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Fucker Mate - Jessy Ares and Paco

Fucker Mate – Jessy Ares and Paco

Today we bring you from Germany a new macho man here on Fuckermate together with our Italian power bottom Paco, that is a perfect match for him: Jessy Ares in fact loves muscular guys with beard and hairy body and this is a kind of encounter that for sure you can’t miss. It is a sunny day in Barcelona and the two mates have just finished to have a coffee outside in the terrace. They start to kiss each other and soon they want to move inside, where a big bed is waiting for them. Jessy gives Paco an exquisite...

Active Duty - Quentin Gainz and Johnny

Active Duty – Quentin Gainz and Johnny

It certainly shouldn’t be a surprise that I go absolutely nuts anytime I hear Quentin Gainz is stepping up to do a little Active Duty. Well he’s BACK! And boy, what fun romp this turned out to be. As you know, Quentin Gainz has assumed the unofficial role of Troop Leader/Hottie/Badass, and every time we have the pleasure of seeing him, we’re reminded why. This time is no different. He’s joined by a brand new recruit named Johnny, and Quentin is charged here with introducing Johnny to what being a soldier is all about. Not soon after both boys have...

Chaosmen - Adam Cub and Sean Peyton

Chaosmen – Adam Cub and Sean Peyton

Sean Peyton starts by giving Adam some muscle worship, spending extra attention rubbing his big glutes. He rolls Adam over to find a cock ready to be sucked. Adam loves to have his cock sucked, so Sean goes to work pleasing him. Eventually, Sean puts his head over the side of the bed, while Adam tries to fuck his face. But Adam is so massive it is hard for him to fuck his face at that angle. No Problem! Sean is doing all the work, getting a neck ache by sucking and jamming Adam’s cock down his own throat. What...

Circle Jerk Boys - Cameron Marshall and Kalleb Darko

Circle Jerk Boys – Cameron Marshall and Kalleb Darko

They break the ice, talking on the couch about the hickey Kalleb’s girl gave him the night before, which leads to them making out.. Cameron Marshall, who admits he’s more romantic than portrayed, brings our straight boy back up so he can kiss him some more before he decides to give the straight boy some of what he was already giving Cameron. Cameron Marshall licks and sucks on Kalleb’s hard cock and plays with his smooth balls as he samples his meat. Cameron begins teasing his hole with his fingers as he slides one then two digits up inside his eager...

Introducing Tegan Zayne with Boomer Banks

Introducing Tegan Zayne with Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks and Tegan Zayne have been flirting on social media for a while now and the feelings they have for each other are as real as Boomer’s infamous cock! Tegan is our newest exclusive and he is more than excited that his first scene is with his friend, Boomer. Apparently, they are both hooked on playing Pokémon Go so as they bonded over each other’s nerdy-ness their feelings grew stronger with each laugh and every touch. By the end of the afternoon the two could not keep their hands off each other so naturally there was only one way...

Brent Everett fucks Cameron Marshall

Brent Everett fucks Cameron Marshall

Let me introduce you to Cameron Marshall from Texas. Steve & I met him some time ago, but now he’s finally in San Diego so, of course, I invited him to join me in a live webcam show at the end of August. Boy was he enthusiastic. As you’ll see, even our photographer got carried away a bit. I hope to add his pictures to this page pretty soon. Other than that, I think the title says it all, don’t you? LOL

AJ Monroe and Rick McCoy & Steven Shields

AJ Monroe and Rick McCoy & Steven Shields

Steven Shields, AJ Monroe and Rick McCoy are just hanging out together and shooting the shit one afternoon, waiting to film their scene. Comparing cell phone pics of different women they’ve slept with, it comes up that by a weird twist of fate, Steven has somehow slept with Rick’s wife. Something about jail and playing cards. An argument ensues, and the details are sketchy, but when it is all said and done, Steven has ripped his shirt off and has AJ’s cock in his mouth. This all seems highly unlikely until you figure in the fact that Steven, as he...

Broke Straight Boys - Benjamin Dover Fucks Ryan Fields

Broke Straight Boys – Benjamin Dover Fucks Ryan Fields

Benjamin Dover questions Ryan Fields about his tattoos, and he gets Ryan undressed so he can take a look at all that ink for himself! But once Ryan’s naked, it’s not that tattoos that catch Ben’s attention, it’s that nice cock hanging between Ryan’s legs and Ben goes right for that. He sucks Ryan’s big dick and gags on it as he tries to take it deep down his throat, and that sweet mouth has Ryan hard in no time. Then it’s Ben’s turn to get treated to some head as Ryan kneels down and sucks him off, getting Ben’s...

Whore For More - Stas Landon and Javi Velaro

Whore For More – Stas Landon and Javi Velaro

Lucas Entertainment exclusive models Stas Landon and Javi Velaro both have incredible bodies: Javi is a bit slighter of frame, while Stas is more imposing. But both guys look incredible in and out of their clothing. And both guys have proven in several scenes that they are just as good at fucking ass as they are at taking dick. In the great outdoors Stas Landon and Javi Velaro both show each other what they can do as they work on their hard, raw uncut cocks before taking turning fucking in the ass!

MachoFucker - Swallow My Babies

MachoFucker – Swallow My Babies

Nasty Argentina-Jock ELOY strikes for a second time on MACHOFUCKER. After demolishing some sweet boy ass he makes the lad swallowing all his babies, coz thats the only way freaky ELOY likes to deliver his semen. Toma mi leche, guarra!