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Kamel Does Ken Foster

Kamel Does Ken Foster The action picks up with Kamel and Ken Foster at the laundromat. The two young men agree to hook up at Sauna Colonial when Kamel finishes up with his laundry. We follow Kamel to the sauna where we find Ken in a room waiting. The towels are off in no time and the two of them locking lips and then onto their cocks. They continue to savor each other’s cock for a few minutes when Ken grabs the party favors. Kamel dives into Ken’s ass tongue first while Ken takes in some party favor and things...

Frenchglish Lesson – Baptiste Garcia & Luke Allen

Frenchglish Lesson – Baptiste Garcia & Luke Allen Baptiste Garcia & Luke Allen our American guest star attempt to communicate with a French-English dictionary. Of course their focus is primarily on sexual vocabulary and nothing is better than a physical demonstration to learn a new language. It is in an approximate “Frenglish” that these two charming young guys are knowledgeable by showing their dicks, their asses and licking their nipples before starting a horny sixty-nine mixing butt eating ass and oral sex session. Baptiste cannot resist for long the temptation of that ass made in the USA and will begin...

Trent tops Irish

Trent tops Irish Trent is busy stocking poppers in the back room when he catches Irish pocketing something on the security monitors. He confronts him, pulls the merchandise from his pocket, after a not-so-discreet dick graze, and gets Irish to confess he took it for his girlfriend. Well, Trent is not gonna let this fly. So he takes him to the back room and bends him over a bench. Why get the cops involved in petty theft if you can handle it yourself? DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Laurent Le Gros – Santa’s Helper

Laurent Le Gros – Santa’s Helper Powermen Muscle Pool Boy Ex-xxx-traordinaire Laurent LeGros debuts on as Santa’s helper, decked out in the traditional red Santa suit and looking for some very good boys and girls for some very special gifting. Musclehounds who want to see rippling pecs, sharp abs, noteworthy biceps, stunning quads, hard glutes, and other deliciously oversized packages in the vicinity of their holiday tree Christmas morning should tune in…..what’s that? You don’t celebrate Christmas? Well, the holidays are all about festivities, aren’t they? And Laurent just loves to please! So dig in! DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Fuck Me Boys – Josh Milk

Fuck Me Boys – Josh Milk Stronger, platinum blonde and with those hairs in the torso that fit him so good. Josh Milk showers to show all of us how well he can get people horny… for sure he would love that the locker room was filled with big fat cocks, to put un his mouth and feel the final watered with cum one after another unloads on his face. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Machofucker – Fucked Beyond Stupid 2

Machofucker – Fucked Beyond Stupid 2 FUCKED BEYOND STUPID describes best what Pussy-Boy Lover RED did to his favourite Hispanic Fuck-Doll ANGELITO in this nasty, brutal piece of Amateur Porn. RED seemed to be on a mission to destroy the boy`s fuck hole, pounding and slamming that boy pussy for his own, selfish pleasure only. MACHOFUCKER-Style at its very best. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Alex Killborn Fucks Newcomer Adrian Vasquez

Alex Killborn Fucks Newcomer Adrian Vasquez Alex may be a smaller guy, but he packs a punch when it comes to fucking. It’s Adrian’s first time in front of the camera, and with an ass like that, Alex’s cock seemed like a perfect fit. We took a few minutes comparing asses before Alex buried his face into Adrian’s. Rimming is one of Alex’s favorite things to do, but when he was done, he spit on his cock and slid it into Adrian’s lubed up hole. After pounding him in a few positions, Alex threw him on the floor and fucked...

TimTales – Tim Kruger Fucks Max Toro

TimTales – Tim Kruger Fucks Max Toro Max Toro is an all man, masculine type of guy. He is strong by nature and works out a lot on top. A real hunk. Nevertheless he loves to submit his muscleass to big strong cock once in a while. And that´s what happened on that afternoon. Tim gave it to him hard on the fuck matress and then shot his load into Max’ wide open mouth. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

FraternityX – We Got a House-Bitch

FraternityX – We Got a House-Bitch The boys and I were cruising around to pass the time and came across some punk-ass pussy bitch. The little fucker told us off so went after him “take-down” style. We dragged his lanky ass back to the car and then haled him up to the frat house so he can be our little house-bitch.