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IoMacho - Tomas and Maximo

IoMacho – Tomas and Maximo

As I have mentioned before, sexy young Tomas really likes fucking hairy guys, and so he’s back in bed with another Latin bottom named Maximo. Once naked, Tomas enjoys a good blowjob, before putting his big dick to good use fucking the shit out of Maximo. The two are all over the bed, as Tomas dicks his new bottom bareback and I get in close to capture every detail of the anal action. By the time they are done, Maximo has taken that big dick in every position Tomas can think of and is ready to watch his man cum.

My Dad Best Friend - Wesley Woods and Austin Ryder

My Dad Best Friend – Wesley Woods and Austin Ryder

Austin Ryder is relaxing by the pool listening to music with his headphones while taking in all the sun and a beautiful summer day. What he doesn’t know is that Wesley is knocking on his front door but he can’t hear a thing. Wesley checks all the windows and still doesn’t see anyone so he heads to the backyard and sees Austin laid out. He calls out Austin’s name a few times but he can’t hear a thing because of the headphones wrapped around his ears. Wesley shakes Austin which scares him a little bit but then he recognizes Wesley....

Squirtz - Axel Ducharme

Squirtz – Axel Ducharme

It was back in 2013 that Axel Ducharme first splashed across our screen. Back in those days Axel was just beginning to explore his adult life of partying and sex. Three years later we find that Axel has matured somewhat and is now settled into a steady job as a cook. He’s had enough of the night life of Montreal and now prefers a quite existence in a smaller town. His hormones have also settled down and no longer is out looking for an anonymous hookups with either girls or boys. Now he’s quite content to remain celibate unless he...

Tim Tales - Lito Cruz and Alessandro

Tim Tales – Lito Cruz and Alessandro

This time we paired him with a young and very handsome man from Italy, Alessandro. His blue eyes are hypnotizing, he´s so beautiful he could be a model for fashion and we heard that he really had done that before. Nevertheless he can take a really good bareback pounding by an XXL and he especially likes masculine mature men like Lito. So Lito did not hesitate a second to work on Alessandro’s little hole until it was wide open and then gave him a nice big load.

Tim Tales - Tim Kruger and Veles

Tim Tales – Tim Kruger and Veles

24 year old Veles from Slowenia is a real hunk of a man. He looks like he could easily break your arm in a wrestling fight and his deep voice adds up to the perfect masculinity of that man. Veles made Tim sweat, being so much bigger and stronger. But as you will see in the movie, both enjoyed every second of their match. We found Veles during the Barcelona Circuit Festival and he had never done porn before, but he is one of the guys who are simply made for it. So this scene has become a real highlight.

Sexflix And Chill - Jacob Peterson and Scott DeMarco

Sexflix And Chill – Jacob Peterson and Scott DeMarco

Beefy Jacob Peterson, with a light dusting of hair across his muscled torso, strokes his cock while streaming some porn on his tablet. Scott Demarco dozes in bed next to Jacob. With his uncut cock in one hand, Jacob Peterson looks over at Scott with a devious glint in his eye. He sees Scott’s cock twitch under the sheets. Ditching the tablet, Jacob pulls down the sheets, and wraps his lips around Scott’s thick tool. As he slowly wakes up, Scott starts moaning approvingly. Jacob works Scott’s cock more aggressively, stroking with his hands and using his tongue to stimulate...

Good Service - Bogdan Gromov and Damien Crosse

Good Service – Bogdan Gromov and Damien Crosse

The Lucas Men are enjoying a day at the beach while Damien Crosse watches them from afar. Damien Crosse is known for his sexual appetite, and he can’t help the erection he gets while lounging on the sand observing all of the fresh meat at play. Bogdan Gromov is the guy he’s got his eye on, so he fakes a coughing and choking fit to get the attention of the bodyguard. It works, and Bogdan uses his hard, uncut cock to open up Damien’s windpipe. Bogdan may be in a position of authority with his job — saving lives isn’t...

Reality Thugs - Derek Maximus and Phoenix

Reality Thugs – Derek Maximus and Phoenix

Derek Maximus is a little nervous about his performance, but Phoenix knows exactly what to do to get him going. When Derek pulls out his thick black meat, Phoenix gets right down on his knees and starts blowing him until Derek is hard enough for him to sit and ride that fat cock. That’s when Derek Maximus takes over and starts plowing Phoenix’s ass mercilessly before covering him with his load.

TimTales - CutlerX and Dani

TimTales – CutlerX and Dani

We thought it´s time for some big black meat again and invited superhung CutlerX to introduce him to our cute twink Dani. We were not sure if Dani can take such a big cock in his tight boyhole but he managed Cutlerx´s hard buttpounding like he has never done anything else before.

Titan and Sergyo - Black is Back

Titan and Sergyo – Black is Back

We know the monster cock of our black topmate Titan has been away for too long. Then this week we decide to call Titan back and make him meet with our power bottom Sergyo for an explosive scene. The ebony dominant guy puts the bottom at his service, first giving him a huge pole to taste and blown deeply, then fucking his hole as if there were no tomorrow. Sergyo obviously wants a reward: when reaches his climax he begs to have his ass full of thick cum! Watch it now and be delighted with this hot encounter.