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Irmãos Dotados – Meu Irmão Dotado

Dois irmãos que sempre compartilharam segredos durante a infância, hoje ainda continuam sendo camaradas, mais um deles guarda um segredo que será exposto nesta história, pois seu irmão heterossexual, combinou para se encontrar com uma moça, e ela o deixou esperando num bar. O irmão ligou para ele, e Ed mentiu falando que estava transando com uma gostosa, mas ao mesmo tempo que ele estava com tesão, estava tão angustiando e ansioso, que terminou ficando bêbado e carente, teve que ir para casa do irmão. O Irmão foi recebido na casa, mesmo estando bêbado, lembraram de brincadeiras passadas; colocou o...

Handsome Zac Gets Fucked – Liam Butler and Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson has become a fan fave and it’s easy to see why. He’s a handsome and extremely sexual guy who loves to share his rigid cock and hot hole with other guys. He’s been teamed up with cute Liam for this awesome scene, one that instantly ticks all our boxes. These guys are real hungry for it from the start, making out and sucking those hard uncut cocks, taking their time to worship their dripping lengths in some genuinely ravenous oral. That’s just the appetizer, of course, when Zac offers up his smooth rump his younger pal is quickly...

BoysFox – Cum In A Top Boys Bare Hole – Randi Freja and Kenton Tore

Randi Freja has a thing for athletic boys who like to stay in shape, and it’s fair to say this describes handsome and horny lad Kenton Tore accurately. With the two hanging out on the couch he can’t help but make a move and start checking out his friends’ sexy muscles, and you know Kenton isn’t one to complain. Indeed, with a little groping of his growing bulge in his pants he’s moving in for a kiss, and it’s the signal Randi needs to go ahead and get that big uncut cock out for a taste. Kenton is stiff and...

FuckerMate – Summerend Lust – Sir Peter and Axel Brown

Summer is almost over in the sunny Barcelona but our mates Sir Peter and Axel Brown are still in the mood for a good session of bare sex. When Peter show off what he got between his legs, the Argentinian literally jumps on the raging rod, proving his suck skills before Peter plunges his wide meat deep inside Brown’s horny hole and pounds him raw until splatting his handsome face with fresh cum!

TimTales – Tim Kruger fucks Jonas

Jonas feels piggy as fuck today. And when he needs some serious dicking, he knows who to call. Tim always loves a muscular Latino ass to breed to the max. The moment Jonas started sucking that massive cock, he completely lost inhibition. A real horny pig that lives for a deep raw fuck. Watch his face torn between pain and pleasure. He truly gets what he came for. Enjoy as must as he did.

TimTales – Tian Tao fucks Saverio

It’s Tuesday and a new sexy newcomer muscle fucker needs introduction. Meet Tian Tao a tall Asian German strongman with a long cock and big balls full of man milk. Saverio’s bottomless hole is perfect for Tian’s porn baptism. That long cock is the joy for Saverio’s deep throat and raw ass. Tian rewards him with a huge warm load up his ass, breeder style.

TimTales – Diego Mattos fucks John Thomas

A Timtales record just got broken! Not one, not two, but three goddamn cumshots in one go! Unbelievable. Timtales Exclusive the Brazilian beer can thick cock Diego Mattos is on fire today. A real macho milkman in action. It’s due to the fact that he’s fucking one of his all-time favorite power bottoms. John Thomas is finally back in our studios and this time he certainly doesn’t wanna leave. Stay in bed forever with Diego? Oh hell yeah. Those two are in perfect harmony. Don’t miss this wild ride of intense raw fucking and never-ending breeding. And those three cumsots…...

Did I Bother You – Ryland Kingsman and Chris Damned

Ryland Kingsman gets dropped off at his dad Chris Damned’s house while he’s working in his office. Chris tells his son to play his video game on the floor so he doesn’t bother him while he’s working. It’s not long before Ryland starts bothering his dad under the desk, but this time dad is not complaining, he’s actually enjoying it.

Happy Campers – Part 4 – Kane Fox and Levi Rhodes

While Trevor attempts to nap off the awkwardness, Levi Rhodes is getting into more athletic pursuits with Kane. A few compliments on their hike is all it takes for Levi to give it up. He’s not worried about what’s going on back at the campsite while getting his back blown out by the charming stranger.

William Higgins – Street Hunting – Milek Jastra RAW – GONZO

Milek Jastra with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was...