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Sam Truitt – 20 year old with an enormous cock, begging to cum

Sam Truitt is a bi-sexual twenty year old who’s brand new to KinkMen. We start him off bound near the windows as Sebastian tears away his clothes. Once his underwear is cut off we’re taken back by the enormous size of his cock. We tease him with the hitachi’s vibrating on his cockhead until he’s about to blow. Next we have him bound in the chair as he’s teased even more. Sebastian swallows every inch of the stud’s cock as he continues to edge him. On the bed, Sam’s bound in full body bondage while we jack him off with...

Kink – Micah Martinez Gives Boy Toy Alex Hawk A Fuckin Good Time

Handcuffed to a sling rig Alex Hawk awaits the strong capable hands of his sensual and commanding Dom Micah Martinez. Finally he arrives decked out in his tight black and red leather shorts and chest straps framing his muscular chest. It’s going to be a day full of humiliation, a whole lotta fucking and an overall good time. He immediately starts caressing Alex’s trim body, pinching his sensitive nipples, slapping and teasing his tight asshole. Alex sucks Micah’s hard dick and then gets a thorough spanking which turns his butt bright pink. Strung up in a leather swing Micah eats...

CumPigMen – Drenched In Spit And Sperm – Timarrie Baker and Christop

Thin tatted longhair Christop and dark muscular horsehung Timarrie Baker are very different horndogs, but both share a love for men and big cock. Christop is napping when Timarrie wakes him and offers up his massive tool for the sucking. “Damn,” Chris appraises when Timarrie drops his shorts and starts jacking to his dick’s full dimensions. He gives the back of Christop’s head a little extra help to get his giant stiffy down the hipster’s throat. Christop grabs Timarrie’s tightly-packed nuts and guzzles down that dick to the fuzzy blonde pubes. Once Christop’s up to speed Timarrie can give his...

Swipe Right For Creeper – Ashtin Bates & Jason Collins

Young Latin cutie Ashtin Bates is done dealing with horny randos on dating apps. After failing to find a good match he decides to just jerk off but is suddenly interrupted by some dirty talking creep on the phone. Ashtin half-jokingly dares the guy to come fuck him then the call ends. BOOM! Creeper appears and ties up the frightened little slutty boy. Creeper takes his time teasing, choking, and electro-shocking Ashtin before finally drilling him. He pounds Astin’s ass very hard then sprays him with a gooey facial cumshot.

Domination Delivered – Guy Lima & Jason Collins

Husky Latin hottie Guy Lima is incensed waiting for his special package (a new dildo) to arrive. When the package finally arrives he rudely tells off the delivery guy. Not a smart move buddy. Later, when he’s breaking in his new toy he gets a lewd call from some mysterious creep. Like the horny manwhore he is, Guy invites the creep to come and fuck him. Within seconds the creep, the delivery guy in a mask, appears and restrains the frightened slut then puts him through a BDSM whirlwind. Edging, bondage, sensory deprivation, electro shocking and brutal rough sex. Afterwards...

Bookworm Broken – Aaron Perez & Jason Collins

Sexy Latin boy Aaron Perez is lying in bed reading when he gets a call from a mysterious creep, vowing to fuck him. Aaron brushes him off and dares him to try to to get into his house. Creeper quickly pops up, grabs him and ties him up. Creeper takes his time tormenting sexy slutty Aaron, putting a chastity belt on him and stretching out his ass with various toys. Next he brutally fucks Aaron’s little brown ass like a savage then sprays him with a massive facial.

Ron Negba gets tied and used by his master Titus Snow RAW

Ron Negba who’d appear to have been stripped, bound, gagged and left in an old castle, soon to discover he’s not alone. Titus already aroused, stumbles upon the boy, where soon his cock and balls will be licked and sucked, before moving on to some deep and constant penetration, where Titus culminates on his ass, leaving Ron soaked in cum.

PigBoyRuben – Ballbuster!

Kinky pup rush loves ruff sex and his big dick and big balls are always up for some freaky fun. Forced down on four and being played with, he does not only love to get fucked raw but he is also big time balls stretching lover. Watch pigboy giving him lesson and playing hardcore with his big nuts.