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Harlem Hookups - The Quiet Bro Blow

Harlem Hookups – The Quiet Bro Blow

So you guys know those straight Quiet dudes you either work with or go to school with? The ones that are hella fuckin cute but they never say anything and normally keep to themselves? So you watch them out of the corner of your eye. Hoping to get a glimpse of that bulge. And takin quick looks at their crotch. Well thats exactly who Zaqu is! One of those silent types! But he loves when i suck his dick! he’s got this huge meaty uncut dick thats always shooting large loads of nut! He came over to “hang out” but...

Harlem Hookups Meets XTubes Tatttwink for fuck fest

Harlem Hookups Meets XTubes Tatttwink for fuck fest

Its the cross over event you have been waiting for. Harlem Hookups meets Xtubes very own Tatttwink. Watch as these studs meet, and immediately start fucking as soon as the elevator door starts to close. This bareback raw cum dripping video is the hottest thing you’ve seen in a while.

Family Dick - Home Security

Family Dick – Home Security

It took a little bit of work to get Home Security this video up, but god was it worth it! This daddy has been amping up the security in his house ever since his new wife and step son moved in. It started as a few motion-sensitive lights and cameras, but it quickly escalated when he saw the boy’s overtly flirtatious behavior. His stepson kept putting on little shows for the cameras, flashing his cock and butt, knowing that his new dad would see it. And when you take a look at him, there’s no question why he would! He’s...

TheGuySite - Back in the Game Rick Mathews

TheGuySite – Back in the Game Rick Mathews

Rick Mathews has been retired for a while but agreed to rub one out for my cameras. He’s a bit more mature now and I think it’s made him even hotter. It’s always a pleasure working with pros. You just can’t beat a guy who can get his dick hard and cum on command.

Blindfolded Jock Gets His Holes Used - Mickey Taylor & Tyler Underwood

Blindfolded Jock Gets His Holes Used – Mickey Taylor & Tyler Underwood

Mickey has been learning Blindfolded a little more rope work, but he needed someone to test out his harness skills on. We had Tyler on hand, and we knew Mickey loves this hot young jock and his tight beefy arse, so of course we got him prepped with some rope, chains and a blindfold. Mickey starts off strapping the muscled boy up with ropes, then bends him over on the bench to enjoy that hole, licking him out and then flogging his rump. A little face fucking to remind the young jock who’s in Blindfolded control and soon enough he’s...

Alternadudes - Phoenix Savage & Mason Lear

Alternadudes – Phoenix Savage & Mason Lear

Phoenix Savage is a hot and horny FTM trans dude with a perfect body and a pussy that men line up around the block to eat and stuff with their throbbing cocks. Mason Lear is no exception to this and he happily whips out his cock to get down and dirty. Phoenix Savage starts by sucking on Mason’s nice thick dick. It doesn’t take much before the hunky stud is throbbing hard and ready to fuck. Before he does though, he needs a taste of Phoenix’s dripping pussy and he goes down for a nice long POV session of eating...

Pride Studios - Stress Release

Pride Studios – Stress Release

Toby is visibly upset and Mike is there to Stress Release comfort him. They have been lovers for a while and Toby explains that he thought he was going to get the raise he expected at work, but it did not come through and he feels like a total loser. Mike assures him that all will be fine and gives him a big hug and a kiss that leads into some passion. Toby pulls off Mike’s pants and begins sucking his cock all the way down his throat and Mike loves every second of it. Mike then moves to Toby’s...

Maverick Men Directs - Ken Eleven Inches Deep

Maverick Men Directs – Ken Eleven Inches Deep

This video is for the monster cock lovers out there! Sexy, tall, deliciously bisexual Ken took his curiosity to the next level and stuck his beautiful eleven inch uncut monster cock into a delicious slice of white cake. The look on poor/lucky Trevor’s face was priceless when he saw the size of Ken’s cock for the first time. Trevor is no stranger to horse cocks and he loves them hard and deep. Watch Maverick Men training this hung straight boy how to fuck man ass for the very first time.

Using Tyler Underwood Makes Mickey Taylor Explode

Using Tyler Underwood Makes Mickey Taylor Explode

Mickey Taylor arrived laden with cum and needing to get off so badly. He still took his time when he found Tyler blindfolded and tied down on the bed. The boy had no idea what was going on, but he could feel the ice, the chilled water over his body, the warmth of Mickey’s mouth. Finally Mickey can’t take it any more and uses the roped to lift the boy’s legs up, giving him perfect access to that hole. Starting out with some rimming and ice play, he’s soon sliding his big cock into the lad and fucking him hard!...