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Cauke for FREE - Ryan Paul and Jesse Jackman

Cauke for FREE – Ryan Paul and Jesse Jackman

TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman with Alex Graham Lobbyist Jesse Jackman convinces House Speaker Ryan Paul (Alex Graham) to cross party lines and bring the bill to the floor. “I’ve wanted to pass this bill forever,” says the sparkly eyed Speaker. “There’s something else I’ve kind of wanted forever.” The two kiss and exchange sucks, their foreheads touching as the Speaker stares into the muscle man’s eyes. Jesse grabs the stud’s blazer as he fucks him from behind, Alex then riding him before pounding his hole.

Sex and Flex - Trent B and Jay Alexander

Sex and Flex – Trent B and Jay Alexander

Jay Alexander and Trent are gym rats. They like to get their pump on together. But just as important is the after-gym routine. Today they’re feeling each other’s muscles and evaluating their progress. Then, Trent is having a look at Jay’s fat, swelling cock. First Trent sucks the throbbing beast, getting it even more primed for action. After some good knob bobbing, Jay takes a turn on Trent’s erect dong. Then it’s time for Jay to prep Trent’s ass for a hard pounding. He licks that tight hole nice ‘n’ good, then slides his stiffy into that ass and fucks...

Corbin Fisher - Reagan Creams Clinton

Corbin Fisher – Reagan Creams Clinton

These guys wanted to fuck Corbin Fisher. There is absolutely no doubting that. I’m not entirely sure if they spotted one another around the studio and thought, “It’d be fun to film with him!” or they just got so extremely fired up once put in a room together in front of the cameras, but Reagan was ready to pound Clinton and Clinton was ready to get his hole drilled. Clinton’s cock could not possibly be harder throughout this video – there are times when he quickly pulls his own hand off his dick, likely because he’s worried he’s going to...

Straight Mate - Caleb Roca & Denis Vega

Straight Mate – Caleb Roca & Denis Vega

We’ve all had a straight stud at work who gets us all hot and bothered every time he walks by and you can’t help but stare at the massive bulge in his trousers. You know you’d do or say just about anything to convince him to let you get on your knees and service his cock.

Sex In The Forest - Scott Carter and Lucio Saints

Sex In The Forest – Scott Carter and Lucio Saints

Scott Carter and Lucio Saints go deep into the forest, and when nobody can see them, Lucio pulls out his fat uncut cock, and fucks Scott’s mouth. The muscle bottom is on his knees getting a hard pounding from behind and when Lucio is done fucking that hairy hole, he shoot a big load all over Scott’s ass.

Hung Country - Hector de Silva & Josh Milk

Hung Country – Hector de Silva & Josh Milk

On a walk through the countryside, Hector De Silva hangs off Josh Milk and admires the view. But the grand vista in front of them can’t compete with the gorgeous sexiness of each man. They kiss passionately as they undo each other’s flys, reaching in to grab handfuls of hard, uncut cock. Without hesitation, Josh wraps his lips around Hector’s cock and delivers a blowjob replete with thick spit and intense deepthroating. Moving inside, Hector and Josh stand naked and make out. Their lean, muscular bodies show off every muscle, and Josh shows off the piercings in his tongue, nipples,...

Naked Kombat - Jett Jax vs JJ Knight

Naked Kombat – Jett Jax vs JJ Knight

The only thing standing in his way to redemption is newcomer JJ Knight. With his long, limber arms and legs, JJ thinks he’ll have no problem owning his opponent on the mat. The speedos fly off immediately as the studs go at it in the first round, squeezing and pinning each other to the ground. The score remains tight throughout the second round as the contenders sexually torment each other in the ring. Thrilled by victory, the winner rides the loser’s face. As he receives a sloppy rim job from the loser, the winner twists and pulls the loser’s pathetic...

Military Classified Jalen

Military Classified Jalen

Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the line up that I consider a true find! Meet JALEN! This little stud is beyond hot! His smooth, tight body is perfectly lean and toned, his eyes are peering through those beautiful features. Today I’ve managed to rangle this stud and convince him to let me suck his cock for the first time! Boy was I surprised at the load he shot but more impressed with his cock! What a beauty! When Jalen arrived to my studios I was definitely floored by what I was looking at in my doorway! Photos did...

American Hunk With Muscle Boy - Darius Ferdynand and Samuel Colt

American Hunk With Muscle Boy – Darius Ferdynand and Samuel Colt

All American hunk Samuel Colt bursts onto the Dads Fucking Lads with the slightly more muscular Darius being his fuck buddy for the day! Although they’ve never met before, they were immediately rock hard at the sight and thought of what’s to come! Young Darius can’t help but work his lips and tongue over daddy Samuel’s rock hard pecs and abs, covered in hair and working his way down to the biggest treat of all! Swallowing Samuel’s stiffening cock in his mouth, Darius feels his work paying off as his mouth fills with meat! Still sucking on dick, Darius subconsciously...