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Czech Hunter 331 - Sexy Muscle Daddy Fucks Teen Boy Bareback before

Czech Hunter 331

I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan Czech Hunter 331 leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was quite easy actually. I found the best looking boy around...

Jason Sparks Live - Ivan Mattel & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Saint Louis

Jason Sparks Live – Ivan Mattel & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Saint Louis

Tall, tanned and totally ripped Cade Maddox is enlisting an army of fans around the country and indeed the world. From his very first appearance here on JasonSparksLive it was easy to see his natural ability as a lust worthy screen idol. Blonde tattooed Ivan Mattel gets to share his on screen debut with Cade. Ivan’s tight hole gets pounded and filled with Cade’s big dick. Lucky lucky boy

Naughty Nicholas Romero & Jared Scott

Naughty Nicholas Romero & Jared Scott

Nicholas Romero is one salaciously sexy bottom. He straddles sinewy sexpot, dick slinger Jared Scott as the boys undress. Jared cups the kid’s cakes through his jeans, gives ’em a light spanking then Romero goes for the gold in Scott’s growing groin. Nicholas Romero gazes up, eye fucking the tall drink of water as his head bobs up and down on Scott’s big boner. Scott stays seated as Nicholas stands up to dangle his dick as a happy hint. Jared takes the bait, but quickly orders the kid to get on his knees so he can eat that amazing ass....

Wildest Dreams - Calvin Banks & Michael Delray

Wildest Dreams – Calvin Banks & Michael Delray

In this new Wildest Dreams scene Calvin Banks & Michael DelRay explore their kinky sides with some erotic bondage and intense visual deprivation! Calvin is already hard in his tightie whities as Michael blindfolds him and slowly explores his body’s trigger points. After teasing his cock Michael kisses Calvin and slaps his hands away when he tries to use his hands. Michael stresses HE is in charge by binding Calvin’s wrists behind his back and continuing tantalize his body. Finally he pulls down Calvin’s underwear and bedevils him, bordering on merciless edging. Michael has several ways to tease Calvin’s cock...

Pizza Boy Earns His Tip - Zack Love & Austin Lock

Pizza Boy Earns His Tip – Zack Love & Austin Lock

Cute little Pizza Boy delivery boy Austin really needs his tips, and boy does he get one on this run! Zack has a little extra cash, and he needs to get off, so when the cute boy arrives with his meal he’s quick to offer a way to earn some extra. Austin soon finds himself on his knees and worshiping that big cock, and he’s loving it! His own dick gets a delicious slurping before Zack turns his attention to that tight little hole, licking out his new friend and preparing him for that raw length to slide in deep....

Bareback Casting - Georgio Fucks Like an Animal

Bareback Casting – Georgio Fucks Like an Animal

Georgio was feeling extra horny and agressive on this week’s update to Bareback Casting and couldn’t help but fuck the shit out of his next appointment. In comes Christian, and little did he know what he was in for. Georgio, without hesitation, went against the grain and told him what was up or he can walk out the door. Christian of course gave in. Wait till you see the ass pounding he got. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

Guys In Sweatpants - Austin Wilde and Dante Colle Flip Fuck Bareback

Guys In Sweatpants – Austin Wilde and Dante Colle Flip Fuck Bareback

Austin Wilde hasn’t bottomed on the site in over a year, but that changed real quick when he saw Dante’s tight abs and perfectly curved thick cock. Between the heavy making out, wet cock worshipping, and balls deep flip fucking, the intense sexual passion between these two is undeniable. Austin doesn’t bottom much, but he loves it, so wasn’t disappointed when the coin flip resulted in him getting fucked first. Notice the smile on his face as Dante slides his raw cock in him. Dante can cum multiple times, and he did just that! But blew his first load while...

Murphy Rocker Dude Gets Plunged by a Big Black Dick

Murphy Rocker Dude Gets Plunged by a Big Black Dick

Murphy sink has a leak and when his plumber shows up to fix it, they both soon forget about the work at hand as Murphy reaches into Timarrie’s bulging jumpsuit and pulls out a big black cock. Murphy gets on his knees and takes the big dick down his throat as Timarrie face fucks the long haired rocker dude. Murphy gags as Timarrie’s cock grows bigger and fatter in his mouth. Timarrie can’t keep his hands off of Murphy’s tight asshole and bends down to eat him out. His tongue plunges in and out of Murphy’s tasty ass, opening him...

Cruising for Ass - Boomer Banks & Alexander Gustavo

Cruising for Ass – Boomer Banks & Alexander Gustavo

Athletic, toned stud Alexander Gustavo is on his knees sucking the biggest dick around, the meaty cock of the massive Boomer Banks. Boomer punishes Alexander’s mouth and throat with his 10+ inches. Alexander Gustavo is literally foaming at the mouth from the tasty meat he is enjoying, and he strains and stretches his mouth to take even more. Returning the favor, Boomer is as mesmerized by Alexander’s ass, as he was with Boomer’s cock. Prepping Alexander’s hole thoroughly for the fuck of his life, Boomer goes in deep eating his hot ass with energy. With his hole wet and ready,...

Young Perps - Bareback Petty Theft Case No 1712010-70

Young Perps – Bareback Petty Theft Case No 1712010-70

Petty Theft, 18-year-old Caucasian male, 5’11,” entered a vape shop with a group of friends. The clerk spotted them acting immaturely, as well as handling a lot of merchandise in places that were hard to see. Looking at the security tapes, the clerk was able to spot the suspect hide objects in his pants and alerted the Loss Prevention Officer. Once in custody, the suspect displayed lazy and disrespectful behavior, prompting further questioning and searching. Following a routine strip search, the stolen merchandise was found. An understanding was reached by the suspect and the loss prevention officer, and he was...