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American Hunk With Muscle Boy - Darius Ferdynand and Samuel Colt

American Hunk With Muscle Boy – Darius Ferdynand and Samuel Colt

All American hunk Samuel Colt bursts onto the Dads Fucking Lads with the slightly more muscular Darius being his fuck buddy for the day! Although they’ve never met before, they were immediately rock hard at the sight and thought of what’s to come! Young Darius can’t help but work his lips and tongue over daddy Samuel’s rock hard pecs and abs, covered in hair and working his way down to the biggest treat of all! Swallowing Samuel’s stiffening cock in his mouth, Darius feels his work paying off as his mouth fills with meat! Still sucking on dick, Darius subconsciously...

ActiveDuty - Ricky Stance & Scott Millie

ActiveDuty – Ricky Stance & Scott Millie

Now these boys are two that know how to have a good time! Ricky Stance and Scott Millie are a great combo and I’m not surprised. Ricky Stance is building his experience here with us at AD and he’s been a real ‘blast’ to watch. At this point, Scott’s shown us that he ain’t afraid of nothin’. Claude exchanges a few pleasantries with these recruits, but they sure don’t mince words. These boys came hungry for cock and they like the prospects of getting their fill today. Once Scott pulls off his undies, Ricky starts the party, leaning over and...

Tim Tales - Tim Kruger & Juan Lоpez

Tim Tales – Tim Kruger & Juan Lоpez

Juan Lоpez came to visit us and right in the moment he walked in our door we felt that the chemistry is right between us. Juan is a good person, and as we found out just a few minutes later, also a good bottom. Tim and Juan had so much fun on our sofa and also for me (Grobes) who was just recording the action, it was an afternoon full of pleasure. Juan Lоpez, sure to be seen again on Timtales and right now to be seen in this great episode of passion.

Corbin Fisher - Hugh Fills Up Steven

Corbin Fisher – Hugh Fills Up Steven

Hugh wastes no time breaking in Steven for his first bottom! Hugh kisses Steven and they both strip down as they make out. You’ll notice that Steven wasn’t kidding about being excited to do his first bottom scene – he’s practically breaking out of his boxers! Hugh works his way up and down big dick, then Steven returns the favor. As Hugh eases his dick into him, is in disbelief and can hardly believe what he’s feeling. Switching to a riding position, we get full view of chock-full of Hugh’s cock. Hugh gets more aggressive and moans out, “Just like...

Hot Dads Hot Lads - Brad Kalvo & James Ryder

Hot Dads Hot Lads – Brad Kalvo & James Ryder

James Ryder is one lucky guy to have massive, hairy, muscle stud Brad Kalvo as his daddy. After cleaning the house, he has one more thing to do, please his daddy. Brad pulls him towards him, kissing him. James feels his hairy chest, he then goes on kissing Brad’s biceps. James pulls Brad’s briefs to his thighs and slurps down Brad’s cock while playing with his nipples. Brad loves it when his nipples are played with. After getting sucked he pulls the lad up, taking a taste of James’ cock. Brad flexes his muscles for the lad to worship. They...

Tall and Toned Young Straight Lad Barclay Shows off his Long

Tall and Toned Young Straight Lad Barclay Shows off his Long

Young straight hunk Barclay is born for being on camera, he is as relaxed and cheeky on camera as he was when you chat to him off camera. Naturally flirtatious, though I am not sure he really knows, he is always enjoying talking and no wonder, he doesn’t just stand out with his cheeky personality, he is very tall and lean and defined, so in or out of his clothes you know he is in the room! Once out of his clothes, you can enjoy his lean body, a few tattoos and once naked his long uncut cock is there...

Tim Tales - Miroslaw and Frederik Berlin

Tim Tales – Miroslaw and Frederik Berlin

Miroslaw, our serbian bareback fuckmachine strikes again. He meets our new discovery Frederik Berlin, a handsome big black muscle guy who is usually a Top himself. This time he could not resist to take Miroslaw´s rock hard piece of serbian fuckmeat up his guts. In one of our next videos you will see him top another guy…and you will see that he is more than sufficiently equipped to satisfy a man. Miroslaw proves in this episode that he is one of our hardest fuckers. You will see this slim man turn into a wild bull when he has a nice...

Horny Wake Up - Jean Franko and Paco

Horny Wake Up – Jean Franko and Paco

The morning is the horniest time of the day, and Jean Franko and Paco didn’t just enjoy breakfast, but a lot more than that – this is the hottest way to wake up. You can’t miss this hard encounter between these two muscle guys. Jean of ‘This Way’ gives a warm welcome to our new mate, Paco, pure Italian sex-candy.

Deep Release - Sean Zevran & Brandon Rivers

Deep Release – Sean Zevran & Brandon Rivers

Laying facedown on the massage table in a tranquil, white room, Sean Zevran awaits the expert touch of Brandon Rivers. Brandon slicks up Sean’s back with massage oil, working his way from Sean’s muscled shoulders down to his perfect, round ass. Flipping over, Sean reveals his massive, throbbing erection. Without hesitation, Brandon reaches down and strokes Sean’s hot, hard meat. Opening his mouth, Brandon takes Sean’s cock inside his mouth, then slides up to stimulate the sensitive head with his tongue. Wrapping his hand around the base of Sean’s cock, Brandon combines his sucking and stroking for a potent oral...

Raw and piss - Carlos Leao and Dominic Arrow

Raw and piss – Carlos Leao and Dominic Arrow

Our hung Latin mate Carlos Leao is in a hurry to piss but he found the sexy Hungarian Dominic Arrow inside the toilet, shaving and almost ready to take a shower. When at the end Carlos gets inside the bathroom and takes his huge cock out to piss, Dominic’s mouth begins watering. He can’t resist and in seconds gets on his knees, offering his mouth to the Brazilian, already horny like a horse. Then Dominic takes his shower, sensually shaking his toned body and his hungry ass in front of Carlos: when he gets out he is ready to receive...