresi & Arpad Miklos and Eduardo

Three fishermen (TitanMen exclusives Alex Baresi and Eduardo with Arpad Miklos) return home after a long day working on the docks. The three hairy, über-masculine studs peel off their orange overalls and get into the backyard shower, eager to blow off some steam and rinse off a day’s worth of sweat and grime. As the three soap up, they playfully horse around, slapping each other’s asses and grabbing each other’s uncut cocks. It doesn’t take long for things to take an erotic turn as attentions turn to their hardening dicks and muscular bodies. Sandwiched between the two other men, Alex...

Tim Tales - Rogan Richards & Veles

Tim Tales – Rogan Richards & Veles

The Clash of the Titans. Our two biggest Muscle guys in a freestyle match. Rogan Richards, dominant Aussie Top crashes into Veles, our east european Hercules. Rogan starts surprisingly tender, but keeps on increasing the power until he rocks all the weight of Muscle Giant Veles.