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Broke Straight Boys - Allen Michaels Stroking His Cock

Broke Straight Boys – Allen Michaels Stroking His Cock

Allen Michaels is the newest face here at BSB, and this sweet country boy came to us by surprise, but luckily he was open-minded enough to come inside and shoot some porn!   Of course, considering he had no idea he’d be doing this right now, he’s a little nervous, but nothing a quick video of his favorite porn star can’t fix before he gets started with his solo scene!  When his clothes are off and he’s got his cock in hand, he strokes his hard, yanking on that big dick and then lying back on the bed to work...

The Trainer No Excuses - Sean Zevran & Skyy Knox

The Trainer No Excuses – Sean Zevran & Skyy Knox

Ripped stud, Sean Zevran, is training his muscled-up client, Skyy Knox, at the gym. They work their bulging biceps and perfect pecs before they call it a day and hit the locker room. The well-worked, sweaty hunks peel off their dirty gym clothes as Skyy tries to make small talk. Sean knows what he wants and shows off his thick, uncut cock to get Skyy’s undivided attention. The massive hardon makes Skyy hard as a rock and the two gym rats start making out. Skyy needs that pulsing pole down his throat so he gets on his knees to service...

At The Mercy Of The Master - Eli Manuel & Sebastian Kane

At The Mercy Of The Master – Eli Manuel & Sebastian Kane

Eli loves to have his hooded cock played with, but the sweet young twink has never Mercy experienced anything like this before. The master is in session and Eli has been prepared, stripped naked, blindfolded and tied down. His naked smooth body is nothing more than a plaything as hands explore, with hot wax dripping and the sharp pinwheel sliding all over the boys nipples, down to his throbbing cock and balls! The addition of a vibrating wand is just too much!

Beefcake Hunter - Sucking another Ohioan dude

Beefcake Hunter – Sucking another Ohioan dude

Sucking another Ohioan dude session will be very pleasing for those Hunters that love rimming straight dude cherries! Beefcake Caleb is a sexy horny young dude that’s new in the area and he actually heard about my “services” at BeefCakeHunter Land. He contacted me directly with some nice pictures, that to be honest didn’t do him justice. He is cuter in person and his beautiful big cock is actually bigger than what he thought! Lol After a nice chat with him I got on my knees and I was amazed by his reaction, he was so eager to be serviced and...

Butch Dixon - Gio Cruz & Eric North

Butch Dixon – Gio Cruz & Eric North

Gio Cruz is a firm favourite at Butch Dixon, we love to give him the porn virgins, knowing he’ll take them in hand. Eric North is a sexy sub lad, who did everything he was told, but when Gio had finished tearing him up, using every hole he could get his dick into he stamped on Eric’s dick! Perversely Eric loved that kind of pleasure.

Blacks On Boys - Skylar Star and Deepdicc

Blacks On Boys – Skylar Star and Deepdicc

Skylar Star is a black cock slut. He’ll perform sexual acts with a black man that he’d never do with his own race. The reason? Size, primarily. We teamed Skyler up with our well-hung stud, Deepdicc. Deep is aptly-named, as his thick, uncut 11-inch dong has destroyed many who have come before Skyler. In fact, when you watch this scene, you’ll see the pain Deep inflicts on Skyler’s (now-loose) sweet ass. In other words, Skyler walked on set with a tight, pink manpussy and limped off set with a size 11 poopchute. Skyler’s wrecked asshole felt the pain that is...

Blacks On Boys - Micah Andrews

Blacks On Boys – Micah Andrews

Intrigue joins us once again he’s brought us another cute white boy. His name is Micah Andrews, is “mostly straight”, never been with a black dude before and loves to suck dick. I think Micah has come to the right place. Once they meet up in public they jump into the ride and head back to the pad and get right down to business. Intrigue whips out his super sized black cock and lets Micah have a mouthful of fun before really giving it to him. Like I said, Micah has never had a black dick and not any nearly...

Blacks On Boys - Jansen Shaw & Dee Truth and Jermany

Blacks On Boys – Jansen Shaw & Dee Truth and Jermany

Jansen Shaw is a cute little twinkie white boy who’s never been with a black guy. Since this is his firt black experience we hooked him up with two big dicked black studs, Dee Truth and Jermany. Jermany can’t even wait to start the action and pulls out his black cock in the car on the way back to the crib and has Jansen suck it right there. Thank God for tinted windows. So they get to the crib and as usual, no time is wasted with any more chit chat. Dee Truth puts twink boy down on his knees...

Blacks On Boys - Fenrir Scarcello & Thugzilla and Mr Buck

Blacks On Boys – Fenrir Scarcello & Thugzilla and Mr Buck

Fenrir Scarcello, he’s your normal, average, everyday white guy…or so you may think by just looking at him but he has something special to offer. He’s quite flexible can put his legs behind his head. You gotta see it to believe it. To take full advantage of this we bring in the heavy hitter, Thugzilla who is assited by Mister Buck. By now you know how Thugzilla is, he’s all business with plenty of experience when it comes to fucking white guys and even he’s surprised at what Fenrir can do. Fenrir just doesn’t show what he can do right...

Blacks On Boys - Jessie Montgomery and Matthew James

Blacks On Boys – Jessie Montgomery and Matthew James

Let’s face it, almost all of us hate The Boss Man. We don’t like being told what to do and when to do it. Jessie Montgomery no different than you or I. And get this — Jessie’s always felt his boss, Mathew James, is a pervy gay creep. Jessie is a laborer on a big construction site, and every time his boss walks on the property, Jessie can feel Boss Man’s eyes all over him. Checking out his ass and crotch. Shit like that. Sure enough, Jessie’s right, too. Boss Man shows up and hauls Jessie into the office to...