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Guybone - Lance Bennett tops Shane Rook Raw

Guybone – Lance Bennett tops Shane Rook Raw

This scene has been in the making for almost a year now. Sexy Shane knew he wanted his first costar to be furry Lance but we just couldn’t make their schedules align. One was always working. The other was always traveling. Finally, we got them together. And let me tell you, it was beyond worth the wait. Their immediate sexual chemistry was through the roof. They wanted each other so badly it hurt. You know, that fantastic aching feeling you get with every erection. Imagine that all over your body, compelling you, driving you to get with someone who turns...

Playful Buddies - Quentin Gainz and Roman Todd

Playful Buddies – Quentin Gainz and Roman Todd

Good friends Roman Todd and Quentin Gainz are just out by the pool enjoying a little R’n’R, soaking up some rays, taking a quick dip, horsing around- all standard fare- until a game of grab ass gets a little too heated. Quentin runs off into the house as Roman gives chase. Quentin hides around a ledge as Roman comes around the corner and de-pants his buddy and Roman returns the favor. Now with both guys standing naked in the living room, one thing leads to another and before he knows it, Quentin is on his knees sucking off his friend...

Muscle Fucker Troy - Troy and Andres

Muscle Fucker Troy – Troy and Andres

Machofucker’s hottest muscle hunk visited Barcelona again. Sure thing that we had a hot Bottom boy lined up for him. And gorgeous Troy truly had a blast with Andres’ bubble butt.

Full Contact - Alex and Laco Raw

Full Contact – Alex Stan and Laco Meido Raw

Laco Meido and Alex Stan are on the sofa in just underwear with Laco rubbing Alex’s feet, and then this legs. Alex is moaning softly at the feel. Laco then moves over him and kisses Alex too. Alex runs his hands all over Laco as they kiss. Laco Meido then moves down and releases Alex’s cock from his underwear. He licks the cock and kisses it, taking it in his mouth and sucking. His head bobs on the rock hard cock as Alex keeps up his moaning. Laco Meido licks the balls and up the cock and then takes the...

Active Duty - Will and Ivan James

Active Duty – Will and Ivan James

Here’s a fun match up that really hooked me from the very start. One of our finest veterans, Ivan James is back to give newbie Will a little schooling in the Active Duty tradition. Will has NEVER hooked up with another dude and Ivan is really champing at the bit to get down ‘n’ dirty. It turns out Will was SO eager to try out his first cock, as soon as Ivan pulls it out, Will leans in and puts it in his mouth, even before he takes out his OWN dick! He gets right to the thing for which...

Casting Couch - Salvador Mendoza and Rainer

Casting Couch – Salvador Mendoza and Rainer

Salvador Mendoza and Rainer return home after a hot night at the clubs. The guys are ravenous for each other and quickly strip away their clothes and unleash their beasts. Salvador Mendoza jumps at the opportunity to swallow Rainer’s cock, bringing it to its full length. As Salvador sits down and spreads his legs wide open so that Rainer has full access to his huge slab of meat. Rainer chokes down the huge cock and stretches his throat to the limits with pure pleasure. Rainer moves to the bed and Salvador spreads his ass cheeks open and begins his feast...

Yes Coach - Damon Andros and Max Henry

Yes Coach – Damon Andros and Max Henry

Max Henry and Coach Damon are out at the park practicing for the next tournament coming up. Damon watches on as Max does what he does best and that’s flips, spins and being flexible as all hell. Coach Damon loves what he is seeing and the skill coming from Max is amazing. They head back to Damon’s place where they grab a drink to cool off and discuss how excited they are. Max wants to shower up but Coach Damon wants him to wait because he likes the smell and sweat on a young athletic boy. Coach begins to rub...

Zadian First Time - Zadian and Rory

Zadian First Time – Zadian and Rory

This week we’re bringing you the return of Zadian in his very first “gay for pay” scene! “To be honest, I already spent the money in my head!” Zadian bluntly explains when asked about his surprising decision to take this big step. A man of hilariously few words, Zadian admits that he’s also impatient and even a little excited to get on with the show and give this a try. “Let’s do it!” For Zadian’s first time, we’ve brought over an experienced gay “bottom” that we were confident could show the sexy skater-boy a good time. Watch as Rory gets to be...

Handsome Clark Bates FUCKS Uncut Twink Neal Peterson

Handsome Clark Bates FUCKS Uncut Twink Neal Peterson

Clark Bates was on a mission to destroy Neal Peterson’s ass. He wanted to be the best fuck Neal has ever had. Of course Neal’s amazing blowjob had Clark rock hard quickly. Clark was all horned up and slid it into Neal’s loose ass and never looked back. He pounded away so hard, we literally had to cancel Neal’s next scene scheduled for the following day. If you’re into seeing a beautiful masculine man go to pound town, watch Clark Bates beat it up.