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Sean Cody - Jack bottoms first time for Jess

Sean Cody – Jack bottoms first time for Jess

Jack is always so enthusiastic when coming in for a scene, but this time it’s different…this time, he’s extra excited, because he has some big news…he’s bottoming for the first time! “I am excited, but I’m a little nervous too…I don’t know what to expect, you know. I’m sure I’ll have fun!” Our friendly giant had no idea who he was paired with, “Whoever I’m paired with, I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast!” Oh, and it was! Jess was more than happy to pop Jack’s cherry with that big ol’ dick of his. The dominant giant became the submissive...

Tim Tales - Ansony and Alejandro Dumas

Tim Tales – Ansony and Alejandro Dumas

Barcelona´s most wanted bareback bottom Alejandro Dumas is back and this time he gets a real thick and hard south american cock to open his hole. Raw Top Ansony first enjoys Alejandro´s willing mouth, then fucks him until he can´t take no more. The scene ends with some nice ass breeding.

Broke Straight Boys - Kaden Alexander and Chaz Flip Fuck

Broke Straight Boys – Kaden Alexander and Chaz Flip Fuck

Kaden Alexander uses his charm and laid-back attitude to put one of the newbies, Chaz, at ease before beginning their scene. But a few jokes and some small talk and these guys are getting right to it, making out with each other as they lose their clothes piece by piece until Chaz is naked on the bed. Kaden takes Chaz’s dick in his mouth and works that cock, sucking it and making Chaz moan before they switch off and Kaden lets Chaz get a taste of his juicy meat. Chaz works Kaden’s cock with his mouth and hand and when...

The Coverup - Austin Wilde and Christian Wilde

The Coverup – Austin Wilde and Christian Wilde

From our friends over at Naked Sword, we present to you The Coverup, which consists of Christian Wilde bottom for the first time ever! Christian and Austin have known each other for years, and having wanted to fuck each other probably that entire time, but never given the chance, we knew this was going to be hot and passionate. After sucking each other’s dicks for awhile, Austin throws Christian on the bed and dives into his ass…to prepare him. If you watch closely, Christian actually gets harder as Austin slides his dick deep inside him- we all know what that...

Military Classified - Emmett Blowjob

Military Classified – Emmett Blowjob

Today I’m presenting a brand new sponsor towards the fall into line and his title is Emmett! This right stud it is currently surviving in Florida in the stunning town of Chicago and invested sometime using the Coast Guard. Since heis looking for cash nowadays he’s had the enjoyment of achieving Ron and does not mind crossing the erotic point to create it. View as Emmett provides response and lots that absolutely justifies a return visit out of this stud. While Emmett came to my galleries he was seeking fairly warm! This child is just a restricted and slim body...

Toys - Killian James and Alexis Belfort

Toys – Killian James and Alexis Belfort

Top fucker Killian James requires complete enjoyment with dark-haired Alexis Belfort as his bottom child for that evening. Joining Killian within the space that is blackened, Alexis laps at Killian; s armpits, sampling the work, as then he likes Killian, obtaining the complete flavor on his language;s tasty slice penis too. The singlet Killian James wears structures his hairy body, coated and muscled in a lean coating of hair, the small fucker experiencing Alexis s language sampling every accessible inch of his open skin. Installing a basketball-joke to his child, the interest will certainly be completely on that bubblebutt that is...

Tim Tales - Flex Xtremmo and Gabriel Vanderloo

Tim Tales – Flex Xtremmo and Gabriel Vanderloo

Wonderful Flex Xtremmo is back and puts a smile on our faces with his perfection. He gets hardfucked by Gabriel Vanderloo whose extralong cock tested Flex´ endurance. But a real man isn´t complaining, he´s taking it! A great scene. Two perfect muscle guys in a sweaty match.

Bareback That Hole - Rocco Steele and Jon Shield

Bareback That Hole – Rocco Steele and Jon Shield

Jon Shield is rewarded with the ride of his life when he is partnered up with massively hung and super sexy Rocco Steele. Rocco’s huge cock stands stiff as a board as Jon sucks and services his thick shaft. It’s not long before the tables are turned and Jon’s legs are spread wide open over the bathroom sink as he is being eaten and mauled by Rocco’s lips and tongue. He begs for Rocco’s big dick to fuck him. Jon wants his chance to show Rocco how gifted his hole really is. On the counter, in the shower, on the bathtub...

Bad Puppy - Jack Black and Walt Rickman

Bad Puppy – Jack Black and Walt Rickman

Jack Black is back along with his thick, uncut cock, and he’s joined by Walt Rickman and his thick, muscled body. It didn’t take us too long to figure out that ol’ Walt is a big ol’ muscle bottom, and he couldn’t wait to spread his legs first for Jack’s tongue and fingers and then for one helluva riding session. Enjoy!

Thug Hunter - Some thugs come to us

Thug Hunter – Some thugs come to us

I got a call from a Thug Hunter of all things. I don’t know how he got my number, but apparently he heard what we do. So we went to go pick him up and whoah..he was hot! I warned him what he was going to expect and he was totally down..but could he handle it. I took him to a private spot and he sucked my homeboys dick like a pro! I think he’s done this before. The next thing hes hunched forward getting a deep dicking in his ass. You could say it was a good day.