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Str8Hell - Mirek Madl vs Alex Bonero

Str8Hell – Mirek Madl vs Alex Bonero

Mirek Madl and Alex Bonera are paired together for a submission wrestling match. They start off doing some warming up, with a fitness routine. They are naked as they work out and then they arm wrestle too. When they are ready for the match they put on their underwear, but it will soon come off again. They roll all over the mats, trying to gain a good hold on each other. The cocks and balls flail, and the asses spread naturally as they move too, giving some great views of tight holes. Each gives their best as the match moves...

Chaosmen 1543 - Griffin and James Serviced

Chaosmen 1543 – Griffin and James Serviced

James was pretty tense during this video. Ironically he was fine just before shooting, but I think the cameras made him nervous. His cock didn’t spring to life like he thought it would, so he was tackling some mind over matter issues. But Griffin gets in there and saves the day. He just keeps working that cock until it is standing up, and as usual, takes great delight in showing-off his deep throat skills. The one thing I did notice with James, is despite the slow start to get hard, he really paid little attention to the straight porn playing...

The Final Fuck - Salvatore Salvi and Tobias Mose

The Final Fuck – Salvatore Salvi and Tobias Mose

Ever one to demonstrate his sacrificial love for his charges, Father Salvatore Salvi takes full advantage of young Tobias Mose’s early morning arrival to show that he’s not just a man of words. Indeed, when this fellow says that he loves his fellow man he’s more than ready and willing to put such sentiment into hard, physical action. As a result, it’s no time at all before the fellow has bundled the fresh-faced Mose onto his bed and has pulled the youngster’s handsome, uncut shaft out of his cassock – signalling the start of a terrific, energetic blow-job that perfectly...

TimSuck - Mr Cali and Cody Winter

TimSuck – Mr Cali and Cody Winter

Mr. Cali and Cody Winter hit it off and the two are eager to share what Cali has between his legs. Those 10.5 inches grow fast as Cody makes sure to taste and tease that dark meat before having his throat filled, fucked, and loaded. Let’s hear it for Team Uncut!

Tim Tales - Fostter Riviera Fucks Italo Gang

Tim Tales – Fostter Riviera Fucks Italo Gang

The debut video of our new man Fostter Riviera. If you like big bareback cock on a young man you find what you like in this update. Fostter gives to Italo, our always ready, insatiable power bottom. A pairing that really worked perfect. Fostter got so turned on by Italo´s fantastic ass that he came three times within just a few minutes. That man knows how to fuck!

Breed Me Raw - Travis Saint and Dylan Saunders

Breed Me Raw – Travis Saint and Dylan Saunders

Travis Saint was paired up with one of my most experienced slut bottoms Dylan Saunders. Dylan helped guide this young beefy man but soon learned that Travis was just as big a slut as he was. Before Dylan knew it he was ass up and getting it eaten out by Travis and lubed up for his fat uncut cock. I think Travis ended up doing most of the training!

Dirty Tony - Trent Locke Fucks Devin Draz

Dirty Tony – Trent Locke Fucks Devin Draz

Trent Locke is a masculine stud from the Motor-city and sizzling, straight man Devin hails from the deserts of Arizona. Trent is quite the BI guy that swings both ways, and by the way he is eyeing Devin, you can see which direction his big pendulem is going today. He has his sights dead-set on to this mountain of man’s straight ass. Sparks really fly when these two titans collide! I even made them arm wrestle to see who got to be the top. You will just have to guess to find out who gets plowed in this battle of...

Bareback Latinoz - Manny and Felipe

Bareback Latinoz – Manny and Felipe

Latin boy Felipe is at the computer getting ready to watch some gay porn when Manny walks up and suggests his smooth ass would be a better option. After a bit of teasing, Felipe agrees and in no time Manny has his moist lips wrapped around that monster vein popping uncut cock. A nice long blowjob gets the top ready for action.  He bends over and takes his Latin ass from behind, while we move in for some good close-ups of the barebacking Felipe is delivering. They move to the bed for a few more positions and it isn’t long...

IoMacho - Tomas and Maximo

IoMacho – Tomas and Maximo

As I have mentioned before, sexy young Tomas really likes fucking hairy guys, and so he’s back in bed with another Latin bottom named Maximo. Once naked, Tomas enjoys a good blowjob, before putting his big dick to good use fucking the shit out of Maximo. The two are all over the bed, as Tomas dicks his new bottom bareback and I get in close to capture every detail of the anal action. By the time they are done, Maximo has taken that big dick in every position Tomas can think of and is ready to watch his man cum.

My Dad Best Friend - Wesley Woods and Austin Ryder

My Dad Best Friend – Wesley Woods and Austin Ryder

Austin Ryder is relaxing by the pool listening to music with his headphones while taking in all the sun and a beautiful summer day. What he doesn’t know is that Wesley is knocking on his front door but he can’t hear a thing. Wesley checks all the windows and still doesn’t see anyone so he heads to the backyard and sees Austin laid out. He calls out Austin’s name a few times but he can’t hear a thing because of the headphones wrapped around his ears. Wesley shakes Austin which scares him a little bit but then he recognizes Wesley....