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Using Tyler Underwood Makes Mickey Taylor Explode

Using Tyler Underwood Makes Mickey Taylor Explode

Mickey Taylor arrived laden with cum and needing to get off so badly. He still took his time when he found Tyler blindfolded and tied down on the bed. The boy had no idea what was going on, but he could feel the ice, the chilled water over his body, the warmth of Mickey’s mouth. Finally Mickey can’t take it any more and uses the roped to lift the boy’s legs up, giving him perfect access to that hole. Starting out with some rimming and ice play, he’s soon sliding his big cock into the lad and fucking him hard!...

He Looks Better Shaved Smooth - Michael Wyatt & Sebastian Kane

He Looks Better Shaved Smooth – Michael Wyatt & Sebastian Kane

Everyone knows master Kane prefers his boys smooth. Michael Wyatt should have thought about that and expected this to happen. A couple of the other lads managed to get Michael naked and roped up on the new rack on the wall and now the master has arrived to prepare the young man for some smooth fun a little later. Watch the blindfolded young man being stripped of all his fur, from his cock to his pits to his tight little arse! The plug up his butt is just to keep him ready for later!

My Gay Boss - Deacon Hunter And Adam Watson

My Gay Boss – Deacon Hunter And Adam Watson

Adam is the kind of young Gay Boss any horny boy would love to work for! He’s supposed to be disciplining young Deacon for getting his rocks off during work hours, but he can’t resist taking advantage of the clearly rampant young man. Within moments their big uncut cocks are out for sucking the two are taking it all the way right there on the desk! Anyone could come in at any moment and discover what’s been going on, but thankfully we get to see Adam pump his load out over his employee’s cock and balls before Deacon erupts with...

Str8Chaser - Beau

Str8Chaser – Beau

Beau a handsome young lad who loves to work out, and it shows. He’s willing to give us a little show, but only with some incentive. As always, we like to oblige, so he showed us how good he is at handling a big cock, whether it be deep-throating it, or taking it up his perfectly muscled ass. He truly is a sight for sore eyes.

Str8Chaser - Cole

Str8Chaser – Cole

Cole is a fitness nut and it shows since his body is sculpted like a Greek god! He also likes to show it off and for the right price, he’ll let you do some pretty hot things to that perfect body of his. This includes fucking his hot round ass while jerking him off and finishing with a facial, but again… for the right price.

Blakemason - Sam Wallis and Gabriel Phoenix

Blakemason – Sam Wallis and Gabriel Phoenix

After watching Sam Wallis having such an amazing time with Sam Syron and Jack Taylor in his previous duo scenes we knew he would be perfect for handsome and hunky Gabriel. We weren’t wrong. It turns out both had seen each other on video and couldn’t wait to get at those big uncut cocks. It’s an incredibly sensual partnership right from the start, with hairy stud Gabriel giving Sam a massage, but soon making out and grinding his cock into him. Once he slides in he really gets into it, thrusting into Sam Wallis and fucking him all over the...

GayPatrol – Silent Alarm

GayPatrol – Silent Alarm

My partner and I got a call about a Silent Alarm going off. Once we arrived at the property, we found an open door. Upon further inspection we discovered a perp inside. The moment he saw, he started to run, and so we took off on the chase. At one point we thought that we we had lost him, but we found him hiding inside of a trash bin by a dumpster. We decided to teach this perp a lesson, but instead he showed us somethings. He pulled out our cocks and started going ham on them. Soon after that...

The Smell Of Jocks - Dustin Steele & Cesar Rossi

The Smell Of Jocks – Dustin Steele & Cesar Rossi

Cesar Rossi is alone in the locker room, which is messy with dirty clothing strewn about. He starts smelling a jock-strap that is hanging on a locker and as he pulls it off to get a better smell he starts arousing himself through his shorts. He then discovers another jock-strap on the bench and he sits down and starts smelling and stroking himself with it. Engrossed in his own fantasy, he does not notice that Dustin has walked into the locker room and when Dustin clears his throat, Cesar is startled. Dustin takes control and tells Cesar Rossi he should...

GuyBone - Zack Tops Avi Raw

GuyBone – Zack Tops Avi Raw

From sucking on Avi’s beautiful bone, Zack moved to his hairy hole and rimmed to both their satisfaction. Zack’s ginger beard sparkled in the light as he munched on that sweet ass. Then Avi got comfy on his belly and sucked Zack’s raging red cock as the muscle bear fingered his soon to be bottom’s back door. Avi was a hungry pup, lapping up Zack’s pierced prick like a pro. He gulped the shaft balls deep and slobbered on it sufficiently. Their kissing was off the hook. Fun, loud lip smacking sends my dick into overdrive. And it was obviously...

Slave Dreams – Dominique Kenique & Mario Benedet

You wake up in the middle of the night, and discover that your Dominique Kenique Master is on top of you,ready to put you down, where you belong. Ready for a session of pure testosterone and dirty action?