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Kristen Bjorn – Casting Couch 0258

Kristen Bjorn – Casting Couch 0258 Pierce has heard about the amazing sexual appetite of Nicolas and wants to experience it for himself.  Nicolas is very excited when he sees that Pierce is so ruggedly handsome and sexy.  He immediately goes down on Pierce’s fat cock and shows him how accommodating his throat truly is.  Pierce is so impressed with Nicolas’ skills that he explodes his huge load into Nicolas’ hungry mouth.  The load that Pierce shoots is so huge that Nicolas is unable to swallow it all as some of the globs drips down Pierce’s hard shaft.  Nicolas then...

Guys In SweatPants – When Friends Fuck – Lance Taylor & Michael DelRay

Guys In SweatPants – When Friends Fuck – Lance Taylor & Michael DelRay Lance and Michael are hometown friends who, up until this point, had never had sex together. They’ve had plenty of good times together, as they hilariously explained here. One of them even admits to having a crush on the other at one point image Once they were done talking, they completely ravaged each other. Michael ferociously ate Lance’s ass, then threw him over the back of the couched and fucked him raw. The passion between the two is amazing, all the way up until Michael fucked the...

High Performance Men – Hungry Man (Morgan Shades & Tony Orion)

High Performance Men – Hungry Man (Morgan Shades & Tony Orion)  Tony is extremely dominant when it comes to sex and you can tell just how energetic this fuck is gonna be just by the way he’s speaking to Morgan. Morgan rushes over and tears off his clothes, being manhandled by his dom top. On his knees over the couch, Morgan takes Tony’s big cock up his hole and takes a rough pounding.

[Staxus] Sauvage – Spanish Sun 17/11/2015

[Staxus] Sauvage – Spanish Sun 17/11/2015 Ruben Bart, Josh Milk and David Sky prove themselves to be the perfect hosts, as a gang of STAXUS beauties head for Spain to indulge their appreciation of sun and cock – and not necessarily in that order! It’s not long before French-boys, Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley, Czech favourite, Ray Mannix and Dutch blond-bombshell, Kris Blent, are taking full advantage of the hospitality in a series of ass-breaking, ball-draining escapades. As a result, whilst the skies are clear and blue, there’s shower’s aplenty – of hot, creamy, pent-up spunk!

Gym Fuckers / Распутные спортсмены 2015

Gym Fuckers / Распутные спортсмены 2015 A hot sweaty workout in the gym is the best exercise you can get – but we’re not talking about lifting weights or pumping iron! These fit Gym Fuckers go down the gym with the intention of working out one muscle in particular – their hot cock! Gym mats and weight benches double up as fuck slabs as guys on their knees gargle with throbbing boners whilst getting their asses pumped from behind. These bareback bruisers work hard every time they hit the gym!

Triga – Top Dog

Triga – Top Dog Triga Films Presents Top Dog! Featuring Mr Billy Essex. Top Dog! Who’s the Daddy? Who’s the fuckin Daddy then? Well who’s the Top Dog? is the question in Triga’s brand spanking new cock movie featuring Mr Billy Essex the Essex Top Dog And Mr Ste The Northern Top Cock! This is without doubt the toughest slice of South Vs North filth the UK has ever seen. Featuring a brand new gang of hot as fuck Triga lads our rough n tuff new lads jostle for pole position to give the bottom boys want they want –...

Texas Twinks Volume 10

Texas Twinks Volume 10 More Texas twinks fοr уου tο watch. Four scenes wіth five nеw barely legal boy’s jerkin οff іn front οf thе camera јυѕt fοr уου. Brian doesn’t seem shy аt аll. It’s Tyler first time аnd hе јυѕt turned 18 аnd hе gets hіѕ ass fucked. Whеn Zac masturbates hе lіkеѕ tο shove аѕ toy up hіѕ ass. Max іѕ one hell οf a tall dude, check out hіѕ tat аnd hіѕ lονеѕ tο υѕе both hands οn hіѕ cock. And thеу аll shoot thеіr cum οn camera.

MaverickMen222 – Ginger Boy Cherry Pop

MaverickMen222 – Ginger Boy Cherry Pop Got Gingers?!? I have to confess that Hunter and I LOVE gingers! I mean, we love ALL flavors and colors; for us it’s like a big sexy bag of man skittles, lol. But we especially have a big hard orange crush on the copper cock fire crotches. We have never been disappointed by the Cheeto-bush race of men! In our experience, gingers come with something extra special. Sometimes it’s a nice big piece of redwood swinging between their legs, a lot of the time it’s a delicious orange/peach fuzzy wuzzy of a bum, and...

Next Door Twink – Arad and Cody Blake

Next Door Twink – Arad and Cody Blake It’s not easy being in school, dealing with class, parents, teachers, and a daily flood of hormones. It’s especially tough if when your classmate is Arad. For Cody Blake, the struggle is way too real. Cody’s had a monster crush on the brain-meltingly hot new fellow student since the first moment he laid eyes on him. He knows Arad is from somewhere very exotic and far away, but he’s not exactly sure where. He’s noticed Arad hasn’t made too many friends so far this year. Cody knows how Arad feels. Being gay,...

Bound In Public – Slave Takes on a Weight Room Full of Cocks

Bound In Public – Slave Takes on a Weight Room Full of Cocks After being punished by his gym manager, Connor Maguire, for overdue membership fees, Aarin Asker now works his debt off working Connor’s gym. As he goes through his cleaning duties, Connor brings his friends over to fuck with the gym slave. When Aarin tries to stand up to his tormentors, Connor and the gang knock the boy to the floor and strip him down. He struggles against the the strong grip of a half dozen men pinning him to the floor as they grope and tickle his...