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Broke Straight Boys – Brice Jones & Austin Andrews

Broke Straight Boys – Brice Jones & Austin Andrews Austin Andrews and Brice Jones are both pretty new guys on BSB, so they’ll get to know each other pretty well as we’ve got them paired to fuck today! Austin gets the scene underway, moving in for some kisses as he undresses Brice and goes right for that big dick, using his mouth and hand to work Brice’s cock and make it hard in seconds! Brice reaches around for Austin’s ass as he gets his cock sucked, eager for that tight hole until finally Austin turns around on the bed and...

Machofucker – Pito & the Rude Boyz

Machofucker – Pito & the Rude Boyz It`s “Rude Boy”-time again on Machofucker! This time, our notorious butt fuck-team Mr. Marky and Jamaica Steel make Boricua-Bottom Pito their bitch. One Jamaican and one American monster dick digging Pito`s ass out the rude way.

Kristen Bjorn – Casting Couch 0260

Kristen Bjorn – Casting Couch 0260 Aitor is that kind of man that is rough, rugged, handsome, masculine, hairy and hungry for cock!  Marc is that handsome man you see on the street that everyone turns to take a second look at.  Aitor takes Marc’s big fat cock to pleasure himself orally.  Grabbing Marc’s big balls and stuffing them in his mouth, devouring that cock like it is his last.  Aitor then turns Marc around so that he can eat his ass with the same expertise that he showed his cock.  Marc is hot and wet and ready for this...

Naked Sword – Fame Game Episode 3

Naked Sword – Fame Game Episode 3 As Boomer Bank’s grooms Mickey Taylor for success his affection for him grows. Meanwhile Mickey struggles with his own insecurities when he is shocked to see his ex, Bray Love, show up at rehearsal. A fight breaks out, sending Bray into the arms of another one of Mickey’s ex-boyfriends Topher Dimaggio. Unaware of their past romantic connection, Topher takes Bray to Beaux for a drink. When Topher goes to take a piss Bray follows him, cell phone in hand. Bray pushes Topher up against the stall wall and starts snapping pics of himself...

Butch Dixon – Erik Lenn & Mike Bourne

Butch Dixon – Erik Lenn & Mike Bourne You wanted your fuckers burly, nasty, totally beefy, and broad as a barn door? DELIVERED. These guys are the real deal. Mike Bourne and Erik Lenn, dare I say you wouldn’t wanna meet either of these thugs down a dark alley at night…or would you. Erik’s a hot, taut, muscular bottom, 100% masculine but LUVS a juicy, uncut dick in his arse, Erik Lenn is a nasty, bi-guy, who’ll fuck anything that moves, but likes his men on the beefy side – and he’s getting it here – and all bareback too...

Kristen Bjorn – Casting Couch 0258

Kristen Bjorn – Casting Couch 0258 Pierce has heard about the amazing sexual appetite of Nicolas and wants to experience it for himself.  Nicolas is very excited when he sees that Pierce is so ruggedly handsome and sexy.  He immediately goes down on Pierce’s fat cock and shows him how accommodating his throat truly is.  Pierce is so impressed with Nicolas’ skills that he explodes his huge load into Nicolas’ hungry mouth.  The load that Pierce shoots is so huge that Nicolas is unable to swallow it all as some of the globs drips down Pierce’s hard shaft.  Nicolas then...

Guys In SweatPants – When Friends Fuck – Lance Taylor & Michael DelRay

Guys In SweatPants – When Friends Fuck – Lance Taylor & Michael DelRay Lance and Michael are hometown friends who, up until this point, had never had sex together. They’ve had plenty of good times together, as they hilariously explained here. One of them even admits to having a crush on the other at one point image Once they were done talking, they completely ravaged each other. Michael ferociously ate Lance’s ass, then threw him over the back of the couched and fucked him raw. The passion between the two is amazing, all the way up until Michael fucked the...

High Performance Men – Hungry Man (Morgan Shades & Tony Orion)

High Performance Men – Hungry Man (Morgan Shades & Tony Orion)  Tony is extremely dominant when it comes to sex and you can tell just how energetic this fuck is gonna be just by the way he’s speaking to Morgan. Morgan rushes over and tears off his clothes, being manhandled by his dom top. On his knees over the couch, Morgan takes Tony’s big cock up his hole and takes a rough pounding.

[Staxus] Sauvage – Spanish Sun 17/11/2015

[Staxus] Sauvage – Spanish Sun 17/11/2015 Ruben Bart, Josh Milk and David Sky prove themselves to be the perfect hosts, as a gang of STAXUS beauties head for Spain to indulge their appreciation of sun and cock – and not necessarily in that order! It’s not long before French-boys, Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley, Czech favourite, Ray Mannix and Dutch blond-bombshell, Kris Blent, are taking full advantage of the hospitality in a series of ass-breaking, ball-draining escapades. As a result, whilst the skies are clear and blue, there’s shower’s aplenty – of hot, creamy, pent-up spunk!

Gym Fuckers / Распутные спортсмены 2015

Gym Fuckers / Распутные спортсмены 2015 A hot sweaty workout in the gym is the best exercise you can get – but we’re not talking about lifting weights or pumping iron! These fit Gym Fuckers go down the gym with the intention of working out one muscle in particular – their hot cock! Gym mats and weight benches double up as fuck slabs as guys on their knees gargle with throbbing boners whilst getting their asses pumped from behind. These bareback bruisers work hard every time they hit the gym!