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Massage Bait – Cum Referral – Jason Stark & Tyler Saint

Jason Stark came in to see Tyler and his magic hands upon his buddy’s referral. Jason had some nagging back pains. Well, Tyler vanquished those nasty back aches but of course it came with a price because poor Jason is gonna have a hard time sitting down for a few days. No pain no gain!

StraightMenInTrouble – Donny – Part 1

Chic comes with a strong Donny, handsome child tied to the rack, fighting to free himself since he fondles and gropes his hairy, muscular chest and long, strong legs while ripping and cutting the clothes from his torso. The young man looks fearful, but he’s incapable to defend himself, his high pitched whimpering seeming increasingly more desperate since Chic has him almost completely nude and very vulnerable.

RawFuckClub – Osiris Blade and Aiden Hart

Osiris Blade and also his huge dick may have achieved their match in superb bottom Aiden Hart. Osiris utilizes Aiden’s mouth and pounds his large cock deep inside Aiden’so hole. Being the ferocious bottom he can be Aiden chooses the ass-beating and begs to get more.

BoundGods – The Suffering of Buck Wright with Riley Mitchell

Buck Wright is excited to be back in KinkMen and anguish at the hands of muscular new property Dom Riley Mitchell. Restrained in leather , Buck battles for a leather to the floor of a darkened dungeon. Riley Mitchell tactics Buck, analyzing the harvest on his gloved hands before thumping Buck out of his feet. No inch of flesh is forgotten maybe perhaps not Buck’s penis along with his bubble butt. Riley moves Buck into his knees so Buck can worship Riley’s body fat hard cock. Buck chooses Riley’s dick at every of the manner, as he buries his face...

SlowTeasingHandjobs – Justin and Chic

Justin is tied to a chair with Chic gently teasing and stroking his hard cock, barely touching it just enough to keep him stimulated. Justin’s body language and facial expressions show how aroused the man is making him. Chic gradually and always increases the pace, giving hope to the man. He takes Justin to the edge five occasions and backs off, denying his requests for permission to cum before taking him over the edge to shoot a big load.

SlowTeasingHandjobs – Chic Torments Nathan

Nathan is our homosexual cutie, smooth and lean, and Chic had him tied to the bed, licking and stroking his entire body and long bloated cock without mercy, focusing on the tip. As Chic slurped on his dick becoming desperate for release, trying to return until he’d consent nathan panted and moaned, whimpered and gasped breathlessly. Finger fucked him he sucked, focusing on the head, forcing the man ignoring his pleas until he finally took pity and took him over the border.

DreamboyBondage – Liam Cyber – Your Ass Is Mine – Part 3

“Maintain your face flat on this mat! ” Jared tells his muscle servant Liam Cyber. Liam’s wrists and ankles are bolted together in a iron brace which keeps his face flat against the table and compels his bum up. As is his tormentor the muscle stud is completely nude. The difference is Jared is nude because he would like to be – he’therefore preparing to fuck this boy’s brains outside – while Liam is nude because he is a servant, a part of meat, with no say in how he will suffer and how every portion of the body –...

FetishForce – Heavy Handed Tutor – Scene 3 – Teddy Bryce & Mike Panic

Teddy Bryce and Mike Panic are studying for a big college examination, but Mike can’t focus on anything but Teddy’s hot ass. With Teddy’s back turned to him, Mike pulls his dick out and starts beating off. When Teddy sees Mike Panic along with his dick in his hand, he can’t help but reach back and give it a couple of tugs. Teddy gets the action going by taking it. Mike enjoys all the attention but needs a quick taste of Teddy’s meat himself before he stud around and slides his cock deep in his study friend. He pumps away,...

FetishForce – Heavy Handed Tutor – Scene 4 – Teddy Bryce & Mike Panic

Teddy Bryce just stopped getting his asshole ruined by Mike Panic’s thick fist and wants to do the same into Mike’s hole. Teddy starts by burying his face at Mike’s butt until Teddy can’t hold off any more and rimming him long and deep. Teddy slips his enormous hard cock off like it is the ass he’ll ever get to plow If Mike’s hole is throbbing and ready for longer. ‘Looks like you need something more’ Teddy Bryce ends up. Mike happily agrees, and Teddy Bryce throws on his rubber gloves, catches his vat of grease and operates his palms...

JasonSparksLive – Sebastian Meyers & Cash Lockhart in Syracuse

Sebastian Meyers can’t stop playing with Cash’s chest as he talks to Jason about his first time on camera. The steel-eyed stud sitting next to him flashes his sexy smile, knowing he’ll have the blonde boy’s cock in mouth. As they begin to make out on the couch, he feels his partner’s massive meat poking…